Saturday, December 01, 2007


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Many broken promises including the killing of our kids will continue!

Ok...getting a little upset here.....

Gotta go for a walk in the cold wind!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

Its not the liberals changing.
Congratulations for starting to catch on.
It will all now start coming together.
A premier who can only be pinned down on what he plans for after we all dead ,is not quite all there.Or at least after next election another liberal embarrassment will see the road ending and take his millions and beat it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as much as I disagree with the policies (or lack thereof) of this Liberal government, I don't see any other party seriously contending for the job. Many say that the tories should be given the chance to govern once again, but I say a party as disorganized as they are doesn't deserve the vote of the people of NB. Why? Well, for starters, other than taxation issues, they haven't demonstrated that they are any different about cutting wasteful spending, corporate welfare or strengthening democracy. If they were, they would have stood up stronger (as an opposition) when these things came down the pipe. Unfortunately, for NBers, the Volpe tores have been sitting on their hands much like the Dion Liberals in Ottawa.

Neither one deserve your vote.

Anonymous said...

canada,a joke of a country.
Handcuff them,then humiliate them.

OTTAWA -- Karlheinz Schreiber's lawyer says federal politicians are trying to humiliate his client while the Harper government attempts to ship him out of the country as fast as possible.

"The notion that (Schreiber) was taken from Toronto to Ottawa in an orange jumpsuit, not only in handcuffs but in leg irons is really unpardonable," lawyer Edward Greenspan said in an interview on CTV's Question Period on Sunday.

"I was very distressed at watching him going into his home the other day and his pants fell down. His pants fell down because he can't have a belt, because they think he's going to commit suicide which is the furthest thing from the truth."

Jail the Bastard!!!!!!!!! said...

Yes that was quite a bit of embarrassment wasn't it?

And yet Mulroney gets to walk away with over a million dollars of Canadian tax dollars and all for just having to lie a couple of times on his OWN behalf.

ONCE a thief and a crook, ALWAYS a thief and a crook.

Mulroney is the poorest example of a Canadian Citizen lud-alone a Past((CONN-servative Prime Minister)).

Absolutely disgusting!

And as this unfolds it will ONLY GET WORST

Anonymous said...

We had a premier walk away with far more than that,and than the gettaway driver, chretien,really killed this country.

Anonymous said...

free money for everyone!

Anonymous said...

To be more accurate that was Two point one $Million for Mulroney!!

Anonymous said...

Big day on monday as the NB bilingual bu-----t was touted as the greatest thing since recycled toilet paper.

Harper said that it was fitting that the announcement of Lord's new position was made in Moncton and New Brunswick, a bilingual city in the country's only officially bilingual province. Harper's speech and subsequent statements by Verner and Lord were made in both English and French.

Yes canada's bilingual welfare province!

Anonymous said...

Blamed on EMAIL!!!!!!!hohoho

Maybe the French just like French.
And maybe the English like English, YOU SPOSE?

And maybe we should be hiring people smarter than ourselves,intead of related and dummer.
And of course,stop funding lobby groups like "who needs friends of friends of french"!!

Bilingualism decline among francophones blamed on e-mail: census
2 hours ago

OTTAWA - Either Canada's francophones are forgetting how to speak English or some weren't entirely truthful when filling out their census forms.

Statistics Canada suspects the latter is to blame as it searched for an explanation Tuesday for new census data that shows declining bilingualism rates among Canadians whose mother tongue is French.

Some 83.6 per cent of francophones living outside Quebec reported being French-English bilingual in 2006, down from 85.1 per cent five years earlier.

That puzzling trend was present in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and also New Brunswick - where only 68 per cent said they could speak both official languages despite 71.5 per cent reporting they could in 2001.