Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now I know why Andrew MacKinnon wanted this blog shut down!!!!

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It's no big secret but the Irvings are in the blogging business and that’s a good way for us real bloggers to promote this new style of journalism to the rest of the Province.

Andrew MacKinnon left a nasty comment a few weeks ago and I might add that I caught him leaving an anonymous view on my site.

I didn’t know who he was but I found out that he runs the Irving’s blogs!!!

I think it’s funny that someone who runs a blog leaves nasty comments in other blogs???

Oh well….I really wasn’t too impress with their bloggers but then again some readers don’t like my style.

I might follow their style that you have to write your real name after you leave a comment.

The Irvings want all that information??? Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!

I would love to see an Anti-Irving Blog in there but that will never happen.

Only praising Irvings blogs will be accepted!!!

You must love the Irving way in this province.



Anonymous said...

"..some readers don’t like my style." That is some exaggeration. Is there anyone who likes your bull?

Anonymous said...

we all do, why do you visit then...

Anonymous said...

I hate that picture so bad. it is vulgar and sickening. Find something else to show whenyou insult the Irving's not your a$#.
To think I just ate - ewww.

Just Passing said...

You say your not all that impressed with the Irving blog yet say you "might follow their style that you have to write your real name after you leave a comment". Perhaps your not all that different than the Irving's after all. So go for it Charles. Don't post anything that doesn't have a real name...How you would know it was a "real name" anyway without a whole lot of other information..(just like the Irving's)..That will teach all those leaving nasty comments a thing or too....Mind you a quick look back through your postings show that were it not for the constructive criticisms from those you now call your "enemies" the silence in here would be quite deafening....and we all know you like attention far too much to allow that to happen now don't we Charles.

Charles LeBlanc said...

This will never happen's bad enough that I control the comments...

Can you imagine the bed language if I didn't moderate the views?

I understand I can't a person to reveil their names because they would be out of a job.

It took years for the Irvings to remove those anonymous letter to the editor.

I was the main force behind this verdict because the cowards would write nasty letters to the ditor against a certain culture in this Province.

I understand that a blog is nothing without the comments but then again 98% of the people reads the blog don't leave comments....

Charles LeBlanc said...

P.S. The picture is my trademark and it's history!!!

Once I posted the picture on my blog? The Irvings got rid of the Rock!!!

It gave other people some\

Of course I could only use the picture of Hitler and the rock????

Just Passing said...

Now if you can identify people that leave anonymous views (nasty or otherwise) as you say you did with Andrew MacKinnon, then why would you ever worry about anon's at all...just publish their names like you did with his. Also kind of odd that yo would take a jab at the Irvings for making people post their names in their blog then take credit for making the same Irvings change there policy on printing anonymous letters to the editor. Is it just a matter what best serves this blogger at the time?