Sunday, February 17, 2008


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Ever been down the States?

I was there from 1978 till 1979 while riding a ten speed bicycle across the States from Halifax to San Francisco for a grand total of 9,000 miles.


These eyes saw many sights and it wasn't all pretty.

What really bothered me was the issue of racism.

It was bad!!!!

I remember during an interview with some reporters.

They asked me – What do you think of the U.S.A?

I replied- It's ok but it's the white American I don't like!!!

They quicky asked me – What are you talking about???

I told the media that I don't like the way the Blacks are being treated in this country.

I'm from an area in East of Maine!!< They wouldn't know where was New Brunswick? >

We have a place call - Shediac.

Our summer cottages are mansions compared to the Black people homes in the U.S.! One reporter said- I hope this kid don't run into politics. < At least not here!!! >

What I found very puzzling was the great U.S.A. were giving Billions of dollars to forign countries around the world but they couldn't take care of their own people?

America is enjoying a Presidential election like they never witness since John Kennedy.

The assassination of Barack Obama be a huge set back for the States.

Racism is very much alive in the States.

I guess it's not as bad as the old days. But there's many who will say - There's no way a black guy is going to be my President!!!

I might add that last month in the Sates there were six school shooting!!!

These kids are craving for attention so therefore they go on a rampage and get instant fame.

I'm afraid the same action could be done against Obama!!!

I visited the exact spot where Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Remember those days? It was a war in the Cities across America. It was a war zone!!! That was in the 60s!!!

There were no metal detectors in the school system and everyone believe the States was a safe place.

It was still safe for this cyclist to ride a ten speed across the States in the 70s but those days are gone.

Violence is very much alive in the States.

Now? Just imagine for one minutes that Obama was assassinated?


Yes, I pray that the secret service have their top dogs protecting Obama If George Bush was assassinated?

Well? It would be sad but it wouldn't cause an uproar but if something happens to Obama IT WOULD BE A WAR ZONE IN THE GREAT U.S.A.


Many people would use this murder for his an excuse to cause mayhem on the streets!!!

The worse thing about it? It'll be right next door to us.

The Secret Service, the National Guard and the Army must protest Obama!!!

Because if something happens to him?

God have mercy on us all!!!

I'm not even to blog of what would happen if the Super delegates choose Clinton at their convention?

Very scary stuff!!!!

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Anonymous said...

No one should be killed. Everyone should be protected. He is not Kennedy. Each man or woman needs to earn their vote. Speeches are like promises; usually forgotten or broken. No one is a God; just ordinary people that we give our hope and trust in. After they are in for a while; that we be when we might know if we voted for the best one. No one is perfect; color,race- man or woman should not be the reason to dtermine a vote. I have my favorite and I pray they will do their best if voted in. As a Canadian we can't vote.

Wish our system here in Canada would change. It leaves me sick to my stomach. Oh well I won't go there now. Things to do.