Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A false charge was laid against me by the Saint John Police Force and I was denied the right to a lawyer!!!

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I could have ended up in jail for years!!!


Is T.J. Burke going to protect the right of the less fortunate if the Police lay a false charge????


Why Bee? said...

Sorry, but you were not "denied the right to a lawyer". You were denied the right to a "free" lawyer. Get the facts straight.

Charles LeBlanc said...



Don't get me going!!!!


The Police can single out anyone on Welfare.

They can charge them and they don't have the right to a lawyer!!!!

I could have ended up in jail for years!!!

That's a fact!!!!!

I'll have much more to blog about once the R.C.M.P. comes out with their verdict.

Stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

Charles cant afford a Lawyers Rates for a FULL and Proper Defense so thats being Denied! And the Law is by Design is not Comprehendable to Most! The Legal System does not want Thier Secrets easily Understood and Neither does our Loving and Caring Government?

Anonymous said...

T.J.Burke Defend the Less Fortunate Rights ,Hahahahahahahah,NO!

Just Passing said...

You have to remember Charles has a hard time with the "rights" concept. When he talks of his "rights" it means the right to do anything he wants. So naturally when someone explains to him that he is wrong...well thats not "right" is it Charles.

Anonymous said...

Is this the great Christian,stephen porter?
A disgrace to an emerging society of intelligence.
He sounds like the tazer salesman,who claimed Tylenol more dangerous than tazer.

Tasers a necessary tool

I have been hearing about the taser in the news quite a bit lately and would like to point out some facts I have not seen yet.

First, police are there to protect the innocent from harm and loss. When someone acts in such a manner as to be a potential risk to the general population, the police are obligated to subdue that individual. We have given them the tools they need to do this and the training to decide and use those tools.

Secondly, in using these tools, police officers must decide which one to use to stop the situation as quickly and effectively as possible with as little harm to everyone as possible.

The taser is a less harmful alternative to a baton or their gun, in spite of the few who have suffered death by it.

Let's leave the police to their work, protecting you and me and not let the few, who have never been victims in a dangerous situation, take away our only hope of protection from harm or death.

Stephen Porter


Anonymous said...

A. You were not denied access to a lawyer, you were denied access to a alwyer on the governemtns (i.e. tax payers) dime.

B. You likely would not have landed in jail for years. Get a grip on reality. Assuming it was your first office and you were found guilty you would have likely received a conditional sentence involving a fine.

Ah you do love to stoke the fires of outrage with false allegations don't you Charles.

Again, one of the main reasons you will never be considered to be a really journalist. Real journalists stick to facts. You, on the other hand, have no concept of that word and do no more than yell fire in a crowded theatre.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Grrrr....I wish these Irving,s employees would leave this site alone!!!

I was found guilty because I was force to represent myself in court.

I would have ended up on probation....

I would have broken the probation and ended up like Ashley Smith.

Do you know what happened to that poor woman???


Why Bee? said...

Get the facts staight again Charles. I am not an Irving employee.

Anonymous said...

A anyone on a limited budget or Welfare is Denied Access to a Lawyer!

B Yes He could have been put in a situation where Charles could have lashed out at a Officer or Guard out of Anger over a False Jailing and Charges and therefore more Charges,Snowball going Downhill!

The Legal System should be Simplified!

Why Bee? said...

Maybe we should supply Charles with a free lawyer, bodyguard to escort him on the streets... in case he encounters a Police officer on the street and is the victim of false accusations by an officer. We have to protect the poor so they don't land in jail and commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Here are the judges and juries who would convicted you Charles.

They wait for an opportunity to try and corner you and use your Blog. They don't have anything else to do.

Most of us today can't afford a lawyer; that includes middle class working people. No one should apologize for needing assistance.

The Irvings never do!