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When I first heard about this issue I know the Irvings were behind this.

How would I know?

Well, I landed a little job as a janitor at the Community College a few years ago and I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.

community college in saint john

The Irvings were training their future soldiers . . . opps I mean employees in that building.

You would see Irving signs are over the place - JOIN THE IRVING TEAM!!!!

The soldiers . . . opps I mean students were marching the hallways in their Irving’s outfit.
All they needed was an Irving flag!!!!

I began asking some questions but got no answers.

So? Shawn Graham is showing his true colors and this is not a good thing.

I remember a few years ago. I bumped into Shawn Graham in Saint John.

He just won the Leadership and it was the first time I came face to face with the guy.

We have chatted on many occasions via the Rogers talk show.

Picture 080

The first thing that came out of my mouth was - Is this the Liberal Party or the Irving Party???


Well? These days Premier Shawn Graham is pushing the Irving agenda in a big way!!!

So? We have Saint John changing into a huge Energy Hub so therefore the Irvings needs more soldiers . . . oppps I mean employees to be trained!!!!

So? Where are the Irvings going to train these new soldiers . . . oppsss I mean employees?

The Irvings will not waste their own money into a new building.



Once this is done??? The Irvings will have control of the buildings in that area.

Fait accomplie!!!

This is exactly what’s going on here and the Public has no radio talk shows or letters to the editor to spread the word.

The students are very upset and lets see what Premier Shawn Graham is made of?


If he doesn’t put a stop to shutting down UNBSJ? This could be the beginning of the downfall of Shawn Graham as Premier.

Once the student hits the streets? God knows what will happen?

Lord help us all!!!!



Just Passing said...

Well I see at least every once and a while you really do what you claim you will. It will be worth the price of admission (as long as it says free that is) just to see how many things you can possibly blame the Irvings for. Personally I am betting everything...including your loss of respect as a blogger of serious issues.

Anonymous said...

You are just too polite. They have a lot to do with it. It would make it less expensive for them to have the courses they want for their jobs they want filled.

We need a University but if they want a Polytech let the Irvings come up to the plate. Saint John has been good to them we hand out grants, land, water, forests and so many things that it make a normal person feel ill.

But don't forget we have some people who think we owe them.

This plan to get us to give our last dollar has run thin for most people. We can't subsidize the Billionaires any longer.

Something is wrong with NB because Fredericton has two Universities and Moncton has two. Saint John has for years been struggling to get ahead but the IRVINGS ARE BUYING US OUT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

This LNG could of been a time to do things right. Any other city is offered millions but we do without and get a pipeline all through the
the city to each of Irvings businesses and no one stands up for
the people of Saint John.

When someone tries to question things they are labelled touble makers.

Sorry but I feel that they are slowly trying get the people to
move out or sell.

It is time for less corruption.

All the money they have and the greed just gets greater.

People just want to have a few extra dollars and here in saint John NB it is not possible for the average people.

Our property taxes go up but it is still the same house which gets harder to keep and maintain.

No one is knocking the good they do. Just realisticly they have the power we don't. The government knows more then they want known publicly. Corruption comes in different packages.

Anonymous said...

This at least is a serious issue. Read the report. The report says that education should be more closely aligned with industry. So, who is industry? With 300 companies Irving is an awful lot of the industry. New Brunswick needs a veterinary college, an architecture school, a medical school, a pharmacy school, it doesn't need educational institutions to work in refineries.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Lets wait and see is the media catches on to this?? < Sure won't be in the papers >

Ian said...

New Brunswick has fewer than half the universities that Nova Scotia has. To be polite, I guess I'll say that the government there does not have the same commitment to post-secondary education that other governments do. The fact is, New Brunswick is run by people who, largely through nepotism, got to positions of power with only high school educations and they have nothing but disdain for "edjumacated" people.

("Mr. Smith, I see here you have an advanced degree in Calculus and Structural Engineering. Fantastic. What hockey team did you play for in high school? You related to the Smiths upriver?")

I was pushing for a university for Miramichi as an economic engine, but it will never happen. Fredericton won't allow it, I was told from numerous sources.

Cutting out UNBSJ makes perfect sense for the Irvings:

Students with university degrees = outmigration and ambition.

Students with trades training = cheap local workforce to staff the refinery expansion.

Just Passing said...

It is one thing to read a report and then discuss the issue. Something completely different to simply insinuate some dark devious plot as Charles does here. The call to align education with the needs of business is nothing new and frankly a worth while idea. Its a lot better to graduate from a post secondary institution with some kind of job prospect than none at all. The disagreement for the most part is in losing the University status not in over inflated, hysterical conspiratorial nonsense that Charles suggests here. If Charles even bothered or cared enough to look of course he would have seen that in fact even the "Irving rag the Telegraph" has been filled with opinions from both staff and citizens against this change. But to acknowledge that would be contrary to the current Leblanc philosophy of blaming everything on the Irvings. Sadly just another example of his hate clouding what might be a topic worthy of serious consideration.

Anonymous said...

To answer your title question, no.

Anonymous said...

This will be political suicide for Shaun Graham.He may have 3 years left,but Saint Johners don't have short memories-look at the last election.He keeps talking about consulting the "stakeholders".Exactly who are these stakeholders?If not the students and faculty...then who?

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the recommendation to downgrade the university to polytechnique but this write-up is more bull from the blowhorn. Blaming everything on Irvings. He continues to dig deeper to burry himself.

Anonymous said...

Saint John is a loyalist city all right-loyal to their city,their students,and their institutions.Apparently the Liberals see a deportation is in order.

Anonymous said...

Personally ,I am not ready to blame big business for manipulating the government without further proof.However,I still would love to know who the stakeholders are.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I know that I'm 100% right on this one but time will tell....

You want proof? You read it on this blog right?

Always the truth in here!!!!


Anonymous said...

Even if you had all the facts and the proof. There is always going to be people who constantly believe they ( Government and Irving) have our best interest in mind.

Nothing is ever for our best interest. Whatever happens it has been in the lpans for along time.

We need the best education possibilities for all people. One University in our city needs to be protected. We need to see the big picture and frankly we won't be included!

Anonymous said...

You said "Lord help us all!!!" Did you mean Bernard Lord?

Just Passing said...

Actually there are far more people that think the Irvings and government have no one but their own best interest at heart. Thats what makes places like this so popular with the Irving basher crowd. They see an Irving behind every thing that happens and of course then cannot possibly see any good in anything. I actually read somewhere where one is so blinded by his hate of all things Irving he is continually comparing them to Hitler. You have to wonder what ever happened to truth, honesty and accountability. I know that I'm 100% right on this one when I say that I guess those things just do not mean much anymore

Anonymous said...

We always have people who will always say second best is better then nothing. Sorry but it is not good enough for Moncton or Fredericton. We have so much to lose and we have given up so much already.

It is all in the timing giving awards for helping elementary children and the schools. Just like the times they give you a few cents break on the gas price and get the government to take your property and give it to the wealthy.

No matter what is said we are brain washed that is best for us. Our Mayor and government will have a statement and back the Irvings all the way to the bank.

They want you to believe they care. Do you know why they want the Ward system? This give them more control and you will have less representation. Easier to get a new Irving crew in.

Some still like to think we live in a fair and just society; the reality is we live in world where the wealthy call the shots and collect the money and the rest of us pay taxes on taxes. They create new laws to get their way and politely take our money again and again. Time to see what is really going on and stop it now!

Anonymous said...

Charles, it is a shame this would never by covered by our corporate media (of late CBC can be included in this category). Journalists are no longer professionals but simply mouthpieces for the Irving agenda.

Boycott the Gleaner, the Times, and the Telegraph. Free yourself and read the truth by surfing a variety of views on the Internet.

Keep up the great work Charles!

Anonymous said...

Lord would of scewed us over just like he did when he was in power.

Liberal or Conservatives; they have taken us each time. Irving has always been their speed dial #; what should we pass this time. People here are gullible and naive. We have conrol of the news so we can conrtol any kind of leaks.

Anonymous said...

Shaun Graham is going to make Lord look like a pussycat by comparison..."stay tuned"

Just Passing said...

If we are all brainwashed then how would you know the difference? On the other hand it might be a better alternative than out right paranoia.

Anonymous said...

I amy be crazy but I don't see the problem. UNB Fredericton offers the same programming (close) as UNBSJ so why not have UNB Fred as a university and in Saint John a polytech. It's not rocket science that education should be aligned with industry. Employers are screaming that they cannot fill positions in the trades - it's really not beneath someone to graduate from a Polytech versus a University. I am university educated but I hate the attitude that the only good education is a university education. Let's face it - what "skill" do you have to offer an employer with a BA in Religion (cause that's what I have). I went on to study education then a Masters degree then an MBA (and I still don't work for the government Charles - go figure). My point is that skilled trades make you immediately employable and are a valueable education form - really don't knock it. i hope my child chooses any post secondary education - as long as it benefits his future plans.

Oh and finally, I REALLY don't think the Irving Empire can be blamed for this one - let's blame the McCain's and the Sobey's this time - just to shake it up a bit!

Anonymous said...

Let Fredericton have the Polytech and us have the University. Of course you would see it one way but not the other.

Who cares if the news would cover what we say. Irving controls that too. Judgemenr day with come.

Charles thanks for somewhere to vent for people who know that this is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT about thinking that a polytech should not be in Saint John-it is about having the CHOICE.It is a Fact,yes a FACT,that polytechnical degrees are not recognized the same as university degrees.No university in this entire country or in North America for that matter,has become a polytech.It happens the other way around.Nobody is putting down the trades,but not everyone is interested in pursuing them.Keep the NBCC,upgrade IT to a polytech if desired and also keep our university.
Don't think for one minute that this is not industry-driven.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for someone who can at least see things as they really are. There seems to be one jack ass who always says we are making too much of this.

It is industry driven but also Irving driven. Saint John taxpayers have been paying money for the University each year and added more cash this past year. Most of us can't afford to attend UNB that is why we have a big population of foreign students; they don't want a down graded educational system.

We need all possiblities for all of our children to obtain their eduaction. Leave our University alone but a Polytech School would be fine if they who find that is what we need fund it.

Sorry but we know the Irving Empire would benefit from this move. All parties have met on this and stop denying their involvement. Nothing goes on without their voice.

This is not Irving bashing. Stop being so closed minded. THe reality is there is so burying your head.

Bottom line is we want our children to obtain an education in our own city. University is necessary for certain level of recognition. Extra expenses like rent and other living expenses are not possible for most. Eduaction should more accessible for all. Moncton and Fredericton are no better then us. Stand up and speak out now not after all is decided.

Don Hyslop said...

Interesting, Oland from Moosehead has spoken in support of UNBSJ, so has Ganong from St. Stephen. Where are the Irving voices? Their silence is deafening! I have written Irving Oil and J.D. Irving Ltd and asked them to support UNBSJ telling them their support would mean everything but have heard nothing. I don't know what is in their hearts but it makes one suspicious. They send their spawn to Acadia in Nova Scotia so why worry!
The worst thing is that most models of top polytechnics I have looked at are very different from a trade school. So is the plan to deliver just a glorified trade school and hide it under the title of a polytechnic?
Saint John must have its own university. It cannot be the only city its size in Canada and the only major city in N.B. without one. It is totally unacceptable.