Tuesday, November 06, 2007


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We left Fredericton at 5:00pm on Sunday and began our long trip to Orangeville Ontario.


Once in Edmundston, I took over the driving.

We arrive in Quebec and I felt safe because there were no sight of Dan Bussieres.


I might add they have snow!!!


We made it pass Riviere-du-Loup and I believe it’s a place call Saint-Ignace. < I believe that’s how you spell it? >

We stopped at a Petro Canada for coffee and smokes.

I walked inside and was told there were no coffee in the building.

Lots of wine but no Café!!!


I found it strange and continued outside.

Once at the vehicle, I noticed a flat tire!!!!


What happened??? Was Dan Bussieres following us??? Did he disappear in the darkness of the night???


Did someone noticed my blogger jacket and said - That’s the guy!!!

It was 9:30pm and I believe the trip was over.

Here I am stuck in Quebec!!!! Arggg!!!

The staff quickly came out and helped us with our little problem.


They went out of their way and phone a garage who was going to close at 10:00pm!

Once there, the guy and gal quickly fix our tire and we were on our way to Ontario!


From the flat tire to on the road toward Ontario in 30 minutes!!

We got lucky!!

But would Dan Bussieres be around???


That’s the scary question?

Un gros Merci au staff du Petro Canada a Saint-Ignace pour un tres bon service!!!



Why Bee? said...

For ignorant people (Quebecers) as you call them, they seem to be very nice and helpful.

Why Bee? said...

Didn't you once say you didn't have the right to a driving permit. If you get caught driving without a permit, don't go blaming Dan or the Irvings.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I'm a blogger remember???

The cops don't fool around with us bloggers!!


Anonymous said...

Nice and helpful!You mean they did it for nothing.
Did the Irvings or Dan know you didn't even know how to change a tire?

Why Bee? said...

You better watch out for them female Quebec police officers. They'll have you eating gravel with a knee on your back (blogger or not) just like the good old days in St-John. LOL

Anonymous said...

One of those Quebecers look like a big bootied girl I knew once.