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I made a prediction that the Liberals will win with a
very small majority in tonight’s Provincial election in Nova Scotia < 2003 > but at the end, the PC’s won with a minority.

The evening of August 5th was a terrible one.

Rain!!! Rain!!! Rain!!!!

Ants!!! Ants!!!


Oh well!!! C’est la vie!

I feel like I’m in the army all
over again.

In the early hours at around 9:30am, I went across the street to fill up my bottle with water then
all of sudden I noticed a Van heading towards me.

I quickly jump out of the way but the Van kept on driving toward me.

I quickly threw my bottle full of water on the Van passenger window.

I said to myself - Hey? If they want me? I’m not going down without a fight!!!

I didn’t care if I smash the side

The driver made a sudden stop. Inside was a
family of four.

The husband told me that he was
awfully sorry because he never saw me.

The street in front of the Legislature is only a one way and he was looking at the opposite direction and never saw me.

I noticed that the license plates was from Ontario and I calmly told the driver that it was ok and I guess that I just did a road rage Ontario style and they
continued their voyage.

A woman showed up at the
Legislature to protest of all the issue.


She hitched a ride from the hills.

She looked like
someone from the Beverly Hills Bellies.

She had shorts on and was loud.

I noticed that the media asked her a few questions?

The next day, she made the front page on the Daily Gleaner with the issue of Insurance.

I hope that you don’t mind me saying that I was a little upset.

There I was in a tent for close to two months and the local media
refuse to cover my protest but one woman comes down
from the hills and protest for four hours and received the front page???

And of all the issue-

Sorry but there’s definitely something wrong with this picture.

I was happy for the protester
that she managed to put her message to the public but
I should have the same coverage.

But really? I wasn’t upset because I was use TO not having the Irving media covering my protest and it was a good way to prove my
point that the Irvings are giving out orders to ignore me at any cost.

Twenty Five years ago, I rode
a ten speed bike across the U.S.A. and Canada so therefore I am a pretty good judgment of character.

A few weeks ago, I met Mike Murphy on the front steps of
the Legislature.

He’s a Liberal from the area of

I never the guy!!!

I heard that he was a fighter for the kids with Autism and was very vocal on different issues.

Abel LeBlanc tried to introduce
me to this guy but he ignored me.

Last night while walking towards the legislature with Donald Arsenault < Mla from the North Shore >.

We bumped into someone
who was walking towards us.

We talked about the
election in Nova Scotia and this guy never made contact with me.

Once the political chat was over, I
asked Donald the name of the guy he chatted with?

He answered- Mike Murphy!!!


I immediately made a detour 180
degrees and decided to find out myself who this guy was all about?

He made me wait while he was whispering a chat with another politician.

He totally ignored me!

With my luck, the rain started to fall down and Mike Murphy started his walk toward his nice cozy room at the Hotel.

I introduced myself and he knew who I was and I asked him why was he so gun ho on the autism

He didn’t like my approach and said that he wasn’t gun ho on that issue.

I did ask him what was
the reason he was ignoring me?

He denied ever ignoring
me and quickly made a run to the Hotel.

He did add that he would chat with me later.

Maybe he used to work as a lawyer for the Irvings?

Maybe that’s the problem?

Who truly knows???
I always enjoyed writing my updates to the public.

This was the only way of communication to the
outside world.

I had all the politicians email and
they were following my every move.

I wrote about my experience with this new MLA and I wasn’t impressed at all.

I am certain that fellow Liberals rush to tell Mike Murphy what I just wrote.

They must have explained
to the politician that all he had to do was to acknowledge me and walk away.

Days later, while sitting on the front steps of the Legislature.

Mike Murphy came to chat with me.

I bet it was very difficult for this politician to give in.

Anyway, he told me that the Legislature will be close during the
next few days and I should go home and return in October when the House goes back is session.

I appreciated that he came to chat with me but was he going to allow me to stay in his BMW?

Surely, that I won’t still be here
in the cold month of October?

I didn’t take his suggestion seriously and decided to stay on the ground of the Legislature.

I was getting tired of my
protest and the rain didn’t help matters. Because peoples attitude changes with the weather.

They didn’t know about my protest and if I confronted them to sign
my petition?

I would receive a very ugly answer.

It was very difficult with all the rain but I knew from the beginning that this wouldn’t be a picnic.

I wish that I had a few bucks to buy a nice hot coffee but that’s the life of a protester.

I wrote this note on






On August 8th, I had my first real
interview with a reporter.

It was published in the
Paper - The Brunswickan.

This paper came from U.N.B.
and of course the Universities were close so they put the story on the Internet.

It went like this

Thunderstorms, scorching heat waves and nighttime
thieves haven't stopped ADHD advocate Charles Leblanc
from lobbying in front of the Fredericton Legislature.

Determined to have the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity
Disorder (ADD/ADHD) issue addressed by politicians,
Leblanc set up his tent on the Legislature's front
lawn more than a month ago and says he is willing to
stay put until his voice is heard.
"Somebody offered me a winter tent - you've got to do
what you've got to do," says Leblanc, though he
remains hopeful it won't take that long.
"When I have people come to me... telling me sad
stories about their kids and telling me that I'm doing
wonderful work, that makes me feel good and it gives
me the strength to continue," Leblanc adds.
"I have no kids of my own... but I feel I have 5,000
to 7,000 kids I have to fight for."
Opposition House leader Bernard Richard will be
presenting Leblanc's petition in the Legislative
Assembly in upcoming months.
"I think it's a valid concern, not only in New
Brunswick but also in the rest of Canada and likely in
the States as well, and as I understand, in other
countries... It's a good cause, it's something that
needs to be paid more attention to," says Richard.
"[Ritalin] is an easy way to deal with the problem but
maybe it only masks the real problem and doesn't
provide lasting solutions," suggests Richard.
With more than 1,000 signatures thus far, Leblanc is
hopeful his petition will force a committee to travel
throughout the Maritimes and Canada to investigate
Ritalin use and its effects on children and adults.
"The Human Rights Commission is supposed to speak for
the rights of everybody and not just certain groups;
they have to educate themselves about what is going on
here," says Leblanc.
Leblanc found out he had ADHD after he graduated from
Mathieu-Martin High School in 1978.
"I had a hard time graduating from high school, I
thought I was stupid... A child with ADHD is not
As for Ritalin use, Leblanc says children don't
necessarily need it. What they need is to find
something they enjoy doing and to be encouraged by
family, friends and teachers.
Anything a child with ADHD is involved with, "they are
going to go all out - they have the energy. [People]
have to find out what these kids are interested in and
they will succeed," says Leblanc, adding that they
will exceed the expectations of everyone.
Leblanc believes children should be made aware of
their condition and believes that with great effort,
the children have the power to control their
hyperactivity, impulsiveness and lack of attention.
"When [the kids] are old enough, I'd say about eight
or nine years old, they should be told, 'you have
ADHD. You are a very smart person. You are
intelligent. Now what you've got to do is [realize
this and]... learn to focus.'"
"Of course, a lot of parents would disagree with [me]
and say 'I love to see my kids on Ritalin!'"
Leblanc promotes self-control and has learned how to
harness his own energy, in fact, he traveled across
Canada and the US on a 10-speed bicycle several years
ago - and has the newspaper clippings to prove it. He
claims he has always been very hyperactive.
Leblanc thinks we should set an example for other
provinces and countries to follow by treating ADHD
people with respect and understanding.
"We're the only official bilingual province in Canada,
we are showing that English and French can live side
by side in peace and we [should] go around and show
other provinces and the world how to treat people with
ADHD." "It is through education" that Leblanc feels
we can achieve this goal.
Richard is impressed by Leblanc's persistence and
dedication to educate people about ADHD. Leblanc even
spent his 44th birthday outside the Legislature
informing passersby about his petition.

"Obviously he believes in that cause and you can't do
otherwise than be impressed with the level of
dedication he has to a cause like this. To spend over
40 days now in front of the Legislature sure tells me

Carol Morris visited me days later and I thanked her very much for the nice story on the internet.

After she wrote about my protest. I did hear many comments
and I might add that I printed out the story and gave out hundreds of copies to the public.

The larger media outlets
didn’t wish to interviewed me so I had to do something?

This was the only way that I knew how to tell my story to the public.

August 6th was my 44th day, I gave out two interviews
with L'Acadie Nouvelle. The Telegraph Journal also
came to interview me.

I wonder how they'll do the
story? Should be very interesting!

Did I walk into a trap?

We'll see in the morning. The bottom line is to get the message out that the kids with ADD/ADHD
needs help from the Government!

I did a lot of talking today and the sun is out!!!!


I once again moved my tent and the atmosphere is getting a
little better since I got all my blankets dried out.

On the morning of August 7, it began pretty good. I had the attention from the politicians on the issue of ADD/ADHD because Charles-Antoine Gagnon from
L’Acadie Nouvelle did a fantastic job to get the message out.

A huge picture of me was on the front page and what better was to send the message to the Acadian
Population than the French Paper.

A few people came to chat with me after reading my story.

It’s a darn shame
that the Irving own paper Daily Gleaner won’t do a story.

Many local citizens are asking me the reason that they won’t cover it?

I always answer that it’s
like Hitler all over again but in a different style!

The same day, the Telegraph Journal finally printed a story on my issue but not as big as the Acadian Paper but still the word is beginning to go out and it’s
about time because I have been protesting close to two

I find it very odd that the Daily Gleaner refuses to do a story because I just learned a few
days ago, the local pharmacy gave out last year 3,000 Ritalin but this year it went up to 5,000 pills!

This morning MLA Donald Arsenault left me a McMuffin and the French paper and a coffee. I must
admit that most of the politicians from both side are very good to me.

The weather had me down but I'm
starting to pick up steam again!!!!

Last evening, I had every Cabinet Ministers coming out from all over the Place.

They held a meeting at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel and had to walk by my beach chair.

I first noticed Elvy Robichaud near his truck.

He had told the media that Ritalin wasn’t a problem and we had a
good chat for 15 minutes and at the end he sort of told me
that the reason we don’t form a committee is because of the money factor.


I told the minister that they could travel the province and once the report is done?

They could do what they do best by putting the report in a closet somewhere.

I saw Percy Mockler walking across the street and I noticed that a car was heading towards him in a fast

I pushed the Minister towards the sidewalk and said - You better watch it because your Government is just one life away from being a minority Government!

These P.C’s Politicians can’t just walk around freely.

They have to be careful!

My next meeting was Minister of Finance Volpe.

Well? He’s ok but something
happened which I really hate!


While chatting with Volpe I noticed an over weight guy name Tim Porter walking by and once he
noticed that I was chatting with the Minister.

He waited and waited!


Is it normal that a minister Is having a chat with a
protester? We had a good chat about the way that the
Irvings are buying all the papers in this Province and I do know that his brother works for the Irvings.

Anyway? Tim Porter < Communication staff > made
certain that the Minister finish our little conversation with me and I noticed that he went into a
bar across the street while Volpe entered a restaurant
with the other ministers.


It bought me memories of the
time that I bumped into a Irving?

J.K., Jack or Arthur? The same procedure would happen.

I have ADHD and I’m easily distracted!

I hate those appointed
people < BUREAUCRATS> telling the ministers to ignore me.

Anyway? I walked into the bar last evening and those Evil Bureaucrats were all drunk up.

Must be nice to have a job because you know someone and to top it
all off?


Yes! Must be nice.

I never noticed one
politician in that place and that’s good.

The heavy set bureaucrat? I did confront him in the washroom.

I just happen to walk in and he was there.

I asked Tim Porter what was his title?

He quickly ignored me and walked

What a bunch of show off that those evil bureaucrats are.

I also talked with Madeline Dube<
Minister of education > and I found her to be a very smart lady and lets see what will happen?

I recognized her and we walked towards her vehicle while she had
her arm on my shoulder.

We had a very nice chat and
maybe something will be done about this emotional issue?

Of course my evening wouldn’t be done without having a chat with our Premier and he was real calm
and individual on each side and I might add that they never gave the impression to move on.

Bernard Lord wanted to know about how I was sleeping in this tent?

I wanted to know how he
was making out with the new style of Government?

As in the past, I told the Premier many of my stories and he
did listen to me for 15 minutes.

I might add that I told him that I went to church and he should go also?

He admitted that he doesn’t attend the church as much as he used too!

To speak one on one? I’m really
comfortable with the Premier but THOSE EVIL BUREAUCRATS ARE SOMETHING ELSE.

It was a evening full of Ministers on the streets and maybe one of them will tell those evil bureaucrats to leave Charlie alone.

I might add that I also had a good chat with Brenda Fowlie and she gave me a few bucks to help me.

Hours earlier, I noticed that Rodney Weston between the
building of the media and the Legislature.

Rodney was a MLA from the Saint Martins area and a very good man.

He was defeated by Stuart Jamieson a few months ago.

He was acting like someone with ADHD. He was talking to this guy and that guy.

He was really moving around.

I finally had a chance to grab his shoulder and ask the defeated politician to come and chat
with me and I went on by asking Rodney- What was he
suckholling for?

He quickly told me that he wasn’t
suckholling for anything.

I replied- You’re going around like a chicken without a head! What gives anyway?

I might add that he never came to chat with me but around midnight, I noticed Rodney coming out of
the BeaverBrook with Wayne Steeves.< A P.C. politician

I said- Hey Rodney? Keep on suckholling! You might
get a job cutting brushes near the roads in Saint Martins.

Little did anyone knew including myself that Rodney would receive a good job in days to come.

Yes, it was nice to chat with all those Ministers and maybe my
protest will finally come to a end.

On Friday, August the 8th, I had a interview with a reporter from

I tried to get Paul Harpelle to do a story about my protest.

I wasn’t a publicity hound. All I
wanted was the message to get out and it would save a lot of explanations to the public.

His side kick Shane Hennessey came to interview me.

I had some fun with Paul during
the past few weeks.

Their office wasn’t far from my
tent and I walked by there on many different occasions.

Paul would be standing outside waiting for his wife Amanda who works for the Premier’s office.
I would always agitate the reporter by saying- Come on Paul? Do a story on my protest. Your wife won’t be fired!

Paul? Come on. you can do it!!!!

One evening, he rode his bicycle near my tent and at first, I didn’t recognized the guy. He had a safety helmet on and his son was in the back of the bike. He’s just a
little cute guy enjoying the sites from the rear of the bike. I would always teased Paul to do a story and at the end? Paul acted just like a smart liberal, he
would leave the area in a polite but fast manner.

All the agitating must have worked because there I was on August 8 being interviews by Shane Hennessey.

He interviewed me and we both took a walk in the City.

He was not far behind me and I would confront the citizens on the streets about my petition.

I lucked out because there was a guy sitting on a seat outside a
restaurant and he did hear about me, < The media
didn’t cover the protest yet> the word still managed to get out about the guy in the tent on the ground of the Legislature.

He told me that there was a major
problem with the over prescription of Ritalin and he would gladly sign my petition. I was very happy that
he knew about Ritalin and it sure looked good for the camera that Shane was filming in the background.

I knew there was a problem and this was the perfect evidence that the public agrees with me.

I had around 1,600 and was closing in on 2,000 names without the
help of the media.

He once again interviewed me near
my tent and went to the office.

It wasn’t the first instance in my lifetime that I was going to be on
television so therefore I wasn’t nervous.

I was excited to get the message out. During the last 25 years with my trips across Canada and the U.S.A., I landed on television on many different occasions.

I wasn’t shy and I knew for a fact that they interviewed you for a 10 minutes period and would only take the fine points but which ones would they take out?

Would they make me look bad?

That was the question?

The Brunswickan did a good job and lets pray that the television
station Global does the same.

Time would tell.

On August 9th, I decided to return at the Farmer’s Market, It was a great place to collects names but
this day would be different like any other day of my protest.

It was a beautiful morning and the people were in a good mood.

Once there, I saw the same
homeless guy dancing with his Monkey. I made a spot across the street, I had my sign that said-1/2

I placed the sign against the
tree and confronted the public to sign my petition.

I met a reporter from U.N.B. His name was- Asaf Rashid.

He wanted me on his

I noticed that many citizens were
staring at me from different direction including a not
so happy Pan Handler.

The guy had a huge beard and his
name was Mike Gaudet.

From what I heard Mike in his
younger days was a great athlete but I guess that he took the wrong turn somewhere in his life.

I noticed that many people felt very uncomfortable with Mike.

He would ask for some change?

Many would just walk by
without looking at the less fortunate guy.

Once it came to me? They believe that I was also a panhandler.

Mike confronted the public coming to the Market and I was confronting the other side.

Mike ignored me and
this was good but it all came to a stop 15 minutes later.

While chatting with a couple Mike intervened and told the couple not to sign because Ritalin was a good
thing for some kids.

I didn’t really appreciate the
manner that he but in but once again?

I had to remain cool and collective. I’ve been going very good so
far and I wasn’t going to let a panhandler make me lose
my temper.

He told me that he’s been in that
location since 1984 and I had no right to be in his turf.

I told the guy that I wasn’t a panhandler and he had nothing to worry about. I knew the guy didn’t want me around but I had a good cause to fight for and I believe that it was better than asking the public for money.

I would asked the people if they knew about ADD/ADHD?

Many walked by and continued their affair. A older couple with a Grand child with ADHD stopped by
to sign my petition.

While debating the issue, I felt
that someone was standing behind me.

Behold it was a policeman from the Fredericton Police Force!

I asked him if he was looking for me?

In a very stern voice he said- I want to talk to you?!

I told the officer that he would have to wait his turn like everyone else.

I turned around and continued to
chat with the couple wondering at the same time- What
the hell does the Police wants to chat with me for?

I must admit that my ADHD brain was working on over-drive!

Three minutes later, the couple signed their names and I turned around and said - NOW? WHY

He answered - We had a
complaint about you!

I quickly notice a young reporter
for the radio station at UNB! I told the young man not to go anywhere and closely watch this interesting
conversation between the officer and myself.

I asked the officer what was the complaint concern about?

In a very stern manner he said- WE HAD A COMPLAINT THAT

Seconds later a young woman around 20 years old, pointed her finger to the police officer and shouted - LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE!

I must admit that I didn’t know the young girl and intervene
by saying- I appreciate the support but I can handle it!

I reminded the officer that I believe that it was all a mistake because I think he meant the panhandler who was behind me. It was just a misunderstanding and
I was ok with it.

He insisted that the panhandler
wasn’t the problem with the public but I was!

I had to remain cool because through my dark sunglasses, I noticed that hundreds of people were watching the confronting
between myself and the Police Force.

I asked the officer in a polite manner if I approached the public
with this question - Excuse me? Do you know about ADD/ADHD?

I asked him if it was harassment?

He quietly said-No! I told the officer that I didn’t hear him
and could he please repeat his answer???

He raise his voice and said- NOOOOO!!!!

I raise my voice and went inches
to his face demanded that he sign my piece of paper. I told him that I didn’t approach the public in this
manner because that would be harassment.

By this time, I noticed another police officer arriving at the
scene and this time it was a female police office.

I notice many people were looking at us from all sort of directions.

I reminded the officers that it has to be one of the evil bureaucrats who made the complaint.

They didn’t wish me to educate the public on ADHD!

Someone walked by me and said- I taught you were gone?

Why don’t you go home?

I was getting a little tired
of the attention. < Can you imagine that one?>

Anyway? I told the officers - Since you people know there’s a
problem with Ritalin and Dilaudid in this City and the whole Province? I want you to sign my petition!

My God? I never seen two cops move so fast towards their

program!!! Come on Guys?? THIS IS DRUGS!!!

I waved at them while they left and continue to confront the public with this issue.

I might add that I still manage to collect over 100 more names.

This was the first instance that
I had the Police involved in my protest and it wouldn’t be the


Monday morning, I would go at the Police Station and find out what my rights were???


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