Saturday, November 05, 2005




Tim Smith said...

Wow, seems to be many spin or doctors on the Telegraph Journal payroll these days.

Let's take a look at the overall picture.

The Irving Family has gone too far in manipulating what they themselves consider to be the news of the day and doing everything in their power to suppress the rest.

The editors and as a matter of fact all the staff should hang their heads in shame as I seriously do not think this is the reason they originally got into the news business to become prisoners of their own profession.

I would have thought it was to be fair and equal and to represent all sides.

I never thought I would live to see our local and provincial newspapers stoop so low as to print conjectures and innuendoes along with loopy and false details about what is going on within this province.

To single out the fair taxation group or any other group of people who feel they are being done an injustice for that matter.
To fill their pages with one sided nonsense and shove it down the throats of New Brunswickers to hide the true story of corruption on the part of the Conservative party and the Irving Family is simply going too far.

I don't know how these folks can live with themselves at the end of the day because in true fact these people are not printing what they believe to be true they're only printing what they are pushed into giving the citizens of New Brunswick as this can be heard in the streets by word of mouth along with other small ways of venting this frustration as in, Radio talk shows, blogsites, word of mouth, phone tagging, coffee shops along with other avenues that are available.

# 1 There was no outburst, no tearing of signs and no real story.

# 1 How can the public make this assessment without the whole story??

# 2 Why is the Liberal Doherty team standing in the shadows WITH anti-LNG protesters?

# 2 Where are YOUR facts that say this is true and why should this statement not be reversed to read
properly if at all as both group Leaders have said they are totally separate by association.

At most you could say: Why is the LNG protesters standing in the shadow of the, (Liberal) Doherty

Could it be they feel that the 125 Million Dollars of our taxes might have a chance at coming back to the Saint John citizens? And also that this wrong might actually see the light and be corrected??
based on the rules put in place by none other than (Louie Robichaud)

There are many holes throughout this story as well as personal factually given statements by the writer which is also a no no as I would like to reserve judgment of my own opinion after reading the entire story.
I have given a couple of examples of what should not be in this piece.

#1- The city's deputy mayor and Conservative candidate in the Saint John Harbour by-election has been taunted, booed and rebuked for her (SUPPOSED) change of heart on the city's controversial LNG tax
(Misleading True of false)

#2-this little band of(not-so-merry men)are doing.
(Group of individuals) as to be seen non by-est.

#2-Personal statement by the writer of this piece.

#3-On the first night of the by-election,they(LNG group)showed up at Ms.Hooton's nomination meeting (JUST TO YELL AND JEER)at the people attending the event

#3- Again personal observation of writer with no proof of statement other than by-est statement.

Where are the names of the people who said this to be fact?I was there and I know for a FACT this was not the case (Just to yell and jeer at people)is a direct and uncalled for statement

#4-The next night a few of them popped over to Dr. Doherty's nomination,but this time,they arrived(with)Ivan Court to not-so-
tacitly back the Liberal candidate.

#4- Again not a FACT they arrived separately and again as a separate group.

#5- Nothing good ever comes from working in the shadows.

#5-again a personal view, forced to the readers,toward the LNG group. Misdirection

#6-Take the furious whisper campaign that erupted earlier this week over a 20-minute visit by Ms. Hooton to a university political science class.
The chatter,largely instigated by Dr.Doherty's supporters.

#6- Misrepresentation of the facts: the public could not believe there was nothing in the newspaper on this story.As it had already been reaching the public the previous evening through blogsites and radio by credible witnesses who in FACT where not just Liberal supporters the previous night.

The lunchtime crowd you speak of had been reacting to finding nothing in the paper after hearing from the Professor and the student in question on a local talk show the next morning.

The whispering that you speak of certainly was not whispering and most definitely was not for your reporters benefit.

Lastly on the whispering, It was awfully loud for whispering as it certainly sounded more like hollering to me.

Why did the Irving run flyer as they call it(Telegraph Journalnot confirm this story in the first place as this information had been out there from the previous day?

Could it be that it was purposely overlooked by this flyer,by favoring the Conservative candidate? or could they be protecting private interests with that party??

#7-Finally here are a few words or phrases I was surprised to find in the newspaper.

#7-Supposedly, not so tacitly, not-so-merry men, There was no outburst, and no real story, According to others-
(This one is my favorite).

So Regardless of how this story will be spun again and again I for one do not wish to be represented by a person with no control of her emotions or lack of proper knowledge of the next level of government as we have seen this can be of great losses to the City of Saint John based on the new common council and the misrepresentation of a misguided Deputy Mayor with a short fuse who can dish it out to those she is supposed to respectfully represent, but not take it back from that very group of concerned citizens when called to task.

Respectfully, Mr. Timothy Smith Saint John N.B.

P.S. I am no professional of any sort but I’m sure the Irving Family can certainly and easily be found by-est toward the City of Saint John, It’s People and representatives along with The Province of New Brunswick, It’s people and representatives by someone who can read into these things better than I can.

Independent thinker's group said...

Very interesting read,
We should not be forgetting the fact that Mrs.Weir's new job was created by none other than the Conservative Party at a cost of 125,000 dollars per year including a car allowance of another 20,000 dollars per year and suspicion also dictates the fact this is no more than a ploy to keep the ndp votes out of the way to allow for more votes to go to the rich corperate Conservative Party as well as the Rich Irving Empire and to silence the poor families of this riding for future interests of The Irving Empire.

Anonymous said...

Independent thinker you are so right.

Elizabeth Weir spent close to a million to study public auto insurance. We all know what happened to it.

Now energy conservation is not going to be any different. Elizabeth Weir has her $200,000.00 a year in salary and perks secured for another 10 years and that is all there is to it. Of course she will have staff and it will be few million tax dollars down the drain. Bernard Lord is screwing this province. We must realize that. He wants good relations with big business and just promote himself. Rest of us can go to hell he cares less.

Danny Sypher S.J. said...

Tim I read your comment and let me be the first to say you've done a great job! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Well done and please keep the facts rolling along because, we will getting so much from the news supporting Hooton and Lord that we will spinning. The have an agenda planned for another week, don't be bought; vote Dr. Doherty and no offense the other two candidates need to take a good long look at what is going on and once stand up and don't let PC get this sit join the Liberals and not split the vote. I know I am expecting alot but hopefully that would happen at some point, next time maybe.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Saturday's paper still have the spin for Hooton who has from the start played good cop bad cop; she never was truly against the deal but knew she could rescind and it would be referred and stop Ivan Court. He wanted get more information and again she has never wanted to revisit the deal. She gave her move on speech. She has had a plan all along to run for PC's before the Fixed Mayor and Deputy Mayor election. Yes she is very good at fooling some people. Don't fall for this; she has spent more time paving her path to Fredericton. When the truth is out it will all make sense. Give Hooton the Booton.