Sunday, February 03, 2008

Friday night, CBC television was terrible!!!!

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1- Hostipal Bed shortage.

2- McCain's shut down factory near Sussex.

3-The Irving's shuts down another industry.

4- Call Centre in Saint John to be shut down!!!

It's definitely not an easy task to be Premier of New Brunswick.



Anonymous said...

Just wait! Its going to get a Whole lot worse before it gets better!

Thank You to the Corporations, Mulroney,Chretien for Free Trade and The GST!

Cant wait to see what jobs and Industries get Flushed Next?

Anonymous said...

Adscam testimony that we're hearing surprisingly little about these days...

A former vice-president of Groupaction, told Charles Guité's fraud trial Wednesday that he feared for his life if he were to blow the whistle on what he saw as suspicious goings on between his ad agency and former prime minister Jean Chretien's office.

"I wasn't interested in having a hunting accident in my living room," he testified. Lambert, who quit Groupaction in 2001, said he felt like his was trapped in a system with many tentacles, at the centre of which was Chretien.