Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dan Bussieres and Fredericton Police officers stayed inside the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

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Once I showed up in front of the Legislature, I noticed the Fredericton Police Force and Dan Bussieres inside.

They never came outside!!!

The Quebec Security staff weren't gun-ho like the last time.

This time around -

Charles Leblanc 054Charles Leblanc 053

Last month -


I had a few people asking me if I was alloed on the ground of the Legislature?

They were surprised once I told them that I was banned because of a murder.

The issue could get really ugly very fast!!!

I'm just waiting for the final verdict of my complaint of the way I was treated at the Liberal Christmas Party and we'll take it from there!!!

For you newcomers? Here's a blog I wrote from last fall!!!


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I never had the time to blog my experience in front of the New Brunswick Legislature.

I was there so I could take pictures of the protest against the closure of UNBSJ!

I was standing right in front of the steps of the Legislature.


The speeches were coming to an end and I was so busy that I forgot that I was ban from the ground of the Legislature.


I was all ready to leave until an individual grabbed my attention.

It was Maudit Quebecois Dan Bussieres himself!!!!


He must have known that I was outside taking pictures?

Maybe he wanted to show off his new glasses? On another matter just maybe??? He knew that I needed some new pictures of Dan Bussieres? If that was indeed the case? That was very nice of the man.


Once he got outside he was quickly confronted by two members of the Fredericton Police Force.


I wonder what they were talking about????…

The protesters slowly began to leave the area but I stayed right there and began clicking away.

It was like a Western showdown at the Ok Corral.


I never moved but after a few minutes, the situation was very tense!!!! You could hear your heart ticking away!!!


At the end, they blink and decided to go back inside the Legislature.


The question is – Why did Dan Bussieres come outside knowing that the Blogger was right in front of the Protesters?

How come they never jump me?

Stay tune....

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