Wednesday, November 28, 2007


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Yesterday, I attended the Dennis Melanson Trial and I saw first hand the Master in action!

He took the stand and I won't say more but read the paper!!!

Who would have believe that Charles LeBlanc would be promoting the Irving paper???


I interviewed Danny Watters a few months ago and you can listen to the debate by clicking below -

It's a classic!!!



Anonymous said...

So Danny Watters is a near miss?

Manitobans could be the first Canadians to face jail time and fines for failing to report suspected cases of child pornography.

CBC News has learned the provincial government will introduce legislation Wednesday that will amend child abuse legislation, which already has a mandatory reporting law, to include child pornography.

Under the legislation, anyone caught not reporting suspected cases of child pornography could face up to two years behind bars or a maximum $50,000 fine — the same penalty for those who fail to report child abuse.

"Child porn is not just a picture — it's a sexual assault committed against a child," said Lianna McDonald, director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. "It's an act of child abuse that needs to be stopped."

The agency runs a national tip line for reporting child sexual exploitation that Manitobans are asked to call if they notice a possible case of child pornography.

McDonald said the legislation won't solely target internet service providers, but everyone from computer repair technicians to a babysitter who stumbles upon photos in someone's home.

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Police outside Manitoba are applauding the move, including Toronto's police force, which is known worldwide for employing innovative methods of cracking down on sexual exploitation.

"These are real children and these are real photos and we can never forget that…. It's evidence and should be treated that way," said Det.-Sgt. Kim Scanlan, who heads the Toronto Police Service's child exploitation unit.
Manitobans may face fines, jail for not reporting child porn
Manitobans could be the first Canadians to face jail time and fines for failing to report suspected cases of child pornography.

Anonymous said...

Another person who doesn't know how to read statistics or understand common sense.

Which is each to his own.
There has been NO increase in bilingualism in 30 years,just increase in hate.Here is the plan from those left behind in NB.Put your English child in French school,and put your French Child in English school for their education,ho,ho,ho,what some people don't know.

Quote from a teacher helper:

As a parent, I have submitted my opinions on FSL programs via the online forum.

In light of recent media coverage I would like to extend those comments.

1. Research indicates the most successful programs in FSL are the early and late immersion programs. Every effort must be made to increase the scope and enrolment in these programs.

2. The Misconceptions: Research shows there is no negative effect of EFI on English Language Arts performance by the Middle School level. Arguments that students should have a basis in English before beginning French immersion are fallacious.

3. The Timeline: Achieving 70 per cent French proficiency of Grade 10 students by 2012 is an unreasonable target. A more realistic solution to the problem is to focus efforts on increasing the proportion of students entering both early and late immersion in September 2008. If 75 per cent of students were enrolled, the 70 per cent outcome could realistically be expected by June 2018.

4. EFI is Streaming: No, it isn't. The choice remains in the hands of parents. If parents are not choosing the program, or the program is not available to their children, this is a Department of Education failure.

The province has two FSL programs: French Immersion and Core French. The former is highly successful, the latter is not. The Department of Education needs to preserve and strengthen immersion programs and fix Core French.


Assistant professor, Mount Allison University, Sackville

Charles LeBlanc said...

I don't exactly know what the heck the last post have to do with child porn????

Very strange indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

The Irving papers are themselves complicit in child abuse. God there are some sick people running the show around here.

Anonymous said...

Very strange?
Where would I post that important info on lobbying for french only nb?
You certainly can't reply to the post on the website it came from ,without photo ID!

Anonymous said...

Photo ID??? Overstate things much? All you need to do to post an UNMODERATED comment is register with your name, email address and city. That doesn't exactly sounds like the heavy footsteps of Big Brother to me.

Charles doesn't even allow unmoderated commenting so CanadaEast is one up on the free speech meter in my book.

unknownfriendsbrother said...

Just went there and still have no idea how to respond to the paid opinion letters,particularly from the friends of money from french learning lobby group,associated with a religious group out of the US,such as the lobbyist Lila Johnson,Lee,Cockshutt,et all.
Trying to sign up to Brunswick news blog reminds ,of bills from Irving when in business with them,where even an accountant couldn't unmuddle them.