Friday, October 26, 2007


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Let me go take a cold shower so I can calm down a little.

Ok…Here we go….

I attended the meeting held by a group of concern citizens who wish to save the Old Fredericton Train Station.

I showed up 10 minutes after the meeting began and in my view? It was a good showing,


Mla’s, councillors, Mayor and Mary Keith from J.D. Irving were present.


It was the first time I came face to face with Mary Keith in two years.

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The meeting went very well. Many citizens asked some good question and Mary Keith politely answered their questions.


Excuse me a minute…I need a smoke to calm down….

Ok….Mary Keith acted like a professional.

She’s very good at her job!!!


Excuse me for a minute…I need to take some Ritalin!!!

After taking 5 Ritalin maybe I can continue this praising Irving blog?

Ok…The Mayor was a very good supporter of the Train Station. He stole the show by promising the audience and Mary Keith that he’ll be very upset once the first snow falls and nothing is done.


Once the meeting was over?


Mary Keith met the people in the crowd and listen to their concerns


People asked Miss Keith when will the repair of the roof begin?

She assure the people that once the engineers make their decisions? The work will begin. < How long will it take for this verdict to come in? >

Miss Keith was a ….


Excuse me I need another cold shower to continue this blog…

Ok…Mary Keith did her job in a very professional way.


The Irvings should be ……

Excuse me…I need a smoke to calm down…..

Ok…The Irvings should be proud to have such a professional spokesperson on their team….

I believe something will be done soon.

I wish to thank Mary Keith for showing up in the Capital to meet with the concern citizens.


She should be congratulated for a job very well done!!!!

Ok…..must press - Post blog…..

OH NOOO….Anti-Irving brain cells are fighting my good hearted cells…

So hard on all of my five ADHD brains,,,




Must concentrate….must stop sweating….Must print blog…..

God knows if I succeeded in posting this blog or not????

I have a very big headache!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

The most trusted Blogger in NB (and NS) counted 60 people at the meeting?
Why do it look like only 32?

Charles LeBlanc said...

I made a head count at the start of the meeting and got 60!!!

Maybe this picture was taken at the end of the evening...


Just Passing said...

While you might find some fault with Charles and his counting abilities that evening,(he does get a little over zealous with his estimates sometimes) he is correct in just how well conducted the meeting was. It was very informative and Mr. Scammell did a fine job of keeping things running smoothly.

Anonymous said...

A well conducted meeting doesn't fix up the train station. Mary Keith may be a good spokesperson, but what is needed is action. Irving said a deal fell through to sell the station for one dollar. The city should buy it and then get to work fundraising and getting a committee with heritage canada and setting up a plan.

Even 60 is not a huge turnout, but no doubt lots of people realize that it makes no difference-it is Irving land. By law Irving can do what they want with it and let it fall to pieces whether the mayor 'gets mad' or not. He can jump up and down in a rage if he wants, it makes no difference. There is nothing people can do, so there is no reason to show up.

If the city purchases the land then all those politicians will stop sitting happily feeling they are being constructive because they can easily pass the buck to Irving, and will be on the spot to put some resources and time into building the train station.

If Irving said they were trying to sell for a dollar in the past, there is no reason they wouldn't sell for a dollar now. The city could reimburse them for the roof and get Habitat for Humanity and other volunteers on board and build it up. If they could do it in Moncton with the CN shops, they can do it in Fredericton.

Anonymous said...

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Charles LeBlanc said...

Beside the Mayor being upset if nothing is done?

Don't forget the blogger!!!

I get many pictures of the meeting and I will be using them all winter long!!!!

The Irving's paper will only do a couple of stories per year but this blogger will blog the issue every week!!!

Anonymous said...

Its considered a great meeting when half the people leave.
I think it was a great meeting ,because no decisions,no plans,no mention of land pollution and no authority by Fredericton,to do anything about it.Who runs provinces anyway?
So everyone here,jumps on Mary Keith's bandwagon,while passing(Thats her job)even though she and her employer couldn't care less.

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

I want to stress that the main reason I called the meeting was for members of the public to speak directly with the players and hear exactly who is doing what or what they can be doing for the station.
I had hoped that most of members and supporters of the Friends of the Railway could be there along with any members of the public who share our concerns.
If only 2 people came out, oh well.
At least I did my part and created the opportunity.
It was far better than all the back and forth in the papers and the radio.

Tim Scammell, PTech
Acting President
Fredericton Friends of the Railway Inc.

Commuications Division of "The People for Public Print" said...

Oh nooo!!, you've gone and done it now Charlie!.....You have just cost Mary Keith her Job with the Irvings!

Because you know full well, they do not see any Value what-so-ever in an endorsement coming from YOU of all people.

You have gone and contaminated her with the "Charlie Touch"

The Irvings will NOT believe that you two didn't exchange Ideas after the meeting.

She must have told you something VERY BIG for you to go out of your way to hype up one of the so called.....

"Members of the Irving Castopo"
(Your words not mine.. LOL)

They will be pumping her 16-20 Hours at a time to break her silence and find out what it took for her to get that endorsement out of you...

Hitman said...


Mary Keith is starting to look a lot like the Train Station! Long in The Tooth! LOL!

What is needed is action! Not Words on the part of the Irving Group!

By the way. How come Sarah Rose Werner is published weekly in the Telegraph Journal but poor Charles Leblanc doesn't even rate an Honorable Mention??


JustPassing said...

Might have something to do with quality, integrity and professionalism hitman. Something lacking in not all but far too manhy articles in here.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if she loses her job. The issues was to get some action and get the Irvings to step up and do what is right. Not sure why the politicians were there because nothing got done. NOTHING NEW!

There seems to be a lack of vision and action by all. The building would be gone if it was owned by someone else.

Anonymous said...

They probably will write this off as a loss and use this for that reason.