Tuesday, May 01, 2007


When I first heard about this issue?

I believe it was just a spoil brat or an immigrant being stubborn. < As in Quebec >

Other people talked about the issue but I wasn’t interested until today!!!

This afternoon, I was approached by a couple of people and I was told the grade 9th student was a Micmac!!!


I asked the question over five time MICMAC???? ARE YOU SURE???

I guess the kid is a Micmac and who can blame him??

The Native population has been discriminated against for the last 400 years and I’m certain that kid knows this.


I always admire a person who stands up for their rights.

The same goes when you pass your bar exam to be a lawyer.

You have to swear alliance to the Queen.

Why would an Acadian follow such a foolish action?

Take a close look what the British did to our culture in 1755? The British never apologize for their awful actions.

Once I’m in an area and the song- God Save the Queen plays? I don’t pay attention to it and just walk around.

The Natives were force to put their kids in the so called - White Man School.

I heard these stories on many occasions during my six months protest in front of the Legislature.


The Native mind is a constructive one. They are not meant to sit down in the classroom.

T.J. Burke must be going nuts sitting in the Chambers of the Legislature. He's forced to listen to all the BS around him.


Therefore, they forced these kids on Ritalin.

Seriously? If I was a Native? I would never stand up and sing our National Anthem!


The way they have been treated during these last few centuries? Who can blame them???

I congratulate the young Indian kid for standing up for his belief!

O Canada! Our home and native land!

This doesn’t include the Natives!!!!

Look at the Kelowna accord???

This blogger rests its case!!!!


Spinks said...

I disagree Charles. Why can't Canada include natives? This young man is as Canadian as you and I. Why does he not feel Canadian may be worth asking but not every aboriginal person hates Canada. In a publicly funded school, I don't see the big deal in asking students to stand during the national anthem. Students get asked to do all kinds of things they don't like. Given the outcry from the other students (they showed their support today by wearing red and white), there's hardly a consensus on opting out of Canada.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of the boys freedom, in the charter of rights you have freedom of conscious which allows you the right to not stand during the anthem.

I don't think anyone should have to stand who does not want to for political, religious, ethnic or no reason at all.

Anonymous said...

Thats the point about individual rights, they are HIS rights. As Spinks says, he does not speak for all natives, he speaks for himself and acts for himself. To say that he MUST do as others do is the very definition of totalitarianism. It is the antithesis of what Canada is supposed to be.

It makes no difference whether every person in Canada disagrees with him, just like it makes no difference whether you like the Queen or not. Charles is allowed his rights, this boy is allowed his.

I"m more worried about the canadians who took it upon themselves to cowardly gang up on this boy and beat him up and you can go to the facebook site and read even more disgusting remarks. That gives even more credence to why natives wouldn't want to stand for canada's national anthem, just look at how canadians behave. Bragging about how free the country is unless people dare exercise their freedom. That's the most bizarre notion of freedom I"ve ever seen.

However, because a small group whines loudly hardly means anything. They are wearing red and white to support the teacher, that's all.

just fr said...

Since 1993 lawyers in NB no longer have to swear allegiance to the Queen.

Spinks said...

I'll go one further with your example of TJ Burker Charles. I'm betting that he's proud to be Canadian AND proud of his native heritage. It's possible to be both.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Maybe T.J can leave a comment in this blog?

Think he will Spinks???


Anonymous said...

Gee, a politician? Oh I'll bet he says he despises Canada and everything it stands for! Who cares? There are plenty of natives who will stand for O Canada, and now one that won't. Not every native takes part in protests too, that doesn't mean people don't have the right to protest.

boohoo said...

1755 ?
The french and british were at war and the french lost.
Be thankful it wasn't someone who wouldn't put up with 300 year old whiners.
Everything the french have now is because of the british empire.
Thems the facts.

Snow said...

Well done and well said Charles. I agree 100% with the student who did this, given his circumstances.

Anonymous said...

You're saying Louis Robichaud was a representative of the british empire? I think you've got your history a little backwards.

Check it out said...

So you think the British are the reason that the French have anything. I disagree and would say a big Thank You to the Natives of that day for helping the Acadians survive. I also think that DNA could now prove who is Native and who is not because the Acadians from New Brunswick look nothing like the Cajuns from Louisianna.

nonamepremiers said...

And you think whoever robichaud represented cuba?whatever it is he was susposed to have done.It was KC Irving and Harrison@ Wallace McCain who built NB.NB kept going forward even in Hatfield or mckenna times,as did all provinces.It called Transfer payments.
AND if the Indians had not died off from disease,massively,the Indians would of killed every french or english.Thats the HISTORY.So start thanking the British instead of the stupid whining.

ahhooahoo said...

Yes,thats 40,000 more than the french!!apoligize,apoligize

1775-83 – Fifty thousand Loyalists flee the American Revolution in the lower Thirteen Colonies and resettle in British controlled Nova Scotia (now Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) and Canada (now Ontario and Quebec). As British sympathizers, many had their property and possessions expropriated by the new American government and faced persecution from their former neighbours. The hardship experienced by these early Canadian settlers as a result of their ordeal would later help mold Canada’s national psyche and assist in perpetuating the monarchy as an institution for over two centuries.

Anonymous said...

As a Native woman who lives in NB, I think all you non-natives need to be educated. You thank the English for the diseased blankets, you thank the French for almost starving to death, but you neglect to thank the Natives.
If you knew our history maybe you might think differently, maybe you would be less ignorant. But then thats why you have to be educated.
You can thank everyone you wish, I thank that Micmac Student for standing up for who he is, and I agree with Charles when quoting the national anthem.
Do you think we thank the government and the churches in Canada for cultural genocide, for trying to eliminate a race of people, for outlawing our traditions, cultural ways and spirituality, or for our language loss???? I can tell you no, I know I don't thank Canada, and I stand in the odd protest and I believe in fighting for what is right. Do you think we thank the government and churches for the intergenerational impacts on the individual, families, and communities?
It's one thing for people to post their opinions for all to see, but it would be great if atleast the opinion is an educated one.