Saturday, February 09, 2008

As a private citizen Allison Brewer is doing just fine.

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Last night, I bumped into the former leader of NDP. The sidewalk were icy so I grabbed her by the arm and walked her close to her home.

She works and she told me that she really enjoys the life of a private citizen.

As I told her in the pass?

A leader who support Gay views and Abortion will have 50% of the population against her right from the start.

Then she has to take votes from that 50%!!!!

It's an impossible task.

Sure not her fault that she lost the election.

It was the issues that was the problem.

She's a nice person!!!


Anonymous said...

what do you keep trying to provote,behind the skirts of so called religion?

Charles LeBlanc said...

Maybe it's because I'm a believer?????


Anonymous said...

Believer in WHAT ?

Charles LeBlanc said...


What are you asking me?


Yes...there's a God!!! There's life after death!!!


Yes...Gays should have the same rights as anyone else.

It's in the Gene!!!

Either you're Gay or you're straight!!!!

If you're Bi-sexual?

No rights because that in my book is called - A horny bastard!!!!


Dead set against it. Only if a woman life is in danger!!!

Did I answer your question????


Anonymous said...

Only why mention homos have the same rights as others,thats a known,Its in the charter of rights and freedoms.
Its the expectations of special rights that is going to ruin a lot of people.
And there is no god ,but there is no Elvis living either,and either way no big deal.Believing in either just make one look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh and life after death
(An oxymoron),

haha YOU WISH?

Anonymous said...

Who is Allison Brewer anyway ?

Anonymous said...

she was head of the evil Morgentaler aborting house,lesbian,and leader of the NB,NDP,which sort of screwed that vote option,but she tried.
And who leads the NDP now.Probably worse.

Here is more info,Just Ignore,the anonymous Scott,who is so dumb he thinks the name Anonymous would'nt get him on the voting list,but Scott would.

Anonymous said...


Hey Religious kooks - how can you point at the NDP for our abortion woes?

Your alternative parties haven't done anything to stop abortion...

As if government is going to stop something a woman can do with a piece or eel bark.... How would you like it if you were raped and forced to carry a rapists baby to term?

On the other hand, taxing the people for corporate gain doesn't do much for one's ability as a parent to support a younger to the ends our fiat society demands.

Besides, with all the fluoride and other poisons circulating in our environment, you're really just shortening up our cancerous life cycle.

P.S. - this issue is one the "leaders" use to yank you around like a goat. If you want five billies following along, God Bless you. To cast aspersions on God's weakest children (i.e. low-income women) with murderous glances while leaving the corporate blood-suckers untouched is probably the most egregious use of Jesus' name since you demanded he be left to die at the hands of the policemen and soldiers of that day.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

You argue that abortion is wrong but tellthat to the little baby that was born a short time ago, put in a box and burned in a fire pit - is that baby and mother better off than if there were an abortion - I just think it's a bigger issue than for or against.

Anonymous said...

Actually,to simplify the situation,it is well known,that if someone can do the aborting,than it just as well,cause who wants someone instilling this kind of non human reasoning into their child.
Isn't the fact,a lesbian running an abortion house tell enough.