Thursday, October 25, 2007


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I'm a a hurry....Will blog more about this issue later.

The media should grab this one!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have launched a complaint against you for harassing and bullying people on the streets. You are being watched and investigated. You will be notified in due course and what the charges are.

Charles LeBlanc said...

No Kidding???

Good....I'm need more publicity for this blog.....

Can't wait to have a trial and see you on the stand and tell a court of law that I should be jailed.\

Then I can take your pic and name.....then I can bloggged ya to death...

See ya in court....


Anonymous said...

Ahh,they caught me first charles.

The Codiac Regional RCMP Street Crime Unit arrested seven “Johns” on October 24, 2007 as the result of a prostitution enforcement effort.

The men, ages of 48 to 63, were arrested in the St.George Street area of Moncton. The men are from Cap-Pelé, Dieppe, Moncton, Riverview, Rosevale and Sackville. The men were given court dates for December 2007 and January 2008 to face prostitution related charges.

Anonymous said...

Right now you are being watched. Look around when you are on the streets. One more misstep and you will be nabbed. It is not going to easy for you from now on.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, it looks you're in deep trouble. You may have to sleep with one eye open.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I said it before and I will say it again!!!

I don't fear no one!!!

If I'm attack? I'll give a good fight and charge the guy.

WE must find out who sent the guy after me and of course the issue will be blogged to death,

Just let me be and everything will be ok!!

I'm still waiting for the R.C.M.P. finding of the Saint John Police Force?

I was even told not to walk the streets at night because of that one.

But if you got to go? You got to go!!!

Death don't scare me one bit!!!!


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with attacking you. You are harassing people on the streets and there is a very serious complaint against you. Investigation has begin. It may take months but your every move will be watched.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I see that the issue of the Federal Government believe the Fredericton Emergency Shelter believe it's a prison is a non-importance issue with the readers of this blog.

Anyway? While walking with a friend yesterday? We noticed a fancy car with dark windows following us.

It could have been the Irvings.

The Irvings wanted a Judge to say- Since the Irvings owns all the newspapers in this Province?


Scott Agnew tried to shut down this Blog and they are still at it!!!

I hope that I'm charge because I want the individual to testify in court.

Guess what? Nobody is going to stop me from blogging.

There's only one way to handle a blogger?


...and this is exactly what's going to happen one of these days!!!!

The only people I blast in this blog are people who wish to do me harm and Dan Bussieres is on top of the list.

Anonymous said...

If Charles has annoyed someone by taking pics and posting them (short of Stalking as thats a no no)there is nothing that can be done other than to confront and let him know face to face that he`s bothering you!?
Dan Bussieres is just a face put in Charles way to give him something to fix on as there is somebody controlling these Guys and who would this power(wouldnt have to look very far)?
Lets see whats left Hmm?,could they say your Mentally Unstable and have you thrown into the Mental ward Form 1 or section 10 its possible?
Well they could also always try and say your a local terrorist and have you picked up a security certificate and have you jailed without a hearing based on secret files that nobody can see,its funny how thes laws were supposed to be repealed in 2005, seems more like 1935 and were really in Nazi Germany!
You just show how corrupt Goverment is!

Watch out Charles it looks like you have a stalker,and you better get a extra set of eyes and hang them on your door when you sleep or over your shoulders when your out!

Charles LeBlanc said...

If I was a nerd? I would be worried....

As for the Mental Ward? It could happen but what do you do with a blogger in the mental house?

You got to make certain he forgets what he is?

This is where the electrical wires come in handy....

One year later?

Hey? I have ADHD!!! Do you have Dime???


Michael G. McKay said...

My o my, is that all this blog has come to, individuals that are threatening the blog owner. I guess it is more of the comments that are worthless since they don't wish to leave their names. I would propose that these anonymous individuals that are harrassing and uttering threats should be watched at all times.

Anonymous said...

It is him who is being watched.