Thursday, January 17, 2008


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Yes, I should always go by the little birdy in one of my ADHD brains who tells me to stay home!!!

I always said- There’s a reason for everything and this is truly one case.

Everyone was invited to the naming of the Willie O’ree Place so I decided to show up for the gathering.

I got a bad cold and I didn’t feel well.

Something was telling me to stay home. But being Charles? I had to attend this historical event.

I decided to bring this little media pass along for the ride.


I never bring the card with me because it’s a little joke but you never know?

I walked across the river and a friend drove me to the event.

I notice a guy from the P.C. Party having a smoke outside the rink.

I said - I got a feeling that something is going to happen to me tonight?

Jason quickly replied - Nothing will happen to you Charles!!!

I walked inside and went into the main floor. Nobody said anything and after I had a little walk around?

I decided to go in the foyer.


I saw the Premier and I must admit that he’s in good shape especially attending the funerals in Bathurst.


I took a few shots and continue on.

I walked back to the main floor and I was told by an attendant to use the seating area.

I quickly told the woman that I was with the media.

She let me go and nothing was said.

I laid against the board waiting for the ceremony to begin. I didn’t feel good at all!!!

The media were on my right.


After a few minutes, a different attendant showed up and said- The R.C.M.P. told me to tell you that you’re not allowed on the main floor. Could you sit in the seating area?

I told the guy - I am the media!!! If the R.C.M.P. have a problem with me? Tell them to come and see me.


An officer showed up and I believe he was un Quebecois.


He told me that I wasn’t allowed on the main floor. Only media people and people with invitations are allowed inside.

Please go in the seating area.

I told the undercover officer that I was media!!!!

He didn’t believe me. I reminded the officer that we had a trial on bloggers last year in Saint John and the judge ruled that I was indeed a journalist.

Pictures 055

I wasn’t getting nowhere with this officer.

He once again insisted that I leave the main floor. Another R.C.M.P. officer came in to listen to the conversation between me and the officer.

They insisted that I leave the area. I refuse to go and I quickly added - Does this have to do with my investigation of the Saint John Police Force??

I was under the weather and God knows what will come out from my mouth? I showed him my media pass but that didn't work out!!!


Maybe it's because it didn't have an Irving stamp of approval????


I asked if the R.C.M.P. was above the law? The Judge ruled that I was a journalist!!!

The officer asked me if I had the verdict of the Judge with me???

He mentioned that he was in the rink since early in the morning.

He mentioned- The Premier is threaten.


I was really getting upset.

I once again mention the trial in Saint John and they should respect the verdict of the Judge but to no avail!!!

I wasn’t getting anywhere with these guys. They wanted me out from the main floor and that was that!!!

At one point. I mistakenly spit on the guy’s face and he told me not to spit on his face!!!

I quickly apologizes and that was that!!!

I didn’t wish to be charge with assault?

I said - OK...OK...OK....Lets me a deal?

Since there’s around 1,000 people in the area? Why don’t you guys leave and I’ll follow you guys in 5 minutes?

The officer agreed but made it very very very clear that five minutes was the max!!

If I was still on the main floor? They were going to remove me no matter what.

Hey? Was I going to be tazed in front of over 1,000 people????


After they left, I turn to the media and told them what just happened?

One individual said - I read the Judge verdict Charles and you have as much right to be here than any other media people.

Minutes were ticking down and the two R.C.M.P. Officers were watching me very closely.

I said - F@CK THEM!!!

Let them arrest me and we’ll have another trial on blogging!!!

The Premier and other people walked in and I went into action with my camera.

The R.C.M.P. officer was right behind me as the Premier walked by.

I was very uncomfortable. Would they make a scene in front of a crowd and ruin this historical event?

I noticed many Irving’s photographers up front so I quickly joined the crowd.


What’s the difference?

Bloggers and Irvings go hand in hand right?

I laid down in front but was worried that the R.C.M.P. would attack me. I made my way to the board and was surprised to see the officer right beside me.


He didn’t bother me so I just kept on doing what I do best?

Sheri Shannon < Premier’s sidekick...nice person > walked by me and I said- You guys are now sending the R.C.M.P. after me???


She quickly replied in a frustrated way- I DON’T KNOW CHARLES!! And moved on....

At one point, I whispered to the officer’s ear- You know? I don’t get paid one cent for doing this???

He never said a word.

I just kept on doing what I was doing and get some good shots.

At one point, Willie O’ree posed for a pictures but the darn camera didn’t flash.


I still got a shot. It took time but I got it! Once the ceremony was over?

I approached the R.C.M.P officer and wanted to chat.

He looked towards the Premier and told me that he’ll talk to me later but I never saw him again.

So? What going on anyway?

First it was the Bouncers at Sweetwaters. Click below -

bouncers 2sweetwaters


Who truly knows? ...and you people say that I make up these stories? Truly stay tuned!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a riot.I have to say,what a real person.
Who else would stand up for his rights,under these circumstances in this province,
besides the Natives?
I would say,you have proven,you are dealing with a bad bunch.
Hope Mr.Doherty sticks by you.

Anonymous said...

Roly MacIntyre, New Brunswick's Minister of Supply and Services and the Regional Development Corp., has resigned


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that these people are the real criminals actually they are criminal puppets! What a friggin idiot asking if you had the judges verdict? like hes not aware of who you are! They probably have special meetings just how to deal with and or to provoke and distress you? (yesum boss weez gonna get that darn charles and take good care of him fer ya)!

Anonymous said...

They have you labeled and watched as a security threat.They are going to set you up,then they will hide behind the law that deals with anything that will alert the crown such as thier own corruption?

Anonymous said...

At a boy Charles!
Dont take shit from the pigs !!!

You the man!!

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

They have you labeled and watched as a security threat.

We`re living in a police state - they`ll go after anyone who raises their head up and doesn`t submit to their corporate fascism. Homeless has replaced lepers of old - and we haven`t had a leader willing to throw out the money changers in 2000 years.

They`re just testing the waters with Charles - seeing how much they can get away with before people wake up.

Sadly, the huge majority of people that might have cared in the past are busy eating corn syrup and watching mindless garbage on TV.

Telling it like it is said...

Oh I do love the conspiracy theorists that frequent this blog. Yeah it couldn't just be that Charles was NOT supposed to be where he was right? He can scream "court appointed journalist" all he wants... he's still wrong. I've read the judges ruling. Nothing in there makes him a a "court appointed journalist" (whatever that even is).

Charles is an idiot with opinions and a computer. If we let everyone that fit that criteria into every media-only area, there would have been nobody in the stands at that ceremony as everyone would have been on the floor taking pictures for their Facebook and MySpace pages.

Just because I can use Microsoft Publisher does not make me a newspaper mogul just as Charles ability to use a digital camera and the Blogger website does not make him a journalist. Period!

Charles LeBlanc said...

There were all kinds of cameras in there.....

Students from St.Thomas.

You better read the judge verdict again you Irving employee you!!!


Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Acadian!

Anonymous said...

Telling it like it is! If there is proof then it no longer becomes a theory,you become the conspiracy nut because you cant comprehend that thier are people that wicked loose in our society! most are likely they are in top positions in law,politics and religon!

Were not talking about crop circles here!

Yelling it like it is said...

And that proof is where smart ass? I have yet to see ANY proof from Charles on ANY of his claims. Just rants and speach brodering on insanity.

Oh yeah and Charles, I have read the decision, several times and guess what... I had a lawyer look it over too. I suggest you do the same before you dig that hole any further man. My 2008 prediction is that you end up in a world of legal troube this year.

Charles LeBlanc said...

So? You are saying that only Irving's employees should be allowed to take pictures of an event so they can sell them later on????

You must be an Irving employee??


I wish you people would leave this blog alone!!

Anonymous said...

Just because I can use Microsoft Publisher does not make me a newspaper mogul

You`re correct here - the only newspaper moguls around NB inherited it. That doesn`t mean we the people should just give up though!

Charles LeBlanc said...

the year is 2010 and I'm still free...


Charles LeBlanc said...

At least you feel better about yourself!!!


Anonymous said...

Waa...Waaaa..Waaa, Charlie you always seem to be the victim. Your not the media...your just a guy with a cam-corder, too much time on your hands and trying to maintain your 15 minutes of fame. Get a life or a girlfriend will ya!You always complain about others in your face but dont like it when they complain that your in theirs. You and your harassment of government officials and hanging around their place of work looking for some fun have wasted much of our tax dollars. Try interviewing things in relation to the positve side in New Brunswick and quit your crying wolf.

Awsome time on here..looking forward to the future.

Charles LeBlanc said...


Your have way too much time on your hand by looking through these old blogs!!!

Some idiots like yourself believe that only Irving's employees should be allowed to over events!!!


Anonymous said...

What's this???.....(Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.)
Talk about the government controlling everything. This is the header of your blog. Obviously you don't believe in free speech and this only makes it seem if you are trying to control what people read. Try being objective as a "respected" journalist would be.

Awsome time looking forwards to more.

Charles LeBlanc said...


Do you see the swearing that will be going on if I didn't moderate the comments???


P.S. Go find yourself and Irving paper somewhere!!


Anonymous said...

SWEARING...I don't see where others sre using foul language...perhaps your censorship is just your way for you to have control over others....and yes perhaps that is really your goal...
Hitler tried this to. Feel sorry for the German race and radicate all others.