Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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Ok . . . The blogs I had from the Irving’s paper are gone!!!

I had many emails asking me to delete them because it would be a darn shame losing all the blogs I wrote during the past two years.

This issue raised a lot of eyebrows because I was approached by many people on the streets asking me if the Irvings will succeed in shutting down the blog?

Well, I didn’t give in!!! I decided not to delete the blog because my faith would not allow me to do so.

There was a story about Little John who died two years ago but the Irvings don’t have a guilty conscience I guess?

They insisted the blog be remove and the memory of the poor guy be removes from the information Highway forever!!!

The Irvings are very Evil and their true colors are coming out.


They wish to destroy every blogger in the Province but this could an impossible task because the bloggers will come back in full force.




Well? Be prepare to see it often in the future.

The Irving don’t go around executing people. They control the media!!!

When Hitler took power? He control the media therefore brainwashing the public.

The same is happening in New Brunswick and there’s nothing we can do!!!

The Irvings will have to haul me in court and lets see jerks like Scott Agnew or Andrew Mackinnon testify in court.

The Irving took control of the Journalism course at St.Thomas so they can brainwash their future soldiers.


These soldiers are on the information Highway trying to destroy the bloggers!

My God?? They even leave nasty anonymous comments???


Of course this is going to get dirty because the Irvings will not leave the bloggers alone.


They have their own little group of bloggers so they should leave the rest of us alone.


One thing is certain? You are going to see many blogs against the Irving from now on!!!

They wish to play games with this blogger than se be it!!!

Let the comments by the Irving’s employees begin!!!

Truly stay tuned.


Oh here’s the email from Blogger!!!


As mentioned in our previous email, we work with a third party to post
DMCA notices we receive. The notice we received because of the content on your site can be found here (once the notice has been posted):

We have had to remove the content mentioned in the complaint from your blog. If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Blogger Team


CJ said...

WOW you are going over the deep end. Some of your statements make you seriously sound like a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed. I was hoping that they will remove your stupid, ignorant and rambling blog. Irvings are saying nothing to any other bloggers but just you kook. Do you not get it.

Why Bee? said...

Charles you are very funny. I had a good laugh when I read "You are going to see many blogs against the Irving from now on!!!" Isn't what this blog is all about? You and the Irvings.

What's not so funny is comparing the Irvings with Hitler.It is an insult to all the jews that suffered the holocaust. I suggest that you take Hitler out of your blog. On one hand you say that you live in one of the best province and town in the world and then you compare the province with Hitler....get real...

Comparing a copyright infringment with the you have a serious problem... please re-think your position on this.

Anonymous said...

Just a simple question - How do you know it was the Irving's requesting you remove it. Also, youcan't call people jerks in a public venue - and court costs the taxpayers money - you think you can fight them. Go ahead.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Once again?????



This is all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

Hitler took control of the media and look what happened???

You people believe what you wish to believer!!!!

I know what I'm blogging about!!!!


Anonymous said...

Image of Hitler is image and symbol of killing. Millions of people. You have no screws or all lose screws in your head. You are insulting too many people.

Why Bee? said...

The Irving owned newspaper (not Irving himself) wants you to stop copying his articles (because he has a copyright). He is not infringing on your freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want on your blog.

just driving by said...

I still don't understand why you're angry. You copied stories copyrighted by others, which is not allowed, and they stopped you. What's the problem?

Your blog today makes it seem like you can't blog about "little John", but you can! You just have to write your won blog, instead of copying someone else's copyrighted story!

Seriously, I don't understand why you think there's something wrong.

And, well, the Hitler comparison. I'm sorry, I'm with the others. You're out to lunch there.

Just Passing said...

All that this nonsense your spewing actually shows is that you have absolutely no idea what freedom of speech even means. A sad day for you and a sad day for any true blogger. Your vanity has meant the death of your blog and anything you might have hoped to achieve. Mark my words Charles do what you threaten and no amount of photos will save you. No legitimate organization will want you associated with them. It won't be the Irving's fault only yours.

Anonymous said...

hey asshole, last time. i'm a grad from the STU journalism program and not an 'irving soldier.' quit labelling journalists who actually write about other people and things besides themselves, you self-centered moron.

Anonymous said...

You were told to behave at the Legislature, got warned, did not listen and got banned. You were told to remove the blogs where there was copyrighted stories. You did not listen, they were removed. I'm starting to think that the Saint John Police asked you to move at the protest, that, again, did not listen, and they arrested you after many warnings.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I posted your comment 6:30 PM!!

I rest my case!!!


Anonymous said...

the grad from Irving 101, must be working for the Daily Gleaner...the paragon of journalistic integrity (note the sarcasm)in New Brunswick.

Fred said...

Bonjour Charles! I don't know if you wrote a "report" about your meeting with Scott Agnew, but I haven't been able to find it on the blog. I think it got lost in all the coverage of the Harvest Jazz Festival. If you did, would you mind reposting it? I'd be interested to see what happened. Merci. Fred.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I was there right on time and Scott Agnew never showed up.....

Anonymous said...

To other journalism grads: sentences begin with capital letters. A sentence requires a noun and a verb. And hyphens are used, not commas, when separating 'you self centred moron'. Good to see STU doing such a bang up job.

Anonymous said...

you got the gist of what i was talking about, i assume?
my point was to showcase the fact that i do not work for the Irving family, yet still enjoy meaningful employment in print journalism after graduating from STU. please note no use of caps besides the capitalization of the abovementioned family and educational institution. thanks for the grammar tips, they will surely improve my future postings.
perhaps somebody is toiling away as an unrecognized paragon of the English language?
here's your pat on the head you so sorely deserve.

Just Passing said...

when all you have to complain about is grammar it would seem that perhaps you have little worth saying at all.

Fred said...

Bonjour again Charles. Thanks for the update on the Scott Agnew thing. Why is it that I am NOT surprised he didn't show up? Maybe it's easier for him to sit in an office and tell people what to do via e-mail rather than meet them face-to-face ... or maybe Jamie Irving told him to back off?????? Merci. Fred.

Why Bee? said...

STU grad, I doubt very much. With such bad grammar, either you are not a STU grad or the course stinks. Either way, I would never hire such a mediocre journalist.

Anonymous said...

The Irvings don't have to haul you into court. All they have to do is continue to send cease and desist letters to Google each time you violate their copyrights.

Continue to do that, and Google will shut you down, not Irving. Stop stealing their stuff and they will have nothing to go after you about. Simple.

Anonymous said...

I agree with STU graduate 100%. At least she/he is not living off of the society. He should spell A-hole with capital A.

Just Passing said...

Then it seems fred that you already had made up your mind about Mr Agnew and more than willing to believe Charles. Now I know you might well say that Charles side is all you have heard and that of course is true. But surely if you visit this place often how can you really take everything Charles says as truth when the opposite is so obvious especially on this topic.