Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anna-Marie Mooers sentence to 27 months in jail!!!

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Some people believe the sentence was too harsh!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Some people!!!yup.
Well she was luckier than this guy,OR HER DAUGHTER.

Lethal force necessary in Ian Bush's death: ruling
Updated Thu. Nov. 29 2007 12:48 PM ET

The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER -- The RCMP Public Complaints Commissioner has ruled an officer's use of lethal force was necessary in the death of Ian Bush in Houston, B.C.

In a report released Thursday, Commissioner Paul Kennedy also ruled the RCMP's North District Major Crime Unit conducted a "highly professional'' investigation into Bush's death.

Earlier this year a coroner's inquest heard that Const. Paul Koester wasn't formally interviewed by police for three months after Bush was killed in October, 2005.

Bush was arrested outside the local hockey rink for giving a false name and 20 minutes later, Koester shot Bush in the head after what the officer said was a struggle for his life.

"After carefully considering the circumstances I conclude that Const. Koester had a reasonable apprehension of death and believed that he could not otherwise preserve himself from death other than to use lethal force,'' Kennedy said in his report.

"Accordingly, Const. Koester acted in self-defence.''

The RCMP came under fire for using its own officers to investigate the controversial incident. But Kennedy endorsed their handling of the case.

"I concluded that the North District major crime unit conducted a highly professional investigation into Mr. Bush's death and exemplified the best practices for major crime investigations,'' he said.

RememberJuliAnna said...

Anna didn't murder her child. Curtis Hathaway molested her daughter, putting that object in her bowel. He is currently facing charges of molesting another child. HE SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS BUT HE"S WALKING THE STREETS TODAY!!!! I know Anna and Juli-Anna's father. These people have suffered a horrible injustice. I can testify to anyone reading this that you have no idea the pain that they are going through. So as for lucky??? They have lost everything. Some people should really get their facts straight before they decide to speak

Anonymous said...

I don't think you will like the facts?

Anna Marie Mooers was emotional when a judge ruled Thursday that her actions contributed to her daughter's death, but she became even more upset when her ex-boyfriend was found not guilty of the same charge.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Paulette Garnett found Mooers, 27, of Canterbury guilty of a charge of criminal negligence in the weeks leading up to the April 13, 2004, death of her two-year-old daughter Juli-Anna.

Mooers's co-accused -- ex-boyfriend Curtis Brent Hathaway, 26, of Grand Falls -- was found not guilty.

Juli-Anna died as a result of a bowel perforation, caused by a toy stylus that ended up in her large intestine.

Garnett ruled Thursday that Mooers was guilty of criminal negligence because she failed to provide the necessities of life to the child, namely medical assistance, which was her legal duty as her mother.

Garnett said she relied heavily on the testimony of several doctors, notably pediatrician Dr. Ramaiyer Krishnaswamy, in rendering her decision.

"I found all of the expert testimony to be helpful and credible," she said.

A bowel perforation would have been painful and Juli-Anna would have had severe symptoms in the two or three days before she died, the judge said.

Garnett was critical of the Mooers family members as well, noting that her father Donald Mooers and her sister Amber Dickinson both testified that Juli-Anna didn't seem all that sick.

That conflicts with the doctors' testimony, the judge said Thursday. "I did not find Amber to be a credible witness," Garnett said. "I do not believe her testimony."

Donald Mooers wasn't credible either, she said, finding that he and Dickinson, like Mooers in her statements to police and others, downplayed Juli-Anna's condition.

Garnett said Hathaway, in a videotaped statement to police, was the only one who was living in that house or associated with the family who told the truth about how sick Juli-Anna appeared to be.

The judge pointed to Mooers's phone conversation with friend and then nursing student Rebecca Blakeney the evening of April 10, 2004, during which Blakeney advised Mooers to take Juli-Anna to the hospital.

Garnett said she believes Juli-Anna was exhibiting symptoms of the perforated bowel at that point, and that Mooers, who demonstrated her intelligence in police interviews, ignored warning signs that the child was in peril.

Mooers's refusal to take the girl to the hospital "shows a wanton and blatant disregard for Juli-Anna's safety," she said.

The judge ruled Hathaway wasn't guilty of the charge because he had no legal duty to provide the necessities of life such as medical attention.

Anonymous said...

LETS GET IT STRIGHT! Injustice???? What people fail to realize is that the charge is FAILURE TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE- not how she died or anything else.. Curtis should have never been charged because had no legal duty. I am not sating it is right but as far as the law is concerned, she is the only one responsible. NEGLECT-FAILURE TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE Anna did just that!

Anonymous said...

If we should be angry at anyone it should be at the Legal system for not laying charges in regard to how she doed and who was responsiable.

Anonymous said...

Anna Mooers is a sick twisted bitch who has no regard for others. She is narsasistic crazy bitch! She should have been charged with murder. She makes on that she is the victim in all of this, when in fact, the only victim is Little Julie-Anna. She has filed an appeal, con'd the Natonal Parole Board and made everone feel bad for her. She has even formed a group on Facebook, so that people will feel sorry for her. This monster won't even allow for a head-stone to be put onto her daughter's grave. While she was at NOVA Institution, she con'd the staff and other inmates. She made on that she was the victim. She was a pig while her stay at NOVA and then in December 2008, to everyones shock and surprise, she was granted Parole! She is now on Statutory release and is partying it up with her new boyfriend, who is also on Parole and doing drugs and drinking! What is this showing society? She should be sent back and in all honesty, the crown prosecutor and sentincing judge should honestly rethink the length of the bitch's sentence. She should have been given LIFE. She took her daughter's life and she should have been given a life's sentence. Someday, she will get her sentence!

cindymarie said...

Lisen, I love Anna Mooers, she is my best friend. Dear anoymous, she got long enough, which I believe she didint deserve anytime, how are you so quick to if any mother would let someone do that to thier child. Hes the one who should be locked up forever. She has to live with the pain of losing her baby girl everyday, and most are so quick to judge and no one knows the real story......

Anonymous said...

In the second trial that dealt with Mr. hathaway the facts become a bit clearer. ..And I quote..."Mommy told me not to tell because Curtis would have to go to jail> Mommy said she needed Curtis"...end quote.. Sound like a mother who didn't know what was happening. I think not!...Oh and she slapped her across the face just to make sure she never talked about it again. ..Read the transcripts if you have any doubts...FACTS!!