Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Saint John Police Force - The final report of the inquiry is in but....

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An officer from the Saint John Police Force came over my room this morning and handed me this letter.

He was very nice and pleasant.

But I wasn’t too pleased by the final results because there’s way too many unanswered questions concerning my arrest and trial.

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I quickly went over the New Brunswick Police Commission and told them I wasn’t amused.

My lawyer told me not to blog these issues so I won’t.


Harold Doherty < Iron Horse > is a master in keeping this Pittbull in place . . . lol

Stay tuned

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Anonymous said...

Take a good look at thier Oath of Office they are there to protect the Crown 1st thier Heirs and Succesors 2nd then the laws of the province and country 3rd

You shure are not the Crown or a Successor so when it comes to you remember the 1st part of thier oath and forget about the rest, the 3rd part you will have to fight them to make them do that part if can get past THIER Lawyers and Courts.
Remember they got caught doing something they normally would do its just they got caught on camera doing it otherwise they would just laugh at you while they would be throwing you in jail or pushing you out the door! They are trained by the government for thier purpose not yours.