Monday, September 24, 2007

Sigh......and they wonder why kids are fat these days????

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While walking the trails tonight. Something caught my eye.

It look like a bunch of spiders in a web.

It was a bunch of kids climbing a Soccer net.


Well? I remember in my younger days?

We would have love to have a soccer field to play in.


Sigh...They wonder why kids are fat these days???



CJ said...

The pictures you took of those kids through the fence is creepy. It looks like you are spying on them.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I knew a comment like this one was coming.

Hey CJ? You said you were a bureaucrat? Are you paid by the taxpayers to watch this blog and leave nasty comments?

You belong to Tom Mann Union?

Creepy? Sure it would be!!!

Why do you think I went on the field and took a picture. I gave one of the boys a card and a parent was in the area and gave her one also.


Anonymous said...

kids are fat and lazy because of sony playstations, xbox, computers and tv.

-- maurice the homeless guy --

CJ said...

No Charles I am not a bureaucrat, I am not a civil cervant either. I don't work for any Irving company, I work for a private non Irving company.

Hey look at this I work for a living and contribute to your monthly check. Unlike you that takes advantage of the welfare system and complains about it.

Anonymous said...

I don't get at what you are trying to get at here Charles......I assume that you think kids are not exercising enough nowadays but then you post a picture of kids climbing and playing outdoors. That means they ARE getting exercise. Maybe they can't afford to play in organized sports but they still are getting their exercise!
And count me in on thinking that this is a little creepy and if it was one of my children there would be an uproar for sure!

Anonymous said...

could be prepakeged foods,lack of exercise,excessive levels of hormones from processed milk products?

Why Bee? said...


Charles has lost a job and been told that his condition (ADHD) limits what kind of job he can perform. Therefore, Charles can't work so he can benefit from the welfare system. Isn't this a great country. By the way Charles, do you declare on your income tax your donations that you receive on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Man you're a complete A%@hole to take pictures of the kids like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 10:37 - kids are outside playing and getting fresh air - what does that have to do with being fat. As a child I did not play organized spors but I sure spent a lot of time outside playing, running, biking etc. I was not a fat kid and my child is not fat. Poor diet, lack of exercise, poor parental role modeling, lack of enough sport time in school, etc. are why kids are fat. Not even video games can be blamed as my child plays them - within limits - then goes out to play. Parents have to take back the control and not use the tv and computer as the babysitter - we lead by example.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Asshole? I believe it was a picture with a message.

They should have been playing soccer.

If I would have taken a pic and left?

Well? We have a problem here?

But I gave two of my cards away and told one of the parent where the picture would be.

Enough said....

Just Passing said...

It isn't enough that these kids are actually outside playing and no doubt getting a good measure of exercise? That you think they should be playing soccer is more reflection of the Leblanc Ego than anything to do with their health.

Anonymous said...

Charles, you should be honoured, you have the same three or four guys that check up on your every blog. You know your a star when you've got groupies.

I think this says as much about our society as about charles. All the kids are doing is playing in public and charles took a few pictures of it. YOu'd think from the comments it was somebody looking in a window of a house and taking pictures or something.

All these kids are doing is playing on a net, what the hell is creepy about that? It's those kinds of remarks that have made this a society where people can't even talk to kids anymore. In the old days, folks gave kids candy, talked to them and watched them play, now people think you are some kind of pervert if you look at them twice. Get your minds out of the gutter.

By the way, a lot of studies are being done on obesity and its not just video games and parents. Turns out genetics has lots to do with it and so does all the chemicals that are in our environment.

Anonymous said...

Sure genetics can have something to do with it.

If your fat and lazy then chances are your kids will be fat at lazy.

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

Groupies? He has pissed and harassed many folks on the streets. He just does not get it that folks are fed up.

Anonymous said...

All these comments about fat kids. Look at the picture....I don't see no fat kid ???

Anonymous said...

If Charles sais there are fat kids there then there are fat kids there.
They might be hiding or invisible but those fat kids are there somewhere.

But those skinny kids are damaging the socer nets.

-- maurice the homeless guy --