Saturday, August 06, 2005


Do you remember a few months ago when Tim Smith and I blogged the Canadian flag at Fort LaTour? The flag was half destroyed. Around 48 hours later the a brand new flag was in place.

A couple of days later, we did the same with the sign of the Irving newspaper building. The sign was all destroyed and the pieces were on the rooftop and ground.

This afternoon, I decided to go have a look and the old sign is gone.

In place are two new brand new sign. I mean the Telegraph Journal is still not number one but with the new signs? It looks much better!

Don't tell me that the Irvings don't read this blog site! of the blogglers!!!!



Anonymous said...

Where is Tim Smith these days. Was he not going to post the stuff too.

Canada first said...

TY very much to you & tim for pushing for that new canadian flag. :-)

its so nice to see that atleast we have two people left in canada who care.

& BTW charles i am a very proud new owner of my very own acadian flag!. my mom just came back from caraquet. :-)

picked it up at the 'Village Historique Acadien'. a must visit for any acadian!. not to mention 'Le Festival acadien de Caraquet',an amazing celebration held in caraquet every year of over 150,000 acadian's!. on the main stretch of road throw caraquet the whole road as far as the eye can see is nothing but people,its amazing!. the people are the best & untoutched by the crazyness in the rest of the world.

heres a couple of links charles-

download the 9mb clip on the left of this page,its about the festival.




Anonymous said...

Where is TIM SMITH these days??? Why is he not blogging?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Tim is's summer nd he's pretty busy watching over his daughter. I stayed at his place for a few days and let me tell ya something. For a single Dad? He's a good one...After I see him in action or any other parents in action. I thanked God that I have no kids! I'll fight for them till the end of times but to take care of them? Not interested! Tim is getting ready for a little speech next month but trust me! He'll be bloggling along soon enough! He reads all the comments but he's not ready to blog like he use to! But he'll be back!!!