Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bonnie O'Dea was treated just perfect in the mental ward.

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I showed up this morning for the Bonnie O’Dea court date.

I noticed the Van outside so I took a few pictures.

What would Bonnie be like?

Was she abuse in the Mental Ward?

Would she be the same?

Once she saw me? She said- Ohh Charles!!!!


Good first step. She knew who I was.

While walking in the Justice Building, she mentioned 23 days would be added to her sentence.


I didn’t know what she meant by that but I would soon find out.

Around five to six friends showed up in court in support.

There’s a problem in the court room. A person has a difficult time hearing the going ons.

I believe the conclusion was that Bonnie didn’t suffer from a mental illness.

She was told to stay away from certain areas and out the door she went.

Her trial will be in September.

There was someone in the room who’ll try to find Bonnie a place to stay.

But I wasn’t interested in that issue.

I wanted to know how she was treated in the Mental Ward?

She quickly answered- PERFECT!!!!

She ate like a Queen. Watch Cable television and gain 34 pounds!!!

So? Enough for my harsh story about the Mental Ward System.

She looked in good spirit but I’ll chat with her in a few days.

Maybe she was on drugs?

Who truly knows?


Anonymous said...

34 pounds? tried to feed her to death no doubt! shes proobably whacked out on zoloft and clonazepam or xanax?

Anonymous said...

Inspector Charles the investigator... lol go charles

Anonymous said...

At least Charles dosent have to be paid to care!

Anonymous said...

The Judge abused His position and should be sent to the same place as She was in Shackles along with the Minister Who dosent know what a Shackle is!

Anonymous said...

these people are professionals and they know what they are doing or they wouldn't be in that position.

Anonymous said...

Those professionals are Professional Criminals also!