Friday, February 08, 2008

Watch the language!!!!

I rejected a few comment in this blog.

If I wish to use the word Shit, assholes and swear words?

I can get away with it because it's my blog!!!

I will not allow these words in the comment section.

By the way? For you non-believers ? You can save the time and energy from leaving a nasty comment. won't do!!!!


Anonymous said...

You mean the chretien one?

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that someone who's forever ranting that his freedoms are being violated has a double-standard on his own blog.

However, it is well within Charles's right to censor the comments on his blog. He isn't required to give others a forum to express their disagreement.

Of course, when Charles's letters to the newspapers aren't printed or his stories aren't covered, he's the first to cry foul.

Charles, if you're allowed to pick and choose what shows up on your blog, why aren't others afforded the same luxury in your view?

Charles LeBlanc said...

I challenge anyone to write a letter to the Irving papers and say- Charles LeBlanc is a fucking asshole!!

Lets see if they will print it???

Maybe they will in this case???


If you have a strong view against a certain religion?

Meet with me and we'll discuss your concerns.

If you don't agree about a religion? Write your view but leave the personal attack alone.

Same as Maurice the Homeless guy???

I met with him and if there's trouble in what he writes?

I know who the guy is!!!

So? What are ya looking at????



Anonymous said...

Meet with you on religion,of which you know NOTHING.I have read hundreds of books,I know pretty well about religion.,ALL RELIGIONS
And they all smell.
And this blog belongs to everyone.
And if Irving papers allowed anonymous posting,you would lose your top rating.
Anonymous posting is the ONLY way to post.Letter reading on other places is for lobbyists who will suck the dingle ling.
ALL great blogs are anonymous in a corrupt country.And anonymous blogging allows total free expression without the rich being able to retaliate on you,without losing any of your government benefits,being able to tell the REAL facts about the righteousness in society,and last but not leashed easier on your nose and teeth.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Anonymous letters to the Irving's papers????

I fought tooth and nail against that policy and I won!!!

It was terrible.

Anonymous writers would send letters to the editor against the Acadian Population and started a war!!!

You'll never see that policy again!!!!

Only in this blog.

Until I change the policy???



My God!!!!! That power sure felt good!!!!


Anonymous said...

Why do you single me out??
I never use bad words.
so cool off and take a few puffs of your asthma puffer!

-- maurice the homeless guy --