Saturday, March 31, 2007

Do you wish to sign a petition against the ATV'S Bill?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Charles for posting this all most of us would like is proper size bike supervision and training but the way they want is the only place a kid under 14 can drive is on the race track. with the new rule my son can't even drive his little 50cc bike in my back yard. How much more dangerous is a small dirt bike supervised then a kid skiing, driving his bike on the road or even hockey. when ever he is on the dirt bike he wears a helmet, mx boots, mx pants, chests protector and mx gloves. To see more go to

Thanks Again Charles

Anonymous said...

Charlies, any parent that is that stupid to under stand the bill that is being passed don't deserve to have children not only let them ride these bikes. some need to see their children get mamed or killed to understand the dangers.

Anonymous said...

Charles - it is ridiculous for ATV-enthusiasts to suggest that government is causing their kids to be less physically active. Driving a motorized vehicle like an ATV does not constitute physical activity or exercise. These kids are just as likely to be as obese as those who sit in front of the computer all day. Buy the kids a real bike.

Anonymous said...

fart boxes at tracks, oh great more noise.

notme said...

well well did you guys all forget that you were once young and driving maybe not 4 wheelers but old cars or whatever in the field ... and no one ever demanded a law on it ...

also yes some kids were killed by those stunts also back then
what i think is that this generation of adults is killing freedom for everyone ..

wake and stop making or demanding for foolish laws