Thursday, January 10, 2008


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Please will the bylaws work once and for all. Tear it down and make the Irvings pay. Why should the Billionaires have the politicians protect them. This is just a small part of what the Irvings can get away with. When will it stop -- GREED.

Rob from the poor and middle class and give to the Billionaires.

Time to make the wealthy pay their taxes and stop the disgusting tax breaks, grants, tax concessions and corporate welfare. Time to pay for everything; instead of "stealing" oh yes you call it bargaining.

Also this goes for the Queen and their corporate welfare. Let them pay for their expenses.

The price of gas is up again in Saint John. Setting us to fail at paying our expenses. Everything goes up from food, laundry detergent, clothes, power, fuel, and all our necessities. How can we get an even palying field when we are gouged so much with high taxes which will only go up. Cost of living has gone up so high but our wages will never catch up.

Oh yes I forgot the people who make these decisions-- that we can afford to pay more actually makes hundreds of thousands of dollars and oh yes they all receive an expense account (taxpayers pay for) and also they can write things off.

We happen to be the most generous society, happiest province and my we never get angry or stand up for our rights. We just open our wallets and open a new credit line or go into bankruptcy or apply for welfare after we lose everything.

Even after all that our main concern is to not create a wave or complain or be negative. Negativity is a word thrown out there after you and I have been kicked and stepped on. No one will understand until it happens to them. Right now your friends and neighbours who are doing well don't see the whole picture yet.

It won't be long before this happens to them but until then they will go on and who cares about anyone else. That is our happy society we have.

Yes speaking the truth is considered a negative word in our society. Every one has their positive speed but that doesnot put any money in the pockets of the poor and the middle class who are so close to losing their status or a place in this greedy society.

Help someone help!


Anonymous said...

Sad... that the city of Fredericton cares more about saving an old church building that was built by an institution that FORCED it's views upon First Nation and assaulted them... than about a building that BUILT THIS CITY AND HELPED IT BECOME WHAT IT IS TODAY!!!

Anonymous said...

we hear you loud and clear! good point too!

Just Passing said...

It was an old school, teachers collage, library, youth hostel that was purchased by the church...not a building built by the church. Sounds like a pretty good history to me. Every bit as much as the train station at least.

Anonymous said...

Would someone have common sense once in a while. Some buildings can't be saved. People lives certainly should be saved but we just don't care. Stop the spin of the bull of saving buildings; stop pouring money on lost causes.

There are so many people suffering each day so start there.