Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Walking in the Northside of Fredericton.....

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Anonymous said...

A great view,a great place to live,
and as the furious defence of the money making lobby group friends of french rages across Canada and even further(as all lobby groups do),writing letters to every newspaper around,
a group that if it succeeded in the impossible will find the 70% of canadas population,the English,were all able to speak french,guess WHAT.

This is big across the country right now as change is coming,So,
Will we let the French be French,and the English be English,or turn the old mixmaster onto hi-speed and eliminate both?
Remember,we are both losing our cultures,FOR MONEY FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE.

Meanwhile read this,just plain common sense.

your great admirer said...

I would like to thank you anon 931 for alerting me to this friends of parents for French.
Being a parent,who watch the kids learning nothing,I had never heard of this bunch.
They seem to follow in the trend set by the evil Maurice strong,whose sole aim was to destroy the English domination in the world,from his Ranch called the New Age spiritual colony in Colorado.Strong has been involved in many very shady deals,and this does look like one of them.
Once again thanks,and a big thanks to Mr. Leblanc for his open and world wide web site.
We must fight for the retainment and separation of both French and English cultures,which survived and built and ruled this world for a thousand years.If this is not maintained,then Strong and his FRIENDS wins and WE DIE.