Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Can someone help this woman to locate an Owl in the Southern Park of the City? I don't know which house she's talking about?

Hi Charles,
I was driving into Fredericton the other day, I am not great with Names of streets but once I describe this house, you will know the one I speak.

There is a big old house on the way to the Exhibition grounds, not really that far away and holiday or occasion, there was an Owl that was dressed up in the window to represent the season, or holiday. Now I knew this house was sold over the last 10 years and my understanding is that the new owners were to carry on the tradition of the dressed up Owl.

Now to my question. I was driving up the other day was excited to see the Owl dressed for Christmas, and to my surprise it was not in the window. The bird has been there as long as I can remember, at least 15 years and now its not there? This Blogger reader would like to know where it went and is it ever coming back.


Anonymous said...

I know the owl she is talking about, it hasn't been there for upwards of a year. Clearly she can't care that much, since she hasn't noticed.

Just buy your own owl and dress it up if it means that much to you.

Anonymous said...

I saw that owl out there this summer

just driving by said...

It was on Smythe Street, just north of exhibition grounds. I believe the lady passed on, and the house (and presumably the owl) are in different hands now.

Anonymous said...

yes listen to anan 7:10 pm, god, maybe she was just wondering and she always liked to see that owl, in the christmas season

Anonymous said...

Iam the laday who posted the original question. I guess what I should have mentioned is that, I dont live in Fredericton, and when I do get the opportunity, it is something that I enjoy seeing. At any case, It was not there when I happend by and I do miss seeing this Fredericton Tradition gone.

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the trolls... well maybe just once:

Anon 7:10, she went through the trouble of contacting Charles about it; what have you cared enough about to do something lately?

There's anonymous for protection and anonymous for devious purposes.

The Irving bloggers are being taught which is which right now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Now learn to respect:

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john said...


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Anonymous said...

WOW,How they do that,have to write a test or something?
Oh wait,F- Mckenna ?
Probably never know the EH?

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Anonymous said...

Charles, isn't your blog supposed to be about ADHD? Why don't you check out the story in the globe today: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20071120.wxlauditory20/BNStory/lifeFamily/?cid=al_gam_nletter_newsUp

Oh, you might want to check their top story as well. Something about some company in New Brunswick breaking up its empire.

Anonymous said...

there isn't any forests left in New Brunswick, clear cuts and the same kind of softwood tree plantations

K.C. Irving said...

Dear anonymous 1:44 pm,

Retract your libelous thoughts immediately. What could clear-cuts possibly have to do with less owls?

Honestly, you'd think the education system was spewing mindless garbage.

Owls love clear cuts, it lets them see the mice far, far better & no hiding under leaves! How do you think the owls were doing when the mice were hidden under trees?

Really now - clear cuts reducing the number of owls... Who are you trying to kid?

Anonymous said...

That is correct, Charlie. The lady originally bought the owl from John Washburn of Washburn,s Barber Shop a number of years ago. From then on, she had the owl in the corner front window and would dress it up for whatever the occasion happened to be throughout the year (Halloween, Rememdrance Day, Christmas, etc.). She did this until she sold the house a few years ago because of failing health. She is since deceased. The house sold a couple or three times and the owl always was in his traditional place and dressed for every occasion. Unfortunately, the tradition had to be discontinued as the old owl had deteriorated to the point that he started to fall apart, as happens to all of us as we get old and crotchety enough. Hope this clears the situation up a little bit for you, my friend. This is the story as best as I can explain it. In other words, THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKIN' TO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

If owls love clearcuts then how did they survive 300 years ago

Spencer1012 said...

OMG this is so cool, I was just thinking about that same owl this week and then googled "Fredericton owl dressed in house window" and got this site. I used to live near that house in the early 90s and loved to see what new outfits the owl was going to wear next. I live in Vancouver now and sure miss the quiet simpler life of the maritimes, its still in my blood. Sorry to hear the owl and its caregiver have moved on.