Sunday, August 13, 2006


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downwithcfbc said...

god I certainly hope not.

Anonymous said...

They come on the air usually after the kids are in school but things could be advanced a week I'm sure.

Some do not want to hear what people are really thinking or think they have all the knowledge and answers.

Good Luck CFBC no harm with an open show!

Sorry Premier Lord but we do have to mention what has gone on for eights years and yes don't forget the high insurance rates for all when the compamy is making millions or billions; a few dollars back doesnot mean the price came down especially since we all pay hundreds of dollars more.

What about you a Lawyer have a deal that cost us billions with the Orimulsion Fiasco.

There are so many but just one more - when you passed a bill to change the law toallow Billionaires to get a tax break. Saint John people have to pay their bills so to help your friends back door us is really the last straw.

We all want businesses to do well but this only helped the Billionaires and hurt the tax payers of NBers'.

Oh yes there are people out there who still don't know what the LNG pipeline will do to their backyard or piece of property.

They are not going in my backyard but we don't want them throughout our whole city. Go out to the Bay and straight to the states.. Oh know Irving wants all stops at his businesses first and later it will be easier to access all the gas he wants and why not let them call this city Irvingville since they are the only ones who get the land, the woods, the water and so many consessions that not much will remain for average people who want a piece of the tax dollars too and little money to pay bills.

The price of gas here when times were good were always higher so don't expect any better. We should receive dividends because we have all the health risks but no don't let people know that because it would cost them and Billionaires need the money more.

Since we have regulation on gas all it has meant is after two weeks at high prices it goes up at least two cents higher great deal for business; screw the people.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of talk shows what ever happen to Fredericton having a talk show??

It used to be on 'cfnb' from 10am to 12noon because you could always catch the second hour in fredtown when the Saint John talk show would end.

I'm not as sure of my memories from way back but I think Mr.Woodside used to fill in once in awhile for the regular host,

Does anyone else remember those days of old??

Anonymous said...

CFBC needs to get off the AM and on the FM or satellite.