Saturday, November 03, 2007


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I was using someone computer and once I saw the news on CBC?

I shouted with my arms in the air - YES!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!

If the Judge would have sided with the Irvings on this one? It would have set up a precedent that no other papers would have been allowed in New Brunswick!!!

A precedent just like my blogging trial last year.

A Judge ruled that bloggers are journalists and that is that!!!

Here's the story -

P.S. Is there anything in the Irving's papers about this important verdict?

I don't think so.....

N.B. top court denies Irving injunction request
Last Updated: Friday, November 2, 2007 | 5:45 PM AT
CBC News
A New Brunswick judge has rejected an injunction requested by Irving-owned Brunswick News Inc. to prevent a former publisher from soliciting advertisers for a competing paper.

Justice Peter Glennie of the province's top court denied the application Friday afternoon, in a decision that took 1½ hours to read.

Brunswick News, which owns all the province's daily papers and most of the weeklies, alleged that William Kenneth Langdon, the former publisher of the Woodstock Bugle-Observer, took confidential documents from the newspaper to help establish a competing weekly publication in New Brunswick's Carleton County.

Langdon said he deleted the files and had no intention of using them to compete unfairly against the Irving newspaper.

Langdon joined the Carleton Free Press, owned by Dwight Fraser, as publisher after leaving the Bugle in September. The Free Press published its first issue Tuesday without Langdon, who was under a court injunction during the case.

Brunswick News initially sought an injunction to ban Langdon from doing business or having any contact with anyone who had anything to do with the Bugle. The injunction request changed last week, opting instead to have Langdon banned from soliciting business from 15 key local advertisers.


Just Passing said...

It is in fact in todays Gleaner. So I guess not thinking so isn't a substitute for just looking. Or was that more like wishful thinking on your part Charles?

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a story in the Telegraph-Journal, check the facts. You can't call yourself a journalist if you don't check the facts before publishing stories. Or, at least, do corrections.
And you still do some name calling at Bussieres, even though you hated it when punks called you names.
You'll never learn and it's sad. I just can't understand why you can't undersatnd that. If you want respect, start respecting others.