Monday, August 27, 2007

Liar Tanker Malley in Fredericton and still eating????

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Anonymous said...

Is that a belt buckle, or did he stuff another chocolate bar in his pants??

Anonymous said...

For someone who likes to think of himself as a journalist... you might want to look up the definition of the word libel because your headline cross that line.

Charles LeBlanc said...

This was a big lie from Liar Tanker Malley!!!

Speaker defends banning blogger from legislature
Last Updated: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 | 9:55 AM AT
CBC News
The Speaker of the New Brunswick legislature is defending a decision to ban an activist and blogger from the grounds and the building.

Michael "Tanker" Malley says Charles LeBlanc had been harassing employees and visitors at the legislature.

"As an employer, the legislative assembly of New Brunswick is committed to providing a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity," Malley said. "It is the employer's responsibility under harassment and workplace policy to prevent and eliminate harassment in the workplace."

LeBlanc is a well-known activist against the prescribing of Ritalin to children. He maintains a website where he describes his efforts to lobby politicians regarding Ritalin and other causes.

LeBlanc believes the ban, issued on June 19, is an attempt to silence his criticisms of the government. "This is a big step backwards toward a democratic system," he said.

FROM JUNE 20, 2006: Blogger banned from legislature grounds
He's one of only a handful of people banned from the legislature grounds, which are open to the public. Anybody can visit the legislature, eat in the cafeteria and use the library and its computers.

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LeBlanc has used that access to question politicians about his causes and to write about it on his website.

The ban forbids him from walking on legislative property including the building, other legislature offices, the lawn and even nearby sidewalks.

A written notice accuses LeBlanc of harassment and disrespectful behaviour towards legislature staff and the public.

The ban was approved by a secret committee of Tory and Liberal MLAs that administers the legislature.

Saint John Liberal Abel LeBlanc doesn't sit on the committee and disagrees with the ban. "Charlie LeBlanc has been an outstanding guy as far as I'm concerned. He's the voice of a lot of people that are listening to him."

But Malley says LeBlanc's behaviour went too far, though he wouldn't be specific about what he did to deserve the ban. "The individual concerned was warned a number of times and was given ample opportunities to refrain from harassing personnel and guests. This and to no avail."

Anonymous said...

So how does that make him a liar?
I still dont' get it.
Tanker did not lie. Simple.
3:12pm makes a very valid point

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Tanker Malley but he did the right thing when he banned you from the legislature. You were a menace there both to staff and visitors.

Moreover, Mr. Malley is no longer public figure and you're violating his privacy rights by taking his picture without his permission. Now you are harassing people on the streets.

Just Passing said...

So, were is the lie?

Charles LeBlanc said...

This is the lie -

"The individual concerned was warned a number of times and was given ample opportunities to refrain from harassing personnel and guests. This and to no avail

I have never been warn about this issue. NOT ONCE!!!

As for being a private citizen???

Well? For those people who truly knows moi? Once you cross me?? There's no turning back!!!

I believe this is the Scottish blood in my body!!!!


Anonymous said...

Why do I get a strange feeling all of the stuff you say in your blog will end up being used against you in court?

Anonymous said...

Get off the Scottish bull. No one gives a hoot.

Go back to your own blogs before ban and you admitted again and again that you were told that you were a security risk and that was the reason you could not keep the job there. What more warning you needed? You lie through your teeth. There were plenty of warnings.

You have been told numerous times that you are harassing people on the streets and you take people's pictures without their permission. Have you listend to any of those warning? NO. You are smart as a door knob. Nothing sinks in.

Just Passing said...

"For those people who truly knows moi? Once you cross me?? There's no turning back!!!"...What do you mean by that Charles? Are you saying that you feel free to do anything you want when you think you have been crossed? Surely your not advocating breaking the law though are you? Or is your anger actually just limited to taking pictures at a distance and insults printed in the relative safety of your blog?

Charles LeBlanc said...

It's a known fact that bloggers ends up in court.

It happens all the time!!!

I will not be surprise if I'm serve court papers.

The Irvings would love to get me in court and it's going to happen.

It's just a matter of time but one thing is certain!!!

I always speak the truth in this blog so let them bring me in court.

That's right??? I never blogged the issue of spending 100,000 so the Quebec Security staff can menatl or sexually harrash their employees....

Anonymous said...

Get through your head. You do harass people. I believe in the reasons legislature gave you and more. You are rude, ignorant and insulting. You take liberties with people and your behaviour is totally inappropriate. What part of it you do not understand?

Just Passing said...

You speak your mind Charles, that I will grant you. But that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the truth. Better be careful its not the police or the courts that will be your undoing, its your pride. Perhaps your Priest friend should have cautioned you more about that fall.

violentmonkey said...

I think this headline was a little rude. I know Tanker. He's a fellow Miramichi'er, and a close member of my best friend's family. The guy is nice.