Friday, June 29, 2007


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Do the press & MLA's know that clowns are not welcome.

The man is a United Church Minister and presume the clown part was a peaceful way to attrach attention.

Can't understand why this is not a news story?


Just Passing said...

Of course it's not the "clown" that was escorted off the property but the man. The fact that he is a minister is also irrelevant and has no bearing on how he was treated.
To the question "why this is not a news story" simply put, it's not news. Individuals protest often at and around the legislature. They have their own reasons that they may or may not care to share. Does he even want media coverage? Some like Charles do everything they can to get media attention (sometimes successfully, sometimes not)..but many others just feel for what ever reason it's something they must do. Now Charles claimed some time back that he was protesting because he was banned from the legislature. That may be all there is to it but if you must presume something, why not presume that the clown has his own reasons and isn't interested in the publicity

Anonymous said...

Leblanc harasses people on the Fredericton streets. I can understand why he was banned from the legislature. I am hoping that he will be banned from Fredericton streets too. People do not deserve this pest and all the nuisance he causes.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine any protestor not wanting publicity. Otherwise why bother. No protest of one person or one small group is going to make a difference.