Thursday, September 06, 2007

City of Fredericton vouchers campaign was a huge success!!!

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These pictures were taken in May when the City announced help was coming for the panhandlers in this City.

I might add that this campaign not only help the panhandlers but the people who only makes 300 bucks per month,

They work little jobs here and there therefore affording a little extra.


One City official handed me this piece of paper. It's a media release and it was nice for the guy to recognize me as a media

City Voucher Campaign Providing Opportunities

Fredericton (September 6, 2007) - Organizers and sponsors of the City Voucher Campaign held a barbecue at City Hall today to celebrate the pilot program's success this summer in providing an alternative to panhandling on downtown streets.

"Relationships, confidence, responsibility…they are all pieces of the City Voucher Campaign," said Mayor Brad Woodside. "I encourage all downtown merchants to consider participation because there are real mutual benefits of becoming involved. You can see the difference the campaign is making on the faces of the disadvantaged people who are participating."

The City Voucher Campaign was created to give panhandlers a chance to work at odd jobs for downtown merchants in exchange for vouchers redeemable at participating stores. It is designed to put extra cash into the pockets of those who need it, while at the same time building necessary relationships between the downtown businesses and panhandlers.

"We had a very successful summer with eight businesses and 13 participants, said Mavis Doucette, of the Community Planning Group and coordinator of the City Voucher Campaign. "Over the summer I have seen a growth in friendship and respect from both sides of the program."

The City Voucher Campaign is an initiative of the Community Planning Group, an umbrella organization of 32 community service providers, government departments and community members whose goal is to address issues around homelessness and to improve the health and security of persons at risk because of homelessness or near homelessness.

The program was funded by the Fredericton Community Foundation and Atlas Van Lines Canada. It was co-sponsored by the Community Planning Group, Downtown Fredericton Inc. and the City of Fredericton. Organizers havefunding for another month and will be looking to raise more funds in the near future to continue with the campaign.

"We may not realize it but the simple act of earning to buy necessities can be a self esteem builder for our clients." said Doucette. "One of our participants is saving up vouchers to go and purchase all of their groceries at once… a luxury they have never had before."

These pictures were taken today at Fredericton City Hall! Everyone had a good time!!!


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