Sunday, September 09, 2007


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I was living in East Saint John. I woke up and saw the twin towers on fire.

At first, I believe it was an accident such as when a plane hit the Empire State Building years ago.

To this day many believe it the Americans themselves who were behind this attack!!!

I don’t think so but what the hell do I know?

I remember attending a few Church services after the attack.

Where were you on September 11th, 2001?


Your Best Friend On Queen Street. said...

I was busy cutting away, Charlie, as usual. The letter carrier came in with the mail shortly after 10:00 o'clock and said "turn CNN on; a plane has hit the World Trade Center". After watching a couple of clips of the second plane hitting, I said "THIS AIN'T NO ACCIDENT", as I'm sure a good many other people said as well, as it began to sink in and become clear what was really unfolding before the eyes of the world. It hardly seems like it was six years ago. How time flies.

Anonymous said...

I think its criminals hiding within the American government that allowed these events to happen? The US Military sunk thier own ship to start the Spanish American War and It is now proven by thier own declassified records that Pearl Harbour was no surprise ! What about the WMDs that never existed in Iraq? What about the WTC attack in 1993 where the egyptian Driver of the truck purposefully parked his truck in the wrong spot in the underground garage,fbi had a big hand in that a knew about the exposives?? Too many lies surrounding 9-11 to ever believe the "official" story!! Big Money in War this is very true!

Michael G. McKay said...

Hi folks, I was at home at my old address on Charlotte Street when I got a phone call from a Friend saying to turn the Television to CNN News Service and I listened as the planes slammed into the towers I am sure that we don't need to guess who is responsible for this horrific and detestable crime, that took the lives of many of our Canadian Citizens, as well as, US, and others throughout the World. Islam is behind this, as it was Muslims who flew the planes into the Towers, and the other planes involved were hi-jacked by Muslims as well. I think that it is time we all stop putting our heads into the sand and realize that the Islamic religion is not the peaceful and loving and friendly religion that everyone would like for it to be. Instead, it is a very Sinister, Diabolical, and Purely Evil religion. Furthermore, this The Citizens of this Nation Should Send a Patition to Our MPs in Ottawa telling them to seriously consider rounding up every Muslim, revoke their Canadian Citizenship or, their permanent resident status, and send them and their families back to whatever Country they came from.

One only has to follow the headlines in the news papers online and the Newsstories that we both hear and see and on our radios and television sets from around the world, I think that it is plain for all of us to understand that it 99.9percent of the individuals who are causing and insighting these Terror tactics, are of the Muslim Faith tradition. Anyone who dosen't understand that fact is deaf, bumb, blind and stupid.

Why Bee? said...

Micheal G. Mckay,

You are way out of line on this. Yes the responsibles of this disaster were all Muslims. But not all Muslims are responsible of the attack.

If a born again Christian kills somebody, should we deport all Born Again Christians (like yourself) to another country or planet?

Look up in your bible: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"—Matthew 19:19"

Maybe you should be born a third time.

Anonymous said...

WTC 1 and 2 fell at free fall speed! Building 7 went down a few hours after and it suffered no significant structure damage and the news was reporting it being down a half hour ahead of it destruction? some serious questions here and its got nothing to do with muslim faith!
737 pilots say they never could have pulled off these manuvers the way these planes went in,and what about the indestructable black boxes? and the fact cell phones dont work much above 2500 feet,today some planes are equipped with a retransmission system but they werent at that time!!
M Mckay better watch the video and do just a little research on the FACTS not what the papers and Tube tells you
Before you start blaming Islam religon for being evil and whatnot,look what the Christians did to the Native Cultures around the world in the name of God also take a good look at northern Ireland and the insanity that went on there?
You also have Hitlers mindset,round em all up thier evil,he did that to the jews and the german sheeple followed!

We dont Belong in Afgahnistan,how would you like them to come here and stand on your neck,bet youd get pretty pissed and enough to do some of the crimes they commit which we see as depolarable but back a cat into a corner long enough and eventually it will come out swinging regardless of if it wins or loses and regardless of religon or faith! 99.95% belive it? please speak for yourself,,I truly think you are dumb blind deaf and stupid!

Anonymous said...

i also do not think any Isreali Nationals died in either WTC,they moved thier offices across to New Jersey a few months beforehand?

The Pedgehog said...

Wow Mr. McKay, you've certainly outdone yourself for hatefulness this time. What if a Christian had done this? Would you feel the same? And if you want to tell me that a Christian could never do anything this horrible, I can gladly provide you with a list of historical and ongoing atrocities perpetrated by your ever so loving religion.

I'm so glad you are following Jesus Christ's example of love and forgiveness. How wonderful to see. It's that kind of bigoted, hateful approach to life that provokes terrorist attacks like the one on Sept. 11th.

Anonymous said...

All muslim are nut cases.
You have to be a nut to be in that cult
Thats why they got Mike Tyson to join there cult.
He is a nut case just like them.

Anonymous said...

911 was an inside job!