Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Brunswick Legislature Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres a Fascist??? You tell me???

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Lately, I don’t feel like writing.

I’m not the only blogger who feels this way.

Spinks and other bloggers have packed it in for the summer months.


The issue of the ban from the Legislature is a very important case.

I’m surprise that only CBC covered the presentation of the Petition.

New Brunswickers should be educated of the going ons within the Legislature. I might send a letter to the editor on this one. < Just to see if they’ll print it? >

Just last week, I had a show down on the street with many bureaucrats and politicians.

The main reason that I was banned from the Legislature was the issue and it got nasty.

So bad that some workers ran out of the Premier’s Office to stop a confrontation between myself and Stuart Jamieson.

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It was ugly and I still will not go public with the main reason that Kelly Lamrock told me that I was banned.

It’s dirty, filthy and emotional.

I’m waiting for a meeting with Lamrock and we’ll take it from there.


It had to be an emotional case if people are upset with me threaten them to go public with the issue.

I’m going to blog stories that happened to me by the Quebec Security Staff.

I collected a petition of 1,000 signatures and I might add it could have easily been 10,000 but Dan Bussieres and the Quebec Security Staff are holding firm.


So why would I call Dan Bussieres a fascist?

A couple of months before the ban, I was approached by this guy -


He shouted at me in front of two reporters.


He would take my camera and break it across my F@cking face!!!

I quickly shouted back- Violence inside the Legislature???? You must have been sent by the Quebec Security Staff?

Now, the question arise?

Did Dan Bussieres send this guy to do me great harm?

If he did? This is not the way a Sergeant At Arms should act.

New Brunswickers are a passive group < too often at times!!! > and we don’t need FLQ style of violence in New Brunswick.


There’s another reason that I will call Dan Bussieres a fascist.


To convict someone without letting the individual to have access to the evidence is pure fascism!!!


They use that style in old Germany and shouldn’t occur in the year of 2007 in this Province.

Stay tuned for many new stories.

P.S. Don’t bother posting very nasty comments because they will be denied.

Lately, I have been suffering from a case of Irvingism!!!!


CJ said...

Interesting story but it is still the same old "its dirty and emotional" or "stay tuned".

I still think you are way out of line, rude and ignorant and I still support your ban.

Post this or not I don't care I am just telling you what I think. Until you come out and tell your readers the reason I will support the ban.

I still think that you don't know the real reason because if you would have told your readers by now. You say that you will tell people if they ask you on the street. Well what is the difference between here in your blog or the street?

Anonymous said...

Well Charles, I have taken a break from your blog for awhile now but came back to check things out today.

Now I remember why I stopped coming. You could have a great thing going here but you refuse to take listen to any suggestions of your readers.

The most enjoyable parts of your blogs now are the "comments" when you decide to print them.

You always bitch about Irving and Rogers for not allowing people to voice their concerns or issues but here you are doing the same thing but not even realizing that you are a hypocrite.

When they do it its bad but when you do it you have your reasons.

I opened this page to the same things I seen on here the last time I checked calling Dan B (I can never remember how to spell his name) same ol same ol.

Maybe I'll check back in with you Charles in another few months so I can get my fill of Dan pics.

Anonymous said...

'New Brunswickers should be educated.." Actually first you should educate yourself. You are rude and ignorant.

Nothing new in your post. Same old, same old. Spill the beans or shut the hell up. Stop using excuses.

I am hoping your ban from the city streets. You are harassing people. It will happen. It is in the works - truly stay tuned.

Dan B. should have broken your camera on your f&%#*&$ face. That is the tool of harassment you are using on the city streets.

Anonymous said...

"Dan B. is a fascist" you say. Do the terms "liable and slander" ring bells to you. You cannot insult and name call people just because you are a "BLOGGER". Holay nasty person. I used to think you had a point, now I see your only point is to complain.

Anonymous said...

For someone with ADHD you sure stay on the same subjects over and over and over.

Anonymous said...

Next time you take someone's picture without their permission and knowledge look around carefully. Look on your left, your right and behind. It will be a trap to remove the camera from you legally. You have harassed and stalked people long enough. Pay back time.

Stay tuned.

Charles LeBlanc said...

To my dear loving cowards who leaves nasty comments.

I'm sorry but swearing is not allowed in this blog.

I could allow swearing but I don't believe it would be good for the blog.

I know the people who always leaves comments after I blogged an issue. Come on people GET A LIFE!!!

I know who these people are because you always leave a fingerprint on the information Highway.

Go outside for a walk......If you hate me so much? Why read this blog???

Down the U.S. and Canada Bloggers have been haul in court on many occasions and I guess that my time will come. < again >

I'm a strong believer of freedom but to convict someone without he or she have access to the evidence is pure fascist.

I have a record on my file that I was banned from the Legislature and I will fight this till the end of time.

Allowing people to convict individual without forwarding the evidence is pure Fascist!!!

In the past, a person who Google Dan Bussieres or the New brunswick Legislature in image. There was a short history on the web but these days my blogs shows up.

The whole world must know what's going on in this Province.

I tried to give an Olive to te Quebec Security Staff but to no success.

I understad that I will never be allowed inside the Legislature but I will continue to fight for freedom.

Did you know that te Legislature spent thousans so they can mentally and sexually Harrash the people at the Leg?

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

"I know who these people are because you always leave a fingerprint on the information Highway.."

Only footprint they are leaving is that you are a lunatic and hazardous to general public on city streets but you do not get it. So watch out you will be banned.

Truly stay tune.

Anonymous said...

Why do you even put those idiots coments anyway?
If they only want to insult you then dont post there coments.
There only looking for attention.

stay tuned!

-maurice the homeless guy-

Anonymous said...

If people wanted attention, they'd post their names, so that's obviously not a reason for people to post negative comments.

Mark LeBlanc said...

Charles as must as I enjoy reading your blog and the points that you make I must admit that I am a little confused on this one and the whole reasoning behind your ban from the legislature. Why not just tell everyone why you were banned and then we can really see if there was a valid reason or not. The security dept says that you are intimadating to staff is this true? Do you harass staff? I mean if this is the case then perhaps maybe the ban is a good thing. If you don't and there is another reason why there is a ban I would like to know. Could you fill me in with more details? I am curious to know what is going on. Thanks!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey Mark? Send me a private email at

and I'll tell ya the main reason that I'm banned. Maybe you'll understand why I will not yet go public with the issue.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I sent the email and like everyone else? Mark shook his head in disbelief!!!

Srat tuned...