Thursday, August 30, 2007


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Hey Charles,

I just got home from Moncton, but we were out lastnight at the O2 (Oxygen Bar on Main st.), right now Main St. is closed all weekend for a street party and this is the bouncer's n security staff arresting a drunk till the police showed up, after i took the first pic, they sent the guy in the white shirt to stand in front of me, so i moved to the side of him and continue to play...... but my battery died in my camera.
Was told today by an RCMPolice officer (who's a friend of mine and was watching too from the street n watching they didnt come after me) that if it was not for the picture i took they probably would have beat the crap out of him....


Anonymous said...

Well if he asked for it he got what he asked for.
The bouncers job is to get him out as fast as they can so no one else gets hurt inside the club.
Half of the bouncers are on a power trip and love to fight.
If you want to fight then they will be glad to fight with you. And you will probably lose.

- maurice the homeless guy -

Anonymous said...

Well yes that's true, if you are causing problems inside the bar yes - it's their job to take you outside. And yes once people get some alcohol in them they tend to grow balls, excuse the expression.
But he was outside on the street, yes he was drunk and being annoying, but when you stop to think about it - does a person - any person deserve to be beat by a group of people. There have been many cases of people getting jumped and beat by bouncers at bars yes. But wouldnt that also fall in as going to the extreme, this guy was drunk, but by no means did they need to hurt him or be as rough with him. Maybe my friend was right the only thing that saved that guy lastnight from getting beaten unfairly was the fact that I took the picture, and it's thats the case then Im glad I took it, and I'd do it again.
And for them to think that they can stop me from taking a picture, well last I knew I make up my own choices and accept the consequences either way - good/bad or positive/negative, It's my choice.
There is enough violence and anger within the city that gang beatings or group beatings are becoming - what acceptable? What happened to a good ol' one on one fair fight? Just think they used to say safety in numbers, well I guess that could go either way.

Anonymous said...

175. (1) Every one who
(a) not being in a dwelling-house, causes a disturbance in or near a public place,
(i) by fighting, screaming, shouting, swearing, singing or using insulting or obscene language,
(ii) by being drunk, or
(iii) by impeding or molesting other persons,
(b) openly exposes or exhibits an indecent exhibition in a public place,
(c) loiters in a public place and in any way obstructs persons who are in that place, or
Arrest without warrant by any person

494. (1) Any one may arrest without warrant
(a) a person whom he finds committing an indictable offence; or
(b) a person who, on reasonable grounds, he believes
(i) has committed a criminal offence, and
(ii) is escaping from and freshly pursued by persons who have lawful authority to arrest that person.

What or whom gives bouncers the right to arrest a person for being drunk on a public street. The act of being drunk is a summary conviction and the power of arrest by a bouncer would be legal if it were an indictable offence.