Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who do you trust the most with honest news????

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Anonymous said...

Can't trust anybody in old-school media; they have accountability only to the robber barons who monopolize their talents.

Greed, corruption and scandal - the sort of news people do actually care about - is reported only for marginalized individuals and those who disenfranchise themselves from the establishment.

Unexamined corruption within business and government has allowed fraudulent economic systems to be put in place that has set us adrift on the global shift from debt-crippled civility into full-out fear-driven tyranny.

All while our media focuses on Britney Spears, the Olsen twins and Tom Brady's leg. At this point it might not make much difference, they've manned to pull ours legs long enough that we're unable to notice the economic and societal declines as implemented in other formerly advanced countries such as Argentina (1) taking place at home until it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I trust the collected voice of the public on the Web.

Modern-day journalists are taught to focus on the "story" and the truth and the commentary have become secondary.

Whatever happened to journalists wanting to empower the public with timely facts and thoughtful questions for action.

Shame on them.

charlimc said...

I will tell you whom I do not trust- Charles LeBlanc!! If I am looking for 'objective' news the mainstream media, especially the CBC, or the national media, like the Globe and Mail, is where I will go. Of course I find the Irving Controlled media not reliable, but to go to Charles LeBlanc to get a balanced story is like going to the tooth fairy- most of what he writes is either recycled news from elsewhere or the demented ramblings of a nut!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

But you always come back to read what this nut have to say????

must be an Irving employee???

:p :P :P