Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Yesterday, I was somewhere and an individual began telling my friend a story of the way he was evicted from a rooming House.

The guy is a big person. Taller than me and looks in real good shape.

I told him - Listen? Can you write? You can complain in the coffee shops, bars, to your friends and on the streets but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Take your butt and go at the Library and write your story.

He told me that he was going to contact the Irving Paper.

I told him that could take months and they never covered the issue of boarding rights!

I just received his story.


Here it is in his own words- Pretty sad…..This is the reason we need rights for boarders and roomers on in New Brunswick!!!

Here’s my story I was living on ??????
everything was fine until a couple of weeks ago.

This is how it started –

My friend was visiting me and my daughter then I asked
him to get my laundry because I didn't
want to leave my daughter so he did it and when he did
the caretaker of the building "Ron" came up stairs
behind my friend drunk.

He got to my door and immediately started yelling
while my daughter was in the room asking me if my
friend was a tenant?

I said no then he said he is not supposed to be in the
halls unless he is with me and I said that’s the first
I’ve heard of

He started yelling making my daughter scared so I
spoke up and said - Lower your voice now and he got
even more angry.

He told me I had to be out the next morning at 6am and
I told him he has to give me more notice than that?

He said wait and see and slammed the door then my
Started crying she is only 2 and a half it took me 15
to 20 minutes to calm her down
so I called the police and they went and talked to

He left me alone till the next day he came up and
handed me an eviction notice to be out
by the end of the month so I said ok.

He left then 2 days later my
friend was coming up to visit me and as soon as we got
to the top of the stairs he asked him for picture id
and I said no he is with me.

The care taker said BE OUT BY TOMMOROW AT 6AM and I
said you can't do that you already
gave me a notice to be out at the end of the month.

He said we will see after
that he never said anything to me so I just thought he
was mad and I still had till the end of the month so
the next day I went out to supper.

When I got home my locks were changed and all of my
stuff was in the hallway I just don't think it was
very fair.



Michael G. McKay said...

I would say that this is indeed another one for Human Rights Commission to undertake. I would also say that all concerned Citizens need to write to their MEMBER OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, (M.L.A.). The Lord Government is going to move on legislation to make the same laws for boarders and roomers to have the same rights under the law as those other tennants who are protected by the landlord and tennant act. I would suggest that the Government get moving on this legislation immediately, as in now.

Anonymous said...

Um, the government has already said it will amend the law. In case no one knows, the Legislature is not sitting. They can't amend the law when they're not sitting.

Anonymous said...

The need to write to your MLA's is VERY real. They are not sitting, but they still read their mail. There is only one final reading, people have to make sure it is passed right away, if another election is called it will die and tenants will still have no rights until after the next election-and who knows what would happen then.

"Get in now" is very simply, write to your MLA and ask whether they are going to vote for it, and tell them you want it read as soon as the House sits. THAT is NOW.

Michael G. McKay said...

I just thought I would add I just sent an email off to Mr. Brad Green concerning this most urgent issue of Boarder's and Roomer's rights under the Law. I will let charles know what the response, and he can put it on the site.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved son and all tennants rights can be protected.


Michael G. McKay.