Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I wanted to take some good shots so I decided to lay on one knee in the middle of the street. I made a prayer that I wouldn’t be trample on!!!

Sh@t!!! The things that I will do for a good shot???

The protesters were pretty surprise to see a guy taking pictures. I just clicked away and hope for the best!!!!


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Miriam Jones said...

Love these photos! What a great idea. (Though you are lucky you didn't get trampled.)

Ashley said...

Hey Charles,

You forgot one photo in particular:


Oh, and...:

Keep up the good work! I hope to see you at future protests!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I just haven't got to the other pics yet...lol

Thanks for the kind words...


Anonymous said...

There are only three possible choices for the Saint John area Liberal MLA's- 1) Take a public Stand in favour of the PSE report and be resigned to the fact that their political career is finished. 2) remain silent and face the wrath of voters in the next election (and we will have long memories on this topic) or 3) Resign their seat and come out publicly in favour of not dismantling UNBSJ

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a fourth option - those Liberal MLAs from Saint John can go to Shawn Graham and tell him that it's a bad idea and tell him why. People in this city are angry about Graham's apparent snub of the folks at the protest and that will transfer over to the MLAs unless they take a position now ... and make sure the Premier understands why they are taking that position. UNBSJ is too important to this city to see it transformed into a polytechnical institute. Graham must be made to understand that.

Drew from Calgary said...

Am I the only one on this planet that thinks people are overreacting to this? I fully respect people's right to protest, in fact I saw friends of mine in the crowd. The point is that it seems as though many people have made up their minds before they even really looked at the facts. I think the idea of a polytech in St. John is a really good idea, and I say this as a current student at UNB. In my 5 years at UNB I have seen many of my friends go through arts and sciences programs only to find themselves without the necessary skills to start a career with. Working in a call centre or on a construction site with $50K in debt hanging over your head seems to be a poor use of that history degree you spent so much time on. I think if this polytech is going to provide degrees that will get people good jobs in the field they want to study then I'm for it. I find the university culture can be a bit elitist when it comes to those that just want to do their degrees & get a job; John McLaughlin's not going to pony up the bill for your student loan any time soon, is he? But he's damn upset you're not going to get that philosophy degree in St. John. Where else in NB will you be able to get one? (aside from STU, UNBF, MTA, or UdeM)

Anonymous said...

People have a right to protest, but everyboby is jumping the gun here.

The Commission offered these options, but the government did not except them, and without proper study, they cannot reject them officially at this time. The only thing that was confirmed, and I think everyone can agree, is that things cannot stay as they are. Even the students at UNBSJ themselves gave a low-score to its university in a recent study.

Nothing has happen yet. People are allowed (and should) voice their concerns, but to say that the Liberals will close UNBSJ and the UdeM campuses up north at this time is jumping the gun and fearmongering.

In my opinion, this has been Tory spin in the hopes of getting seats in Saint John. Them insisting that the Liberals make a decision right now without studying the report is absurd and irresponsible. When did the Tories, in government, make a decision within a month!!

Graham has met with the heads of all the Colleges and Universities to come up with a home-grown plan. It has been announced that the intentions of the Liberals will be revealed at the Throne Speech in November. At least we have a time now.

Is it better to make a decision without studying the options and for it to be in the best interest of everybody or come out and say we accept all or accept nothing in the report. Maybe closing the universities is not the best options, but there some interesting things in there too (ways to reduce student debt, etc.).

I would recommend that all involved read the report before trowing the baby (in everything else) out with the bath water.