Monday, February 11, 2008

No pictures of the ECMAs in this blog!!!!

I noticed many people end up in this blog after searching - Pictures of the ECMAs.

I was denied access by a bunch of very snobby bureaucrats who are trying to limit freedom of the pres in the Capital.

From what I'm told? They're not done with me yet!

I wish I could have the names of those people but they're so sneaky and a bunch of cowards.

So once again? pictures of the snobby ECMA event in this blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Never mind the names,just go out with the big M and do a number,no witnesses

Anonymous said...

You are not a member of the press. That's why you were denied.

Suck it up buttercup.

Anonymous said...

Took in a good many of the events this past weekend both the free ones and ones I purchased tickets for. Had a great time, every place was packed everyone had lots of fun. Never once heard anyone mention anything about whining bloggers and frankly I suspect most really wouldn't have known Charles if they fell over him. If one or two die-hard Charles fans decided to pass it was their misfortune and believe me someone else took their place. I have come to realize most people outside the few regulars that visited here actually don't even know who Charles is. The fact is for all his ranting and raving he had absolutely no impact on the ECMA's and that probably is much the same with most of what he blogs. It is only in this make believe world with his fellow bloggers that anyone could mistake this man for anything more than the buffoon he is.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You here aren't ya????


Does anyone wish to know what's the latest BS from Charles?

Of course not!!

People are way too busy with their own little life.

But I will tell ya one thing?

I'm surprise who reads this blog?

I always get some comments on the streets or events.

Not the ECMAs!!!


Anonymous said...

If you just count the number of scumbags coming in to comment "that's it - I'm leaving" - Charles seems to have a bigger audience than the other bloggers in NB.

Now, this could all be one Irving sycophant, constantly trying to bring the discussion level here down a notch.

Funny how the people bashing charles' grammar sound like grade 9 dropouts when they try to poke fun at a man who has consistently fought for the betterment of our community.

Charles - you focus on the story, my man - these punks are a dime a dozen and you don't need to waste your time fighting them.

James C. said...

Yes there is pictures of ECMA events in here. You took pictures at Gordies Pub of the band playing there.

Plus I totaly agee with anonymous 8:37pm.

Anonymous said...

The ECMA's were the talk of the town and judging by the line ups I can only surmise then that Mr. Leblanc was out of the city to not have heard the buzz. On the other hand...he claims that people comment on the street about what they read in this if that is the case and after reviewing the vast number of ECMA comments he posts surely someone must have mentioned them to him, even if in support of his rather childish attitude...unless...could it be that in fact Mr. Leblanc lies....or is it really that so few people actually comment on the content of this blog to Mr Leblanc at all it just seemed like no one was talking about them?
I tend to agree with anonymous 5:55 though on one thing. Were it not for the comments questioning most of Mr. Leblanc's ..assumptions...this place would a virtual ghost town. Sadly anonymous 5:55, It would appear on everything else your in the minority. After all were those comments to disappear who would bother coming here at all?

Anonymous said...

Fewer than 1% of any blogs readership leaves comments, about the same number that write to newspapers. How do you know people weren't commenting about charles blogs-you were at all the discussions? Who cares what they were discussing anyway?

Anonymous said...


Check out this blog.

Looks like they were willing to give a blogger pass to two people who didn't even seem to have a blog until shortly before the ECMAs.

Looks like their blog got shut down immediately afterward as well.

Pretty lame, all in all - I'd say.