Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I feel like I’m on a small island and the water is rising.

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This will be my last blog for a while until I find out what to do?

Lets go back to what happen today…ohhh….one more thimg? No pictures in this one because I’m bloggling from a wireless computer.

I received an email this morning from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission telling me that I could meet with them at 3:00pm!

I was ready for some bad news and I was ready to tell them off! < again >

I always said that someone is watching over me and in this case it was no different.

I got an idea that I should bring a follow activist with me. She’s a female and don’t wish to be named.

We will call her 777!

She gladly accepted to be on my side.

I have known 777 for over one year and she’s been a good friend.

I might add that 777 could keep me in control if the meeting went out of hand.

She told me that she’ll meet me in front of the Legislature at 2:50pm!

I decided to visit the Library at the Legislature while I waited.

Something caught my eyes and I quickly grab it!

I walked into the Sargeant At Arms office and he was sitting down behind his desk.

I told Dan Bussieres that I’m meeting with the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission in 20 minutes and I have a weapon with me while my two arms were behind my back!

Poor Dan? He must have believed that I finally went over the edge!

He asked in a concern way- Whhhat’s your weapon????

I quickly slam a jar full of chocolate candies on his desk!!!!

We had a good laugh because that’s all I need is more sugar to make me hyper!!!

I met 777 and off to the building of the members of the Commission we went.

I soon found out that 777 was very popular with the members of the commission. They were hugging and chatting about old tales.

I believe they were relieve that she was my partner.

The meeting got under way at 3:00pm sharp with me and 777 sitting on side and two members of the commission on the other side.

They looked concerned when I put around 10 chocolate candies on the table.

I’m certain that they believe that those chocolates could be a weapon!!!

Yes, it’s like throwing some gas on a fire.

So…they told me that they have contacted the landlord and he agreed to let me take a shower between 8:30am to 9:30am! I quickly reminded the Commission that I didn’t need one hour to take a shower.

The landlord got a wake up call and everything could turn to a normal situation.

I reminded the Commission that I also wash my dished in the kitchen?

They told me that they would contact the Landlord.

I stood up and shook their hand that they move so quickly on this complaint.

All this was done without saying that I have ADHD or Acadian or any other reason.

They took the complaint because I was human being and that was that!!!!

We continued to press the issue of how to go having the Lord Government to pass some kind of law that would protect borders or roomers?

I reminded the members that this had nothing to do with me. If this happened to me? What the hell is going on around the province? That’s the emotional question?

After close to 45 minutes of meeting, I left the building in a very happy mood.

I was so happy that I kissed 777 on the cheek for a job very well done but all that would change a couple of hours later.

I don’t have the time to copy all the letter in this blog but it was nasty and rude.

The long letter was on my door and it told me that I can use the shower for 30 minutes a day.

It went on by sort of saying- If I dared to fart? I’m evicted immediately!!!!

If I used the washroom? I should clean it! The littlest things that I do wrong? I’m evicted!!!!

I knew that the gig was up because I have to pay my rent in a few days and it would only be a matter of time till I’m evicted without any money.
They would evict me and keep the rent money!!!
I got to move fast! Therefore I’m moving all my stuff next door in the morning.

While I try to find a room.

I’m leaving this place after staying here for a over one year and I feel bad for the guys in here.

The guy downstairs got evicted this evening and he’s upset.


The other guy living inside the fire door with a sign - EMPLOYEES ONLY!!!!!! He’s like a prisoner in jail.

No one is allowed to visit him at all!

We used to visit the guy but no more.

The other guy upstairs is sort of forced to move in the back of the house and pay 50
bucks a year more. He’s been living there for over five years and the caretaker wants a new boarder in his place.

Trust me! It’s cold in that room in the winter and the guy might die!

The electrical wires in this place is terrible and it’s a death trap!


These guys are heading towards a cold winter ahead and good luck to them!

My room is the largest one in this building and it’s not a bad place for the price but beginning tomorrow this will be just a part of history in my mind.


I am definitely going to pursue this huge injustice being done to me and I will visit the Commission during the next few days to show them the note the caretaker left on my door.

As I said earlier? If this happened to me? What the hell is going on around this province.

I will pursue this issue till the poor have some kind of rights!

The caretaker clens the COUNTER in the kitchen with a floor broom! The place is bad and the health Department should investigate but this will never happen!

Please excuse the style and grammar of this blog because I just wrote the darn thing in a big hurry!

I might add there will be no blogs for a few days until everything gets back to normal! But knowing me? I’ll blog from somewhere!!!!! Bye bye!!!!


Tim Smith S.J.N.B. said...

Without giving the long version I have had the unhappy occasion of meeting Maurice 3 or 4 times and it is my opinion that this man should be in a mental institution under constant supervision!!!

And I have made that perfectly clear to the owner more than once also to the Fredericton Police Dept.

In our previous conversations, I told them that Maurice is not competent enough to be running down the street never mind a boarding house of any kind!

As soon as something goes wrong and is irreversible, these people should be held accountable for the foreseeable actions that are sure to follow.

Anonymous said...

If Maurice guy is such a psycho he must not be put in authority position like that. There must be some recourse to make this fellow accoutable and landlord accountable. This is too much. I hope someone is not behind it to cause problems for Charles as he is quite outspoken on lot of issues.

Tim Smith S.J.N.B. said...

Well all I know is I even went to the police station to do up a complaint on this man and Charlie was with me.
The police dept was locked up and a woman came on the intercom to tell us someone would be with us in a moment and asked us what we were there for,

I told her of an incident from the previous night and that the officers that came to the call after talking to Maurice said they thought it might be a good idea to put in a complaint in the morning which I was unsuccessful in doing because after waiting in that tiny little hall for about 20 minutes or so to see an officer,
I told Charlie they must not be taking him seriously and we left but I also told him that once I got back home to Saint John if there were further problems and the police were called in to give me a call..

Anonymous said...


T.S. said...

7:07 you can call charlie all you want but this as anything else in this province is a real problem that needs a real solution for the poor and or disadvantaged.
Also if you think your a better person where is your website or blogsite so we can comment on how much your doing for these people,
Oh! I get it you don't have much to say publicly thats why your under anonymous'yea thats an effective way to make a point isn't it.

Anonymous said...

7:07 PM is probably Bernard Lord or a close buddy. He is upset that his buddy Maurice was called psycho. It looks Charles is getting under the skin of Bernard Lord.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Charles supporter, mostly, but seriously, he attracts some disturbed people to his blog. 4:59 sees a conspiracy: clearly there's been an orchestrated plan to get Charles out of his room. And 8:27 we've seen before, singing the same demented song: if you criticize Chalres, you must be Bernard Lord, or one of Bernard Lord's buddies.

If I thought these folks might be kidding I'd be laughing along, but the idea they're serious scares the crap out of me.

Anonymous said...

9:55 You call yourself supporter of Charles and yet you call him psycho judging from your reaction 7:07 PM post is yours. Charles can do without supporters like you.

9:55 you are also the one who is coming accross as completely demented. For two reason:1) You are the one who called Charles psycho. Those who call others psychos like that they are the ones who are diagnosed as psychos. 2)Anyone who attacks poor like that have some personal problems to deal with.Please get help.

Tim has personal knowledge of Maurice and that is why he called him mental case. In your demented ego you are attacking everybody whether you know them or not.

Anonymous said...


I'm 9:55, not 7:07. I've never called Charles names, nver typed in obnoxious capital letters, and never thought or said anything bad about Tim. (Charles I support mostly but not always: Tim I think is one of the heroes of our time.)

Do you disagree with what I said at 9:55? Do you think Charles is moving because of a grand conspiracy? Do you think everyone who criticizes Charles is Bernard Lord or one of his buddies?

Anonymous said...

9:55 is obsessed with the word "conspiracay". Sounds familiar certain someone who starts discussing "conspiracey". In previous posts. Was it Spinks?

Anonymous said...

I do not know about conspiracy but Lord government is known to retaliate against those who differ & object. Prime example is when Lord threatened NBers that when they did not vote Tory during 2003 election they did so at their own peril.

The veteran's case whose disability pension was being clawed back and his daughter is quite outspoken about seniors and veterans' rights. She is from Bathurst and she complained about retaliation against her, her veteran father and her very ill-mother.

Hospital workers when they were on strike they complained about retaliation and decided to demonstrate in front of Lord constituency office to get even.

Disabled young man who was evicted from Southampton House, his parents and especially father complained about retaliation by Family and Community Services and Lord government. He demonstrated in front of the Legislature and talked to the media he being victim of retaliation.

A single mother who demonstrated in front of Centennial building in a tent complained of retaliation by Lord government when she was evicted from there and other incidences of retaliation during her demonstration.

Stuart Jamison who criticized Lord government in the legislature, doing his job as a legislator, was subjected to retaliation. Ms. Fowlie had to resign on that. I hope 9:55 reads papers.

T.J Burke is an outspoken critic of Lord government, again doing his job as a legislator, was subjected to retaliation, racial slurs and other insults.

Tim Smith was not allowed in the legislature because he was demonstrating against the Lord government. Someone told me he was subjected to harassment suggesting that he was a suicidal case and hence should be treated and should not be demonstrating in front of legislature. This is called character-assassination as the 7:07 PM poster above called Charles Leblanc a psycho.

Charles Leblanc was not allowed in the legislative building when he was demonstrating. Legislature belongs to people and not Bernard Lord and his toadies. Is that not retaliation?

Does 9:55 need anymore examples. Charles Leblanc is one of the biggest Lord government critic. He has been very outspoken. He is becoming a thorn in the side of Lord government and a great discomfort. With all that history of retaliations by Lord what should one expect. Call it retaliation or call it conspiracy it is there.

Lord behaves like a school bully. It was Tim Smith who suggested that Opposition should have a big mirror in front of him in the legislature so that he can see himself bully.

" Bernard Lord and Bullying" may be a good topic for a book. There is a considerable material to fill a fair volume book.

Anonymous said...

Bravo very good comment!!!!

Anonymous said...

9:55 here again.

I voted against Lord, twice, I'm looking forward to doing it again, and I criticize him and his government openly. I guess I should expect his goons to come get me...

Seriously, do you have any idea how paranoid this sounds?

I'll grant you this: when one person gets pissed off at another, for good reasons or bad, it's common for them to want to strike back. So, assuming for the sake of argument that Lord is at all concerned about Charles' protest activities, is there any sane person who believes Lord has issued instructions to a goon squad to get a deranged guy into Charles' rooming house, and get that deranged guy to deny Charles shower facilities and threaten eviction? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Lord government's history verifies that. Anything is possible under Bernard the bully:
-retaliation against a disabled person because his father was 'difficult' according to Lord operatives
-Vindictive towards 83 yrs old veteran and his wife who has Alzheimer and their daughter
-Vindictive towards a homeless single-mother
-Vindictive towards young homeless kids who were demonstrating in front of the legislature.
-Charles once wrote an update how certain mothers of disabled children were threatened and intimidated when they tried to approach Lord during June 2003 election. These mothers were no security threat.

What is left? Who is next? None of the above was as outspoken as Charles Leblanc who continues to expose the follies of the Lord government. Unless you just wish to contradict there is ample evidence.

Do you think Lord will send someone from his office to harass Charles Leblanc? It makes sense to use a deranged person thus there will be no accountability. And suckers like you will defend him because it is a deranged person.

Now Charles Leblanc has to worry where he is going to sleep at night than worry about blog.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Just for the record???? Bernard Lord or anyone from the Government has nothing to do with this issue!!!

Anonymous said...

9:55 one more time.

See, I knew Charles had more sense than some of the people here, like 6:30. He knows the Lord government is incompetent and unsympathetic to most of his concerns, but still, not actively involved in his housing difficulties.

Still, 6:30 is crying out for attention, so I'll play:
- the supposed retaliation against a disabled man because his father was difficult: that was by a non-profit housing authority, not government.
- the vindictiveness against a disabled veteran: that's a fiction - the government wanted his pension, and that was wrong, but there was no vindictiveness. Even his daughter, who complains loud and long, has never said he was singled out for vindictive treatment.
- the homeless single mother (Bonnie O'Dea): she wasn't rendered homeless by government but by her landlord. I've no idea if that was for good reason or not, the facts aren't public as far as I know. And vindictiveness? She was left to camp in Officers' Square then in front of the Centennial Building for some time, right up until she and her fellow protesters got tired of passive non-violence and decided to breach security at the Centennial Building.
- I'm unaware of any supposed vindictiveness toward the homeless teenagers on the Leg lawn, the ones Charles called the Spice Girls. I know that after several weeks their tent site was dismantled, don't think that = vindictiveness.

Again: I'm all in favour of attacking Lord government policies, and competence and character of Lord sometimes, but all these conspiracy theories? C'mon!

Anonymous said...

Is Human Rights Commission not part of the government? Is rentleman not part of the government? Government works in mysterious ways. Sometimes doing something to cause problems and other times not doing something which it should do.

However, having said all that it will be nice that these public agencies help you out. Whatever works to help the needy is all that matters. Rest was expression of different possibilities under the circumstances. I think that is what people were saying.

I am one the suckers who did vote for Lord. Never again.

Anonymous said...

To:8:29 PM. How is your new job as the Lord Government apologist? I hope it pays well.

Reference to youth was not Spice Girls but the youth which was evicted from the grounds of the legislature. Excuse? They were unsightly. Lord's comments, "they were just occupying space and were not making any logical case." We will call it Lord's logic whatever that means. If he is put on the street it will be interesting how his logic works.

If it was only landlord why single-mother needed to demonstrate so extesively and intensively against Bernard Lord himself.

Disable person: Family and Community Services fully facilitated all the actions of the so-called non-profit housing entity including accepting the eviction of the disabled person and handing him over to the family. Lord government could have stopped this atrocity. Who are you kidding? This non-profit housing organinzation gets millions in grants and you imply that they will go against the wishes of the government. Be real.

All your comments can be rebutttled but what is the use as you will come up with new apologies.

Enough said. Enjoy your new job.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Charlie, I think that if you where allowed to shower before, you have
set a
prescedent (a reason for a later case), therefore the judge, should
this go
to court will have something to award you on.

Charles LeBlanc said...

someone wrote charles leblanc but it wasn't me....

Charles LeBlanc said...

opppssss??? it was moi!! It was from a private email and I pasted the comment in here.....

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