Friday, September 14, 2007


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But as a good journalist? I can't discriminate at the Festival!!!!!

I wish they would do the same for me???



CJ said...

You are not a journalist you are a kook

Anonymous said...

A journalist hen! Well as a journalist you would know what stealing is even if it's an article about you.

Ian said...

Hey Charles, I'm sure they would if you ponied up enough money to be a "gold"-level sponsor. (

I bet the "Old Maison" stage would be a pretty happenin' place *grin*

Just Passing said...

If not a Gold sponsor then at least a media sponsor. On the other hand what would be terribly wrong with the Irving's going to the Harvest organizers and saying.."If you are going to give Charles Leblanc a press pass to post pictures on his web site that continually insults our good name we will no longer be able to be a sponsor of this event"...Who do you suppose will have a press pass next year hmm?

Anonymous said...

oh give me a break