Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Last Friday, I decided to attend a little gathering of the Federal P.C. Party.


Once there, I noticed many people do read this blog.

The leader Steven Harper arrived and gave a little speech.

I had my camera in tow so I could have a picture taken with the maybe next Prime Minister of Canada.

I believe he was going to walked around among the people but it never happen because everyone gathered in a line up to meet with Mr. Harper.

A few people from the Provincial wing reminded me to behave.

I told the workers that I always behave.

The only instance I really lost it was at the public meeting held by Jeannoit Volpe in the Capital.

Charles 04_07_05 056

The appointed bureaucrat told me that I only had three minutes to speak and I totally lost it and I ended up speaking for over 10 minutes.

The Lord Government began this new style during their mandate.

They will only allowed 2 minutes for a person to asked their question and that’s it!

They followed the same procedure at their General meeting in Fredericton. Many members weren’t impress at all!

Opppsss going back to Steven Harper?

People were lined up telling him of their own little problems.

I quickly grabbed his attention by saying Bonjour Monsieur Harper!

He spoke French and I told him that I was from Memramcook. He didn’t know where Memramcook was located.

I explain to him that it was near Moncton.

I told the Leader, I protested in a tent for six months against the use of Ritalin.

He didn’t know anything about the protest but that was ok!

I speak Acadian French. Le chiac!!! You know - eva allae au store me chercher un packait de smoke!!!…

So I quickly change the conversation into English!

When you come face to face with these elected officials, you have to move fast because there’s a line up of people waiting in line to meet the popular leader.

I went on right to the issue in hand.

I noticed that he had two young workers and one had a microphone in hand tapping every word that was being discuss with the leader.

I asked him if he knew of Dilaudid?

He quickly told me that it was a Provincial issue.

I reminded the Leader where he’s from out west?

Crystale Meth is the drug of choice.

Ontario and Quebec is mostly Cocaine and here in this Province is Prescription drug!


The Provincial Government has only set aside 1.2 Million dollars towards methadone clinics but we need more money!

Our future generations are at risk!


Steven Harper made the biggest mistake of his entire life!!!!

He gave me his card with his email! My God? Another victim!!!….

He allowed me to have his picture taken with me and I didn’t find him a bad fellow.

But I also know for a true fact that once a person is in the opposition? They can promise you the world!

This is the reason that I’m trying to set up a meeting with Andy Scott but I find this a very difficult task!

I also approach Aaron Kennedy from Paul Zed office.


I will admit that every instance I come across Andy? He always give me the time to hear my concerns.


I did chat with for a few minutes during the celebrations on Acadian Day and he knew all about this major problem in New Brunswick.

The Federal Government must tackle this problem head on!


I warned Bernard Lord about this issue 5 years ago but they choose to ignore this issue and look at the huge mess we’re in these days?


Afterwards, I noticed one of my favorite P.C. ADHD MLA shouting the numbers of the 50-50 draw. I'm not smilling because I noticed all the people in the are were watching very closely! Look at the people behind us? They must say- What is he going to use that picture for in his blog?


His name is Kirk MacDonald. The reason I say ADHD? He always gives out long speeches in the Legislature.

I must admit that he’s good at time. I will also admit that he gave me an interview over the internet a few months ago.

That was awfully nice of him. I always enjoy debating issues with this MLA!!!

Afterwards, I decided to go home on my ten speed bike.

This was the first time that I was ever in this area and it reminded me of my bike trip across Canada and the U.S.A.! You know? Taking on new sights.

Before I left, I asked someone from the premier office to take a picture of me and Chisholm Pothier. He's the guy marching up the stairs in this picture. Looks like a good soldier!!!

Charles 04_07_05 070

My God? I sometime believe they have a hard time running the Government never mind taking a picture?

Look at this picture I asked one of them to take.


Once the Lord Government is eliminated off the political map? I hope this guy don’t apply for a job as a photographer???…oh well? C’est la vie!!!


Anonymous said...

Canadians are catching on with Bernie Lord that what a f phony he is. Their choice to replace Harper is Peter MacKay and not Bernie. Peter will make a great leader. He is down to earth and he has that common touch.

Yes some are unhappy that Peter joined Reform Party despite that he said he won't. May be it was a right move. Time will tell.

Michael McKay said...

I happen to like Mr. Harper much better than the current Prime Minister that we now have in the Nation's Capital. Mr. Martin and his Liberal's have done almost everything to destroy the Founding Principles which is Our "Traditional Family and Moral Values". Mr. Harper wants to keep our traditional values, and that is why I have become a Conservative party member. I really don't care what name is on the Political party, I only want to help elect the person who is of a good report and will uphold the Knowledge of God and also uphold Godly Principles in our Great Nation. Mr. Martin and his Federal Liberals are not doint that, in fact, they are an emmbarrassment to our founding fathers, and they have made Canada a Laughing stock before all nations around the world.

Anonymous said...

Peter MacKay will make a much better Prime Minister than Harper. God Almighty spare us from this Lord guy.

Spinks said...

It's really easy if you don't want Lord as federal Conservative Leader. Vote for Harper next election and put him in power, something this country should have done last time.

Anonymous said...


anti-maritime (culture of defeat)
anti-canadian (chief of staff is american)
anti-equal rights
anti-human rights

Suuuuuure, we should have elected him long ago.

Anonymous said...

You forgot:

Anti-Immigration other than few bozos he has as MPs including one from B.C. who tapes people's phone conversations.
Pro-Iraq war and may be third World War.

Someone Spink will like.

Spinks said...

Those are quite the accusations. You should back them up unless your Paul Martin's spin doctors. They never backed up those accusations with anything concrete either.

Besides I thought you wanted to make sure Lord didn't become leader of the federal PC's. Elect Harper and it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

Spinks, Harper alone will not do well. Get that evangelist Pat Roberston from U.S. to run as his deputy leader. These two will go together well. Then they got it made and you will be the happiest person in North America. You may be the only one, but that is besides the point.

Spinks said...

Still waiting for those accusations against Harper to be backed up.......

Anonymous said...

Unless you live under a rock those facts are readily apparant, go download the PC election campaign of last year.

Anti-maritime (harper wants to get rid of all regional development, including ACOA. He says maritimes infested with 'culture of defeat') Wants equalization payments scaled back even further. During the last election campaign he spent almost no time in the maritimes, and added NB to his itinerary only when the media made an issue of it.

Anti-Canadian: His chief of staff is an american who has written several books on how natives have NO rights to this land. Has also endorsed virtually every policy of the right wing american oligarchy, including the loss of Canada's sovereignty by over-riding Canada's charter with North American, rather than Canadian constitutions.

Anti-gay: does this even need to be explained? Perhaps there are some who think not granting rights doesn't make one anti-gay, that's YOUR right, however, we can easily justify our claim, just as not letting women vote IS anti-women (those who didn't want women to vote used to say the same thing).

Anti-native: this goes with anti-human rights. He joins Martin on this as Canada has been listed as a human rights violator in the United Nations for it's treatment of the Lubicon in Alberta. Harper has gone even further and said that current native rights should be subjected to 'referenda'-not on whether they should be advanced, but on whether they should be maintained.

Anti equal rights: see above on human rights, also wants to eradicate all equal rights legislation (what little there is).

As head of the National Citizen's Coalition Harper lobbied against public healthcare, the wheat board, the allowing of Vietnamese boat people to immigrate. Also wants to decentralize the federal government giving even more power to the provinces, meaning that 'equality' between provinces won't even exist symbolically.

The above can be lumped with other of the 'anti's above. People can make the argument that many canadians endorse the same thing, that's fine, but the labels are pretty adequately 'backed up'.

Anonymous said...

Harper likes refrendums so does Lord. They should get along well. Lord refuses to do anything about VLTs because of some poorly conducted refrendum, moron.

Anonymous said...

They only like CERTAIN referenda, none on forest use, toll highways, northern development, or LNG terminals. Ditto harper, he won't be nearly so keen on referenda once elected.

Anonymous said...

Is Spinks sabotaging the site by putting in frivilous stuff or he just does not know better?????

Spinks said...

"Anti-maritime" - I doubt this about as much as he's anti-Ontario but the culture of defeat comment although taken out of context has stuck. Seems to be a tough one to shake.

Anti-Canadian: Are we taking the Chief of Staff which was just terminated or the new one? Even if his Chief of Staff was/is it doesn't mean Harper is.

Anti-gay: does that mean Martin is anti-traditional family because he wouldn't stand up for them. He's anti same-sex marriage. Different thing and we talked about this one already so I'll leave it at that.

Anti-native: not giving a group everything it asked for doesn't make anybody anti-anything.

Anti equal rights: there's equal rights and then there's special rights which homosexuals were looking for.

Harper's providing a voice for millions of Canadians who otherwise would not have one.Kudos to him.

Anonymous said...

He wants to end the culture of defeat. That's not anti-atlantic Canadian. It's foolish the maritimers cling to the hand outs. We need to move on and stop holding our hands out.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, private investment won't come anywhere near the province. Neither will the feds. The province gets 1.6 billion in equalization payments and health and social credits. There is also some funds made available, primarily through ACOA. Other provinces have gotten money from the gas tax and for a national day care program but not NB. So that's 'roughly' about 2 billion dollars, actually this year it was a bit more because the feds had some pity on NB because it looked like they were slipping into deficit spending.
Now, take a look at the employment statistics, the northern part of the province, rural parts, hell, even the cities and what would happen if that 2 billion were gone? The province would be bankrupt, it would have to call in the IMF for financial support and take a look at the marvelous job THEY do in third world countries. There would be no more welfare, no more EI. Hospitals would have to privatize, and huge numbers would lose their jobs because not nearly enough NB'ers could afford it. The province would be empty since it could not longer support anybody. What a lovely picture. Keep in mind that NB'ers pay federal taxes, so do the NBers who leave the province but still have family at home. Equalization payments aren't handouts, they are meagre reparations for 100 years of screwing over the maritimes.

The point is that it was asked to back up the 'anti' remarks, which was done. Racists, homophobes, and bigots are entitled to their opinion, we're not getting into that debate. It was asked that we back up our argument, it was backed up, choose to disagree if you like. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

7:10 PM you are right about referenda. They only go for the ones which politically suite them.

6:01 PM. Bull's eye. You are right on the assessment of Harper. We have enough far right-wingers we do not need a Reformer as our Prime Minister. God help us we will be in deep trouble.

Peter MacKay is the one who has right ideas and is socially progressive.

Lord has no ideology. Whatever will win him an election is his ideolgoy. He is the worst kind.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind a criticism of Harper sure ain't an endorsement of Martin-or Layton for that matter. Try the Canadian Action Party for something different (though I ain't supporting them either)

Anonymous said...

Hey, politicians are necessary evil. You have to chose those who will do the least amount of damage.

Then there are some who are plain evil. You need to keep them out of the executive offices such as Premier and Prime Minister's office. You have some idea who those are after all this discussion.

Spinks said...

Fair enough 8:36pm. I think that's the best discussion that's taken place here without getting personal in a while.

Anonymous said...

Bernard Lord says, "We need smart, educated, skilled people (in New Brunswick."

He is so right for a change. Now he MUST also know that WHY we do not need him.

Spinks said...

9:40am - way off topic but we've done that before, Ha Ha. Lord's job strategy does stink without a doubt. Remember a couple of years ago his tour of Canada to bring home NBers. I've spoken to a few who attended his meeting in Alberta. They were pretty hopeful until his handlers told them that unless they spoke French they wouldn't have much opportunity....and we wondered a few posts down why Matt Glenn gets upset?

Bernard Lord says, "We need smart, educated, skilled people (and I'll add French (in New Brunswick."

This is a serious concern for many english NBers. Je suis bilangue so I'm not concerned personally but I see the problem for many anglophones.

Anonymous said...

For a change we agree on something,Spinks, and that is Lord factor. Some of the damage this man has done is out in the open such as Orimulsion fiasco and other financial mismanagement as an example. Some we cannot which includes hurt to ordinary citizzens and finally we will pay the price for his blunders for at least a generation to come and may be longer. Lord needs to grow, his own party members say that, and chances for that happening are nil. Only alternative is he must go. Sooner the better for N.B.
Hey, other politicians are not all that either but anyone will be an improvement on Lord.

Anonymous said...

Only supporter Bernard Lord has left now is the editor of the Times and Transcript of Moncton. You should read today's editorial in that paper, what a poppycock.

Spinks said...

Sometimes better the devil you know...maybe. I really don't think Shawn Graham is a stronger leader of his party than Lord is of his but I do think the Liberals have much stronger MLA's than the Tories do. That goes a long ways in forming a government. With the exception of Elvy Robichaud, Margaret Ann Blaney, and Brad Green the Tory Ministers are pretty weak. I know there will be some debate on those three but at least they know their files, that's better than ones like Wayne Steeves or Madelaine Dube. I bring up the job prospects for anglophones as an example of Lord losing the connection he once had with the grassroots. The out-migration of anglophones has been going on even before Lord took over but no one seems to want to a) recognize it's an issue or b) do anything to fix the problem. C'est triste.

Anonymous said...

Elvy Robichaud: Double-faced. His mental health needs to be checked the way he has screwed up rural health care with the exception of Tracadie, his own riding.

Brad Green: Double-faced, Minister of injustice. He handled the native file really poorly.

Margaret-Ann Blaney: Likes to play barbie doll. Did you see her picture with T.J. Burke? Both playing sex symbol. Too old for that. Is she a good Minister? She promised a world to Tim on VLTs. Did she deliver? No. No credibility.

Madelaine Dube: Needs to be educated a lot before she can qualify to become a minister.

Wayne Steeves: Needs brain pills every morning.

Tony Huntjens: A total bozo. Gave a full plan to media for St. Joe's hospital of Saint John and then he said it was just a slip. If Lord was looking for a perfect idiot to appoint a minister he got one in Huntjens.

It is a pathetic situation with P.Cs. It is a ruddless ship. NBers are hurting the most by Lord and the clowns.

Spinks said...

2:33pm - ...oh-kay. You have peaked my curiosity with your comments. I'm not convinced the Tories had the perfect solution to the health care issue but something had to be done since costs were and are going up 8 to 10% a year. How do you reign that in and keep all of the hospitals in N.B. open and make sure the doctors and nurses were available to staff them properly in a province of 730,000? What do we have/had - 30 or so hospitals?

Anonymous said...

We lost tons of money on removing tolls. There is a general financial mismanagement. The Lord Plan is not going to be any cheaper. How much it is going to cost to build that hospital in Carleton county, I mean the final cost. It is possible it would have been cheaper if current facilities were kept.

Some bought it hook and line that it will save money. There are serious doubts. Factor in human cost it is not going to be cheap.

If you have more specific information on savings then present it otherwise you are wasting your time. I just started attaching some credence to your utterances. Do give some solid facts if you want to advance more arguments? Otherwise it becomes broken record stuff.

Spinks said...

Just the fact there aren't enough doctors and nurses to properly man all the hospitals as they were/are. I'm not convinced money gets saved per se but there are economies of scale and if the doctors aren't around the buildings are pretty useless. I just don't see how NB can afford to run all of those hospitals or keep them staffed particularly in rural areas.

Perth-Andover is the exception to the rule. That community has done amazing things to keep itself viable. Unfortunately, that success hasn't been replicated elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I said solid facts, Spinks, and not guesses. Is it possible that all the current doctors can be brought to this under construction Dale Graham hospital (when completed) in Carleton County and yet some more may be needed to fully staff this monument to Deputy Premier. Man of your curiousity should be able to do that. You are a smart man and you won't like another broken record play.

Talking about cure there is no cure for broken record but major operation needed to remove the tumour from the body of your thoughts or anybody else's thoughts.

Give some facts of how many doctors and other medical professionals are there in Carleton county, not what Elvy Robichaud says, and how many will be reduced when this new hospital is up and running in its full capacity if it ever does? What will be the savings? Or Will there be monumental new costs to transport patients to this centralized facility and what will be the human cost.

Please refrain from rhetorics.

Anonymous said...

Some good comments on health care, anybody know any good sites on it? Even government, cus I don't know nearly enough about it.
I remember the hospital closures up north but that's it.

Just as a note, Southeast Regional Health Authority (Moncton), was listed in the "top 100 employers in Canada. It wasn't a hard and fast study but it's still interesting. Are they getting more funding? Are administrators getting more? Why them and not others?

Anonymous said...

12:14 PM. You must be kidding. Lord government does not share information. It is all top secret. Biggest problem with hospital closures was lack of information as to why Lord government is doing it. Folks complained and doctors complained. May be Lord knows nothing as he is pretty ignorant man. Did he not use that excuse for Orimulsion? He will not get any more moronic.

Even Auditor General said that Lord government prefers secrecy over sharing information. Lord was petrified the AG may find out real information about Orimulsion and that is why he refused to extend his term by few months. Lord the liar wants to hide things. He can run but he cannot hide for ever. Reality will catch on with him. He is politically a toast.

Spinks said...

Perth-Andover isn't a guess, that's a fact. It works because of the community drive to keep doctors.

As far as doing reams of research, sorry folks, perhaps there's been some confusion, I'm not a politician or journalist so I don't have that type of research at my fingertips. I'm just here to offer some opinion like most of you and as you can see throw out a few questions. If I could solve the health care crisis, I'd be rich.
This was the point I was throwing out, with thousands without a family doctor, I just don't see how all of these hospitals get properly staffed. You can have all the beds in all the buildings you want but if no one is looking after you, what's the point? Closing hospitals is far from the ideal solution but I'd rather have fewer ones in good shape than a whole bunch on life support.

Now, what's a reasonable distance to travel to a hospital? In health care where seconds count, who knows? Living 5 minutes away can be too far sometimes. I would guess a half hour drive by ambulance would be reasonable. Less would be preferable but I don't think the money is there. If I were slapping up hospitals today, I'd stick one in Bathurst, Tracadie-Sheila, Campbellton, Saint-Quentin, Edmundston, Grand Falls, Hartland, Fredericton, St. Stephen, Sussex, Saint John, Moncton, Doaktown, Miramichi, Richibucto, Sackville and some type of facility on Grand Manan. That's based on population and geography and would help retain the critical mass of doctors and nurses. Other communities would have to have some type of emergency health care set up. Many of you I know will be relieved I don't stick up hospitals. Just my opinion of course. Half the NB budget is sucked up by health and education now so something has to give if it's to be sustainable. I've heard better ideas and I've heard worse.

Spinks said...

By the way 8:36pm, attack the comments all you want but let's keep it civil and non-personal all right?

Anonymous said...

Spinks, come out of the make-believe world and come to the real world. You have not offered a single new fact other than regurgitating what you said before. You have not given a single fact or figure why this botched up health plan will save money and we will need fewer medical personnel. When you have real facts then post something.

Spinks said...

Fewer larger hospitals means doctors/nurses are more likely to want to go there. That's just math. I never said it would save money or mean less medical personnel and I'm sorry if you interpreted my comments that way. I said these changes might help make the system sustainable because right now it isn't. I'm really not trying to get into an argument on this one.

We don't have the money as a little province to sustain 30 hospitals and the medical personnell for the most part don't want to go to the little communities anyway. That's not a make-believe world my friend, that's reality. Something has to change. A new hospital in Carleton County is needed. I think we can agree on that. A central location seems to make sense so the place chosen seems okay. The people of Hartland are happy that's for sure. Although sticking it on the highway near Woodstock would have been acceptable too, it's just further for folks in Florenceville to drive. With the big Campbellton hospital a 10-minute ambulance drive from Dalhousie, it makes sense to shut down Dalhousie too. Ideally we have a hospital in every single village with full medical personnell. That's what used to happen under Hatfield's days when he was building hospitals and schools everywhere. We're just too small to afford it. I agree it sucks but that's the reality we're faced with.

Anonymous said...

Spinks, you are incorrigible. So far you have been saying that Lord Plan will save money and few doctors will be needed. Now you are saying you did not say that. What should one make of that?

"Fewer larger hospitals means doctors/nurses are more likely to want to go there." Underline LIKELY. It will be interesting how they will staff new Carlenton hospital when doctors from Woodstock are indicating that they may not practice there. Other doctors may like to go where their children can get university education without leaving home. It is all around lousy idea. You have still not come up with any facts other than "likely". Is that the best you can do?

Spinks said...

"So far you have been saying that Lord Plan will save money and few doctors will be needed."

Can't find it my friend, you'll have to point it out. In fact I said "I'm not convinced money does get saved per se"

New doctors don't like going to little tiny communities generally. I don't know why. I'm not a doctor. That's why when a community gets one that does they hang on to him/her for dear life. I'm not here to do medical studies, just chuck in a couple of comments. As I've said many times before you're free to pass them on by.

Anonymous said...

You just said above that you do not want to discuss it anymore but you continue to do that without adding anything new. You say couple of comments? You go on and on. The only reason you get response is because you make very misleading statements without backing them up. So far I have yet to see anything you alleged and backed it up with proper information. There is something wrong with this picture and you are the only one who fails to see it.

Spinks said...

I said I'm not trying to get into an argument. I'm happy to participate in a discussion as always. I haven't alleged one thing, simply providing an opinion. This is a blog not a political hearing. Think of it as the Tim Horton's and a bunch of guys sitting around having a coffee discussing the issues. That's the way I visit this site. If others want to open the proverbial briefcase and start whipping out files, go ahead. I'm just here having a coffee and talking about what's going on.

Anonymous said...

From "Canada's Top 100 Employers"

Southest Medical Authority has excellent family friendly benefits, onsite day care, good maternity top up, and flexible work options.

No. of employees: 1565
New Hires: 70

Most of their stuff is actually rated 'average', which would be great for NB (no Irving companies were on the list).

Actually, in most surveys I've seen doctors far prefer rural locations, particularly if they are fairly close to urban areas. However, problem is they know they will be the ONLY doctor around and working non-stop. Typically, like all workers doctors prefer to stay close to where their from or where they do their residency, which is why NB gets screwed both ways.

However, as far as health goes, I really don't see why first aid, survival skills, CPR can't be part of a person's basic education. Like reading Shakespeare has really helped me or anyone! Every single person should know CPR and every small community should have an emergency response team, even if it's only volunteer.

There really is no such thing as a 'hospital' in rural areas, they are community access centres. A hospital is a place with procedures. While you can't have a doctor, you can have a resident with video link ups. Or experienced nurses-most rural nurses get training for many doc procedures already. If there are empty beds, use the room for something else-anything else.

I was just asking for information that somebody had, I wasn't asking anybody to research it for me, but it's quick to ask, and often people know these things. My mom was a nurse so I can get plenty inside info from her. From her I've been told that the problem is not the money spent but how much of the money is spent in administration. That half of the provinces money goes to education and health doesn't surprise me, what else is more important? In fact I'm surprised it's only that.

Anonymous said...

"This is a blog not a political hearing." Very stange because, Spinks, you make it not only a political hearing but also a international court of inquiry of some sort the way you were demanding reasons about that Harper fellow, remember. Follow your own advice.

Spinks said...

Good point 8:41am. I got a little riled. Some people have bought Martin's rhetoric about Harper and it appeared it was more of that with little to back it up. If you don't like Harper and lots don't just like lots don't like Martin, that's cool. I'll just chuck in my comments which as you know, I don't believe that Harper is the anti-christ as he is so often portrayed. However, my comments and a $1.20 will get you a medium coffee at Tim's.

Anonymous said...

No one said Harper is anti-Christ from religious perspective. However, he will butcher the social programs as we know it. Unless you have information to the contrary and want to post it.

How you think he will handle healthcare as a starter?

Spinks said...

Do you have information that he will butcher social programs besides Liberal attack ads?