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On July 24, a woman from the Telegraph Journal came
over to take a picture while I was chatting with two

She wanted to take a picture of me and the youths. They were excited to be in the paper.

This bought me memories from my childhood.

I remember there was a house burning in Saint Joseph < Memramcook > and Adrien Cormier was a photographer for the French paper –L’Evangeline. He took a picture of the building
burning and I was standing in front of the house.

The next morning, you could see me and a buddy - Elmer
Wade in the picture. < I might add that it was on the
front page >

I always enjoyed seeing myself in the papers.

Was that the reason that I rode a ten speed bicycle across Canada and the U.S.A. 25 years ago?

Who truly knows?

After the woman took a picture, I told the kids not to be over excited because they might not be in the papers?

Guess what? I was 100% correct because the story was denied
by the Irvings and never printed.

Why is that now?

You try to figure out?…

On July 29, the Daily
Gleaner had a huge half page story in their paper
about a guy who lost his graduation ring twice and
found it again on both occasions. I am very sorry;But wouldn’t a tent camp out in front of the Legislature
for over one month be more interesting for the readers
in the Fredericton area?

Once again, I cannot make
these stories up about the Irving intervening in the news making in this Province but it sure look this

Many citizens are asking me the reason that the newspapers will not cover my story?

I always answer the same way.

I had copies of a few columns from the River Valley News so they could understand more about
my protest and I always told the public that the Irvings don’t own the River Valley News and I often
wonder the reason that these Billionaires never bother
to buy this little paper?

I believe that I know the

If the Irvings bought the paper? I would be let go and I might add that I am not paid for my
columns but Diane is really nice to me.

She did gave me a few bucks during my protest to help me and I really appreciated her nice gesture.

Diane allows me to write
on any issue that I wish.

I know for a fact that the Irvings do read my columns because I
wrote a column once titled - The good, the bad and the

I wrote that J.K. Irving told me at the shipyard that smoking was bad for my sex drive.

Weeks later, J.K. asked me if I still smoke?

The River Valley News
might be just a bi-weekly paper but many citizens do read it!

How many citizens reads my columns? I wouldn’t have a clue but I did hear many good
comments about my columns from the citizens in the Gagetown

On July 29, it was a very busy day at the Legislature, many visitors showed up to witness their
newly elected official sworn in the House.

The guests were high class citizens and they looked at me with a strange face.

I’m used to this approach because
it’s not everyday that you see a tent stationed in front of
the Legislature but little did anyone knew?

They would come face to face with a stranger individual than this
outspoken Protester.

The Lt.-Gov. Marilyn Trenholme showed up at 10:am sharp with her fancy vehicle.

I seen her royal highness in the past and I did hear some stories about her.

I was told that she demanded
silent at the Governor House but I also heard that she’s a fine person.

Of course, When you’re a high
up representative like her?

You’ll hear all kinds of stories.

Trust me, I’m certain that there’s all kind
of stories about this protester and maybe this is the
reason that the Government is ignoring me.

While the Lieutenant Governor was inside the house.

I was looking over her new vehicle.

You wouldn’t believe
the security personal around her.

Someone asked me why was
I so close to the vehicle? I notice that one of her body guard walked by and I said - I want to asked her Royal Highness about a apology for what happened to us
Acadians in 1755???

The security guy who walked passed
me and once he heard what I said?

He quickly made a 180 degree about face turn towards me.

I told the guy with the heavy sunglasses- Just kidding.... just kidding,
......just kidding....

Shhhh....they can’t even take a joke!

I must admit that I’m not a fan of the Queen but the
Lieutenant Governor did play her roll good.

She’s pleasant!

At the end of July 1st, I was getting tired of protesting but I had to continue the battle.

I missed my girl Pat but not the problems
that she had with her son. Pat is a nice girl and has a beautiful heart and I might add that it wasn’t a healthy three years relationship.

She had a son 21 years old and
he was on Dilaudid.

These pain Killers are a terrible
drug and I did hear many stories that kids were force on Ritalin at a young age and once they’re older- They turn to Dilaudid.
One of the major reason that I left
Saint John was because of the drug problem around me.

Often I would turn to violence towards this kid and I had no patience whatsoever.

If I would have stayed in
Saint John, I would have landed in Jail.

My cousin Husband was injured on the job and he got hooked
on these pills.

My cousin and I often wondered - What’s
wrong with us anyway? We love our beers but not the heavy drugs.

If years ago, one of us would have told the other that Dilaudid would play a huge role in our

We would have said that the other was nuts!

We badly need a Methadone clinic in Saint John because
the drugs are killing the City big times and the Government don’t seem to care.

I was relaxed in my tent
and it was the first time in a long while that my mind was at ease.

There was a major drug problem in my surrounding and I wanted no part of it.

I couldn’t find work because that kid would wake us up in the
early morning.

She couldn’t find work because he
would show up at work and get her fired!

It’s not a life and I’m glad that I was away from it!

You want to smoke a

Go ahead but the heavy drug scene is a disaster just waiting for something to happen!

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