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I am a Tennant in A rooming House Located in Dieppe, NB.

Shortly after giving the caretaker the rent for Aug,2006.

She proceeded to inform me that she had rented the room for the month of September, she at first told me it was on the account of my using someone’s dish soap and hand soap in the bathroom.

Later she came clean and said that she know’s I’m gay and there are tenentls that are not comfortable with me being here.

They are afraid they may get HIV.

I signed your petition and I will get my friends to do so also. I wish you luck in your endevour for both our sakes.

Sincerely, Chris

I am forwarding your message to Charles Leblanc who has been blogging this issue.

We won't use your real name, just the message if you don't mind.

You should contact your local MLA because a new Tenants Rights Act was passed in April of this year.

Whether it has come 'into effect' I don't know, but you can certainly try to 'bluff' your landlady into believing it has.

The bill is Bill 35, was given Royal Assent on April 13 of this year.

The NEW act reads:

Section 1 of The Residential Tenancies Act, chapter R-10.2 of the Acts of New Brunswick, 1975, is amended

a) by repealing the definition "premises" and substituting the following:

"premises" means premises used for residential purposes,
(a) and includes
(i) any house, dwelling, mobile home, apartment, flat, tenement or similar place that is occupied or may be occupied by an individual as a residence,
(iii) a room in a boarding house or lodging house,

You should also contact the local rentalsman, because under the act, the landlord must provide a notice of termination, and it must be presented to the rentalsman by the landlord.

Don't let them get away with this, as these are your rights now. Good luck. Charles blog is available at and we will post it and try to get some answers for you on the application of the new act.


Anonymous said...

It is not just gay people who can give or get HIV. I have a female friend who was dating a guy for almost 4 years. Just about 5months ago she had a woman tell her go get checked for HIV. Well she did and guess what? She came out positive for HIV and hep. Both of these people are straight. The guy did not tell her that he had either HIV or HEP. So people should not be prejiduce against GAY people. I know I am not, they are people and have feelings like everybody else.

Spinks said...

Prejudice is wrong but there are some facts which need to be consdiered. In the 12:32 story, I'd be curious. Was the guy bi-sexual, or a drug user? AIDS isn't like cancer in which it just appears. Despite the impression we're left by mass media, it is a preventable disease.

In North America, 60% of new cases involve gay men, 25% drug users and 15% heterosexuals. Unfortunatly those 15% with which your female friend undoubtedley falls into are likely the real victims because they're unknowing. I've said it here before and it bears repeating...anal sex is a riskier behaviour. Do as you will but as AIDS has proven, the risk of catching disease is higher.

Anonymous said...

Why North Americans have to put their di*k in every hole they can find. And then society has to legitimize it.

DPS said...

The letter was about rights not about the evils of anal sex. There are no Butts of any kind to be considered in this posting except whether or not you think a landlord has a legal right to evict this particular person. As you have repeated often spinks your position on Homosexuality are known in here so are you in fact saying that he should be able to be evicted? Is that your non-prejudicial position on this particular matter?

zerogrowth said...

If they arn't bitching about one thing ,its another.
If you want to help someone,help the productive Mothers,the backbone of civilization.A homo is a constant whiner.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the issue, and perhaps the soapbox preachers can use their own stump. Not only is this flagrant discrimination but may very well be illegal. The idea that if you live in a rooming house with a gay person means you might get AIDS is patently absurd. If that were the law, then boarding houses would be one big witchhunt. Forget AIDS, you are far more likely to catch tuberculosis, mengitis or another air borne infectious disease-that doesn't mean you kick out people who are sick.

As for sex, ANY sex is a risk. You can't know absolutely everything about the person you're doing it to or is doing it to you, so therefore nobody should ever have sex. Masturbation should be the only sex permitted by society. You might be married, but that doesn't mean anything, who knows what your significant other is up to. You might say you trust them, but so has just about every married/involved person.

So no sex for anybody! (and hey, it isn't just gay people doing anal sex, or have you never watched 'sex with sue')

There is a sure way to avoid AIDS. Don't have sex with somebody that has it. That goes for same sex or opposite sex. The odds are zero if you have sex with somebody that doesn't have AIDS that you will get it, whether its anal or otherwise.

But that's not really the issue here is it? It says a lot that most of the sentences are aimed at homosexuality, and not the fact that somebody was thrown out of their house for being that.

Check the human rights legislation, there is a reason that sexuality is one of the listed charter rights (added by a conservative government by the way).

This should NEVER be tolerated in our society, whether the person is gay or not. Let us know how this goes Charles, some of us aren't on a witchhunt.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Ok...ok..ok..stop it right there....we are not going to change this into a gay debate....I'm surprised that I posted the others.

The point in this blog is Roomers rights.

Stick to the issue.

Don't bother trying to write about this one.....lets stick to the issue....It is an important one....

Anonymous said...

Gay or not no one should share personal things to help prevent any spread of germs, viruses, diseases and especially something like aids that can't be cured.

Rules should apply to all people to not leave things in the wash room if someone else uses it. Common sense why leave your soap or toothpaste or toothbrush so someone else can clean the toilet with it. Hair brush could be used if left behind and some could have lice.

Anyways I know this can be deadly or sometimes a hugh health risk. Nothing should be left in a shared bathroom for all people to use.

Rooming houses need to be stricker with the rules. I personally would have to disinfect the tub, sink and toilet and wash the floor before I would use any community bathroom. I am not a clean freak just concerned about the germs I would get and not know what I dangers are there.

I personally have two children and I always wash and disinfect our bathroom. I also feel the same about kitchen counter, sink, table and any knobs you touch while preparing food.

Rules need to be there even for the lazy people who hate to clean!

Spinks said...

Not at all dps. I was commenting on the first anonymous comment. 6:29 is correct that you don't catch AIDS by shaking hands OR sharing a rooming house.

Why do people think you can? You can blame the mass media and most AIDS prevention groups for that. They constantly bombard us by at least inferring that AIDS affects everyone and anyone can get it. That's simply not so. It still far and away affects mostly gay men and drug users more than anyone else because of the risk-behaviour these two groups engage in. No one in that rooming house need fear AIDS unless their going to engage in sex or share needles with the guy.

Anonymous said...

All this homophobia aside, you have other avenues here as well.

The Human Rights Act does, and has for a while, prohibited denying anyone housing because of sexual orientation.

Now, whether or not you want to fight just to give rent money to someone so full of hate, that's your choice. But you can leave and still make a claim and even win a settlement against this landlord -- which may make the next person think twice.

Your local MLA should be able to help you. If he won't, try another one, maybe one of the progressives like Doherty or Lamrock.

mj said...

Well as usual, someone took the ball and ran with the wrong facts of your statment...Roomers rights,, We have a rentals man, who I might add get a hefty salary. so i think it is about time they started doing some work for the poor and disadvantaged to earn these bucks!!Too bad they dont have an email address so everyone could send them their thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

Aids should not be a concern so many more problems will happen when sharing a bathroom in any public washroom and the rooming houses are in the ball park!

Spinks said...

I was wondering how long it would take someone to throw out the word "homophobia". 10:11 took longer than I thought.

I don't think I have ever seen a conversation about gay issues take place in which anything, and I mean anything, which may question the homosexual lifestyle is not immediately called homophobic, which is pretty much code word for "shut up, your opinion means squat". The word doesn't make sense anyway since few people are actually "scared" of homosexuals. Most just disagree with it for a variety of reasons although granted a few of the commentators above could be a little more diplomatic.

Anonymous said...

Oh for goodnedd sake, take your mind out of the bedroom and into the rooming house. This individual is being kicked out for being Gay. If he was a visible minority and kicked out the controversy wouldn't be if he would make other people and ethnic minority so gay people aren't all infected with AIDS. Let's get rid of the drug users in rooming houses since they are a greater risk of having AIDS and of infecting you, leaving their dirty needles around or stealing from you for a fix. I'll take a gay guy any day over that cause even if he is infected, he's not gonna give anything to me by touching a door know. Buy some antibacterial soap and a pair of latex gloves if you are that paranoid. For goodness sakes, people with AIDS live among us every day and we talk to them, touch their money and use the same public facilities so what makes a rooming house any different. Jeeze, what a bunch of bigots. get in your SUV's and drive to your suburbia. Like married peopel out there don't have affairs (both hetero and homo).

DPS said...

You have to admit it though spinks it took them a lot longer to say that nasty word than it took you give your little speech.

Anonymous said...

Look it is time to put the issue of gay aside. This not the problem. I'm not saying you all have to agree with different life styles but you should respect people. Sorry some people don't try to understand the real issues.

Me said...

I think a landlord has the right, to kick anybody out of an apartment, or a rooming house for ANY REASON !

I do.

Spinks said...

Call it a preemptive strike DPS.
Frankly, I like what 10:11 said the best. Well put.