Monday, October 29, 2007


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My life change when I found out about ADD/ADHD! < I think? >

It was like a Million tonne of steel that was let go from my shoulders.

It explained a lot of my actions.

But I really got angry once the racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission made a decision behind close doors telling the Government that once a child takes Ritalin as a child? Once they grow up they will be labelled as close to mental retardation.

This decision made me move to Fredericton and the rest is what you call history!

Last week, I learned another thing about my behaviour.

I made a stopover at a water fountain in the North Side.

Once I had my drink, I was confronted by two individual.

I quickly recognized being Mormons from the Church of Latter day Saints.

I snap my finger to one of them and said- You’re from the States?

He said—Nevada!!!

I continued- Where in Nevada?

He replied- Las Vegas!!

I continued snapping my finger to the other guy and asked- Where are you from?

He answered – Scotland!!

Where in Scotland I asked?

He said- Glasgow!!!!!

Well? The guy on the right got all my attention!!!


I said - Me Mother is from the same City!!! I asked my Catholic Priest a few months ago if he could perform an exorcism on me so he could remove the Scottish blood from my system.


We know there’s nothing more stubborn than a darn Scotsman!!!

I went eye to eye with the guy and demanded that he tell me - WHY ARE WE SO STUBBORN????

The young lad quickly answered with a smile- Because we’re right!!!!

He caught me off guard with his remark but he’s right!!!

Because we know we’re right??

No wonder I stayed in a tent for six months because I know that I’m right!!!


Yes, I wish to thank the Mormon religion for giving this blogger some much needed answers of my Scottish genes.

Because we’re right!!!!

Yes, you mix ADHD and that Scottish blood together? You get quite a breed!!

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No wonder I’m a full time blogger!!! I see issues that wouldn’t be printed in the Irving’s paper so I blogged the concern problem because deep inside? I know I’m right!!!

Thanks again!!!!!

P.S. After listening to this guy for 20 minutes, it didn’t take long for these guys to disappear in the bushes waiting for their next victim…lol


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Ha! good one!