Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why are the homeless people in Vancouver are against Governor General Michaëlle Jean???

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One protester face the Governor General a couple of days ago and said- Your F@cking Royal Highness!!!

Not good!!!!

I met her last summer she sounded like a very nice person.

Here's the blog from her visit to New Brunswick!!!!!!

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Tuesday morning, I decided to show up at the New Brunswick Legislature to cover the arrival of the Governor General Michaëlle Jean

Once there, I was quickly confronted by the Fredericton Police Force.


I said to myself - Here we go!!! They must have work very hard behind the scenes of how to handle me?

They are going to tell me that I’m not allowed on the Ground of the Legislature.

They never said a word. As a matter of fact? They were very polite.

I continued on but I wasn’t comfortable. A person could feel the security around ya.

Many Police officers, R.C.M.P. and the Secret Services.


I did notice many immigrants standing in the cold rain for a chance to meet the Governor General.


A few were surprised that I was on the ground of the Legislature.

I noticed Dan Bussieres standing on the front steps.

I tried to ignore all the security. I might add they were watching my every move.

The star of the show arrive on the scene and the media went crazy.


I decided to stay behind the so-call barricades.

I knew the Governor General would walk right by me and I would take a good shot.

Sure enough, this is exactly what happen.

She was near Shawn Graham.

I went on one knee and took a few shots.


Once I got up, the Governor General Michaëlle Jean was standing right in front of me.

I wasn’t there to shake her hand. I was there to take pictures.

But there she was and I got caught off guard.

Shawn quickly told the Governor General- This is Charles LeBlanc.


Michaëlle Jean smiled and shook my hand.

I said - I’m a blogger.

I could tell by her facial expression that she knew exactly what was a blogger.

I quickly continued- I’m the biggest blogger in New Brunswick.

She must have believe- Boy!!! What an ego!!!!

I put one hand on the side of my face and in a low voice I said - I’m also the biggest Bullshitter you have ever

She let out a little laugh and tapped me on my arm.

She meant- Of course you have to be a bullshitter to be a good blogger. They go hand in

Michaëlle Jean showed me she has a sense of humor.

I wasn’t expecting to meet her Royal Highness but it was a good thing because I found out she’s a good person.

Of course, a few told me- YOU TOLD THE GOVERNOR GENERAL WHAT????

Hey? I know we have a protocol and I gave Michaëlle Jean a good chuckle.

We are very well represented at that appointed position.

I had my pictures and it was raining. I decided to go home and blog the pictures.

I could have stayed and take some good pictures of Quebecois Dan Bussieres < I need some new ones! > but why bother? Let them enjoy themselves in peace.


I had my pictures and it was raining pretty hard. I went home....

I took many pictures. I will use them in a blog later on this week.



Anonymous said...

Once again, Charles, you take an event from elsewhere in the country and manage to make it all about you.

Charles, if you want to be taken seriously -- and I actually believe you don't -- you've got to learn to comment about issues without turning the commentary into a rant about how you've been wronged or how you perceive yourself to be some kind of a threat to the establishment.

Anonymous said...

Why? Imagine, a charles leblanc blog all about charles leblanc. Next the liberal party will be making everything about the government.

Anonymous said...

She Does Represent The Queen in Canada and not Many care for the Queen and all the Great things The Monarchy has done to any Peoples that werent licking Her Jewel Encrusted Heels? It would seem that She needs Security probably more than the Premier himself?

Anonymous said...

...a lot of people in Canada and elsewhere seem to not know where and when democracy was fought for and from where it came from and how to this day it's origin should be remembered and protected because, how quickly we could be back to our ancesters' battle...Ignoring the past could bring us there way faster than our race to progress to seeking Justice on earth...This world didn't get where it is by accident. (good and bad...) Let's not throw away the good, or else bad surely wins. But then again what is good and what is bad; God knows ? May be refferring to him for guidance could help. Jesus guide us I pray ! Amen