Monday, February 25, 2008


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I received this email this morning. There's only one group I would join.

If their goal is to return every Quebecers back to their own Province where they belong?


I would quickly join them!!!

Here's the email -


I admire what your doing. Until recently, I had an activist blog as well.

Out of fear, I removed it. Lately, I have been reading in the news about laws being passed in the United States that could effect bloggers.

Apparently anyone who speaks out, for any reason & against any government, is suseptable to being indoctrinated by terrorists.

Therefore, they must be rounded up and jailed.

Bloggers are specifically mentioned. It is believed bloggers have a certain mindset that makes them more likely than most to join terrorists organizations.

Even the homeless and mentally ill, they claim, are vulnerable to being turned into terrorists and therefore must be jailed.

They presently have legislation before Congress.

They are already doing this in Iraq and once
this law is enacted, it will be happening in the USA too. Part of this new law will also make possessing online documents, searching for online documents & reading online documents, a crime. W

hat documents you may ask.

That's been left a very grey area. After doing a massive amount of research,

I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer safe to blog about anything other than your hair style.

The fact that we are in Canada won't make any difference, as we will all see in the too near future. My purpose in writing to you is simply to warn you to be very, very careful. Don't be naive enough to think your name isn't going to end up on a list, if it isn't already, for future use.

And being a Canadian won't matter. Good luck with what your trying to achieve.


Anonymous said...

And even if so,why are you running?

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see where this 'massive' amount of information is. I've seen this email at other activist bloggers, the 'I'm so scared, you'd better be too' kind of thing which seems just designed to try to control bloggers.

In the US, its well known that no NEW laws are necessary, the Patriot Act lets the executive essentially do whatever it wants to in regards to 'rounding people up' The same is true in Canada of the terrorist bills. The government has the last word, they don't need new laws to be draconian.

Yet I don't think I've seen a single blogger be attacked in this way. Far more scary is the attack on journalists use of sources, as we saw with the RCMP in Ottawa. There are very real problems right now, so fearmongering isn't necessary.

Anonymous said...

well i believe it can happen because all systems are slowly turning to communist but they are calling it " for country safety reason " when it really about the complete control of all forms of media , and control of all the people in the world enslave us just like in roman time

mikel said...

People believe all kinds of crazy things 'can happen'. Just point to the 'new laws' you are talking about that congress is looking at, they are all available online, even ones that haven't been passed yet. Then we'll know.

By the way, see the conversation about 'fascism', because government control has nothing to do with 'communism'-communism means laws are passed by the 'community', and I don't remember being part of any law making body (and would mean its getting less and less communist than previously). You may be thinking of 'fascist' or 'totalitarian', but not communist (which has nothing to do with the old soviet union or China, just like the 'national socialist' party (nazi) had nothing to do with socialism, and the united states is not a 'democracy' though they keep calling themselves that -they are a 'republic' and the constitution specifically warns against the dangers of democracy).

Anonymous said...

The USA is going to Fall from within,911 was Just an excuse to bring in these terror laws which is just an excuse to usher in Marshal Law! Ours was supposed to have a Sunset Clause(wonder what happened to it?)

mikel said...

If we had a functioning media (or if you were curious and could type:) then you'd know that the sunset clause has expired, along with the legislation. The government had wanted to extend it, but it lost 159-124 (god bless a minority government, but I'm sure if a terrorist act happens conservatives will blame our 'lax' laws for its happening).

However, if we had a functioning media it would also be common knowledge that much of the legislation that is most contentious, like the RCMP blackballing journalists for their sources, was based on legislation passed long BEFORE the 'anti terrorist bill' (in fact long before 9/11, passed in the heady days of that most hated terrorist-the 'protester').

People would also know that most of the other pieces of the anti terror bill were thrown out by the supreme court. In fact the terror bill 'went on trial' long before any people charged with it did (none have).

There are lots of REAL threats out there to liberty, no need to make ones up. Start with the media monopoly-since maybe people would know all this stuff. How many pieces of national legislation have you seen mentioned in the IRving papers in the last six months?