Thursday, May 10, 2007


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Now? I'm an open minded individual. If the Pro Choice people wish to sit down with me for an interview or debate on the issue? Just send me an email.

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Spinks said...

Do the "escorts" really say that the protestors are "crazy and lunatics" in front of the people protesting? I was of the understanding that the escorts were non-confrontational and didn't say anything.

Now my next question is for those against abortion (myself being one). Has talking to a woman going in to get an abortion ever worked and had her have a second thought. If so, I suppose I understand the strategy. I would hope the pro-abortionists would also respect the choice of a women to opt out of an abortion even if it was at the last minute.

Still, while it's important to hold the protests and have a vigil, I don't see the point of yelling at anyone if that happens. I've never known anger or yelling to be very effective at changing someone's mind. Hopefully there can be more strategies to eliminate the need for abortion at all (easier access to adoption, assistance to help young mothers/fathers, etc.). That would seem to be better than dismembering babies in the womb, no?

Anonymous said...

Just because "pro-lifers" are anti-abortion does not mean that we are pro-abortion, I would never say that, I just think if a womyn needs to she should have the choice. Also it is a very difficult choice and these wimmin do know what they are doing and have thought long about this, its the anti-choice lies (altered photos -- I have compared them to medical pictures -- and religious bs) that causes them to feel guilty as they are heading into the clinic. No womyn should be harassed a few minutes before, or ever really. Final point, if your against abortions, just don't have one!

The Pedgehog said...

Spinks, as far as I can tell, they never change anyone's mind. Although some women have come to the clinic and been too scared to go in because of the protesters. So maybe that counts as a "baby" saved. I really don't think that fear is a very good way to save "babies" though. But that's just me.

By "pro-abortion" I assume you mean "pro-choice". I just want you to know that abortions are not really what we would consider the perfect solution. We just want women to have a choice.

And yes, we do respect a woman's choice. Believe it or not, we have a very qualified and compassionate counsellor on staff and EVERY patient is required to see her ALONE, before their abortion. They go over a consent form together and the patient is always asked directly, more than once, if she is sure. We are not grabbing people off the street and performing abortions on them. I personally think abortions are very sad and it must be horrible to be in a position where that would be the best choice. But I don't begrudge a woman her right to make that choice.

Charles, if you ever want to interview me, I am up for it (although I probably wouldn't do very well in a French interview!). I am working inside this coming week but from May 23rd on I will be escorting all morning, every week. I would love to chat. :)