Sunday, September 16, 2007

O.J. Simpson arrested in Vegas robbery!!!

O.J. Simpson
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Will they get it right this time?????

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Anonymous said...

It is time people get it right. He was found innocent and now he still is innocent until he is proven guilty of these charges.

Many people are walking around found guilty and they are not hounded like this man. Whether he did it or not we have serial killers and pedofiles (sorry it may be spelled wrong)and rapists and we do nothing.

Open your eyes and see the real picture. We have turned our backs on our children and child pornography and we do nothing. On going crimes against people we are tortured each day and where we should put our time on.

Police will look after the small stuff. No instead we help the CNN and many other stations get rich on tearing peoples lives apart.

We all have become judge and jury without the rael facts. Innocence means nothing. Gossip seems to be what we go by and hear say; CNN is guilty along with us.