Thursday, March 15, 2007


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I’ve been asking this question lately.

Are cops religious?

Once a tragedy such as what happen in St.Stephen yesterday?

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The Police are the first one on the scene. Let it be a tragic accident on the highway or a murder spree in a House.


They must asked themselves- Can there truly be a God? Why would God allow this?

Yes, I often wondered if the majortiy of the Police Forces are religious?


Just Passing said...

Probably as religious as bloggers are truthful.

Spinks said...

Same as the rest of the population. Some believe in God, some don't.

This story though is a really weird one. Charged with failing to give the necessities of childbirth but not murder? What kind of weird charge is that? We'll wait for the trial I guess but I suspect the baby was maybe killed somehow in the womb or on arrival (?!?) given the strange charge. If that's the case I suppose its impossible to lay a murder charge or the Police would be down at the Morgentaler Abortuary every Tuesday laying murder charges. Weird case.

Bow wow said...

You can't reproduce tv newscast images without consent from the network. It's illegal.

Anonymous said...

Go play in traffic poster.